What are we doing today? Whats with my locker challenge, thats right. So here we have two lockers in one of the lockers. There will be a fun school supply and in the other locker there will be an egg. A silly egg like this, so if you get a school supply, you get one point, but if you get a silly egg, you get no point. Okay, you guys ready to begin yeah, family, Music Applause so round. One emma cant have to decide the pink locker or the blue thats right, which one do you think have the school supply this one, the pink one, you sure final final, oh, oh youre, changing mine, this one, the pink or the blue, pink. All right. Final final answer: yes, okay, lets open it up. How do you open it? Ah, beautiful no points for you guys. Do you want to open the other locker to see what it is so many colors ill get the purples, because i like purple ill, get the pink, even though they didnt get a point. They can still have fun. Drawing so lets see what they come up with. Yellow purple Music Applause Music were beautiful. I love your artwork guys good job yeah on two rounds. Two, you guys ready for round two yeah, which locker will you pick which one will have the school supply got ta display it together? Okay, you guys decide talk among each other: okay Applause, okay. Last time, last time: okay, okay, one two three yeah big colors, its a giant marker yeah, oh lets open the other one to see if theres an actual egg in there.

Let me do the egg. I want to get a color. I want to get a pom pom lets, see oreos thats, so beautiful funny. Okay, oh then, were gon na test out a giant marker. Does it work Music, its a bunny its gon na take over? I love it kate. What is that a heart and and and four teeth and a mouth its his mother? Oh i love it guys. Hes hugging it. So this is their final round, which locker do you choose? Are you sure yeah no tick backs yeah right, yay glue, glitter glue isnt. It cool yeah. You want to open the other one to see if its an egg. Yes, scared, egg, bunny, sleepy yeah yeah super stripes. Oh, i want to show you guys the egg, its pretty funny look at the face: hes like ah oh, its cute, its arm muscle getting stronger. Let me just do this its really hard hard. I never thought about pink glitter glue, right, isnt, it cute. I love it. One two three well see gluing them together. What does it look like when you open it? Okay, guys you ready for the next round, yeah all right guys next round, you guys decide before you open it. This one which one yeah yeah. Are you sure, yes, you already chosen what is Music yeah, so this is a fun magnet magnet toy? What is it honey lets? Oh its also stick to the container too so its supposed to move towards the magnet so mommys gon na try and see if its gon na go out.

Do you see it look at this bracelet i made. I love your bracelet cake, all right guys next round, which locker will you choose? Music Applause? Music? All right! You want to open the blue one to see. Yeah lets see what fake it is. It is a silly one, yeah pink. Oh, this is that one doesnt want to try out our lets. Do a magic flower this one, because its magical magical always use a goodness it fruits it breaks yeah i got ta be look at my rainbow flower. Oh i love it emma thanks. I, like it too, and let me just do this since its magical, its gon na, be red. Wait! Look! Oh wow, beautiful! Okay! I, like your flower, like this flower, is actually the most powerless ink. It can actually hurt you. Oh okay. This is so powerful and this has magic, oh the tree from the glue its better, its even cooler all right. So this is the last round. Okay – and i think emma and case has three points so far: correct um, which one so, which locker? Are you guys? Gon na choose um, Music. Okay lets see its right whoa. What are these? We already have them at school, too. Music. You guys want to open the other one to see what color eggs, i think i know i feel like yellow pom pom nice whoops. Oh i like these markers, can you help them close me kind of shape, thats the eyebrow it does now green? Oh, i love it.

I love it. Emmas got a heart, its a heart with something in it. Its a jewelry got it. I like these markers because it looks kind of 3d right black. I know what a 2d is: its flat thats right, thats my paper thats right, good job emma. It looks like a necklace like an amulet, yeah Music. It can dry out and then we can make it as a cool yeah, good idea, guys. So after the artwork guys, we can just save it for it to dry right yeah. Can i add more things. Of course this is asteroid, oh an asteroid. Okay, do you like my jewels? I love it emma. Are you bringing your name Music and that elise is good emma? I love it okay, so this is kates beautiful, meteoroid asteroid picture and this is emmas. I love it emma with the amulet im gon na turn around, so the kids can see better. Thank you for watching watching the laundry Music and make sure challenge subscribe on youtube and click.