Now i love watching videos like this, because it gives me the opportunity to see what gear other people are using to kind of make their workflow easier. And then i can take bits and pieces of what they use to then make my workflow easier. So hopefully, taking a look at what i’ve got inside of this bag is going to help you make your entire shooting experience on the daily a whole lot easier. Now. The first big change to my setup here is the backpack itself: it’s moment’s, 21 liter camera bag and it’s a pretty big downsize from what i was using in the peak design, 30 liter everyday bag – something that i really wanted to achieve with this overhaul of my Everyday carry was to find something that was a little bit smaller and more manageable, especially again for a bag. That goes with me literally everywhere. I think that the tipping point for me was when i brought my 30 liter peak design bag into the mall, and i felt like i was just out of place. It felt really large bulky and i felt like i had a big turtle shell on my back. So i was able to cut out things that i didn’t absolutely need and it’s taken some weight off of my shoulders quite literally, and this bag here, the 21 liter moment, camera bag makes great use of the space available. Now, the way that i have everything sectioned off in this bag is shooting gear in the main pocket.

So this is the largest area to store your biggest items and then i’ve got back end. Computer storage and file management stuff in this slim pocket towards the back. I can grab this stuff really easily on the go and then finally, i’ve got some smaller items that i grabbed frequently in this front zipper pocket so to take a deeper dive. Everything i have sitting on the table in front of me here is located in that back slim pocket. All of this gear is what i use to manage files data and all of that fun behind the scene stuff. So, by far out of everything i have sitting on the table here, my m1 macbook pro 13 inch is what gets the most use and i’d probably say abuse, because i use this thing. 24. 7. I’M. Always transferring files editing photos, editing, videos, sending messages watching youtube videos. I mean everything goes through this computer. It is my daily driver, it’s, my main workhorse i come back. I plug it into a larger, monitor and i’ve been really happy with the performance that this new apple silicon, the m1 chip, is delivering editing, photos and videos. My main workhorse for the longest time was a fully specced out. 2017 15 inch macbook pro, and this was really serving me well. I didn’t think that i wanted to really upgrade, but it just stopped working one day and i had to upgrade so i went with the m1 chip.

I kind of took a leap. I made a full video on how this fits into my workflow as a photographer and videographer, because this new chip does change a lot. I’Ll put a link in the top right corner. If you want to check that out and learn a little bit more about this computer in depth, but i’ve been very happy with it it’s my daily driver, my main workhorse – and it serves me very well now to go along with computer i’ve, also got apple’s um Magic mouse, the magic mouse 2 and usually i wouldn’t, carry a mouse around me, but i kind of figured that after using it a lot on my computer, the mouse was a quicker way to get things done. So i throw this inside of my bag just for longer computer sessions on the go and also to go along with the computer. I’Ve got some dongles, of course, with the macbook pro you’ve got to carry a good amount of dongles, but to kind of trim down to what i carry. I just carry a usbc 2 sba and a usbc to sd card adapter. I feel like those are the only things that i ever used so that’s. What i carry with me now to complete some relatively smaller tasks. I also carry around an ipad mini 5., so this is great to edit photos and videos on the go. I can pop in a lightning to sd card reader and just dump everything i have onto this ipad, and then i can make some preliminary edits or i can do some quick edits while i’m on the go without having to use my larger laptop or the smaller Screen on my iphone um and another reason this is great as a drone flyer is because i can use it to fly my drones.

It is the perfect sized screen when using dji’s stock controllers for their drones. The iphone can sometimes be a little bit too small and the larger ipads like the ipad, air or ipad pro can be a little bit too big and cumbersome, whereas the ipad mini 5 is the perfect screen size and it’s. Also the perfect screen ratio. So when you’re, using an iphone that’s a little bit taller of a screen, it’s a little bit more narrow, sometimes the information about the drone. Whether that’s, like the flight data along the top or along the bottom, can get in the way of what you’re seeing and what you’re shooting, but with the ipad. The ratio is so perfect because it sits just above that screen of what you’re looking at through your camera, so you can nail that shot every time without having any distractions now to go along with the ipad. Mini 5 i’ve also got the apple pencil, just the first generation, the one that’s compatible with the mini five, and this is great for editing on the go. It gives you more finite control of like the sliders in lightroom. You can brush in lightroom and also lumafusion. This is great to kind of drag and move clips around. This just gives you overall, more precise control. I don’t really draw or take notes, but again this is kind of like the mouse that i carry for my computer. This is like a mouse for the ipad um.

Now i also carry around a verizon 5g hotspot. I could use the hotspot for my ipad or my iphone, but i find that having a dedicated hotspot gives me faster speeds and also i don’t drain the battery on any of my devices. So it’s a dedicated hotspot and it keeps me connected while on the go that is huge and finally, data storage. I have two sandisk two terabyte ssds, i think it’s their extreme pro ssd extreme portable ssd. The reason i’ve got two is because they keep youtube stuff on one ssd and i keep my work stuff on another ssd. It just kind of keeps them separated and the reason i went with sandisk over all the other great. I guess ssd manufacturers out there is that i use their memory cards their sd cards and they’ve never failed me. So i go with sandisk because it’s what i trust – and these are great they’re small portable light they’re fast. They really are just perfect for on the go, storage and editing so moving on here. There are a few slim pockets on the outside of this bag, which is where i stash some of the things that i use very frequently, those being a power bank and some hand warmers. I know the talking about portable power. Banks is never the most fun thing to do because at the end of the day, it’s just a battery, but the reason that this power bank from goal zero really stood out to me, is because of the way it charges my devices that’s.

What makes it so important to me so you’ve got a usbc port on the front here with an output of a maximum of 60 watts. So i can charge my macbook pro while on the go it’s not like a slow trickle charge or it doesn’t make the battery just die slower. It actually charges it at a full rate, so that is great. Um also i’ve got two usb a ports for some relatively smaller devices, and also it’s got wireless charging on the top here. So i can charge four devices at once, one through the usb c two through usb a and i can throw like a phone or my airpods on the top to wirelessly charge those. So this has been a great power bank i’ve used it for a little over a year now and it’s been perfect for everything that i need to do. Whenever i get to a hotel, i throw this on the table. I charge everything through here. It just makes things so easy now. I’Ve also got these hand warmers and for those of you living in the south in the united states, you might not need these, but for me living up here in the north in philadelphia. These are a lifesaver they’re made by ocupa. They’Ve got three different modes low, medium and high. They also act as a power bank, so you can charge things off of the ports here. It’S actually got a really good array of ports.

They’Ve got usbc usb, a and micro usb, so literally any port that you can need it’s got here and it can charge your devices smaller devices like an iphone, but the biggest thing about them is their hand warmers and for me, flying drones on the regular i’ve Got to keep my hands nice and warm so i’ll turn both of these on high put them in my sweatshirt pocket and keep my hands warm. They save me so many times and they’re also good for not only drone flying, but just anytime you’re out in the cold, throw these in your pockets and they’re going to keep your hands nice and warm. So now i want to go ahead and jump into what i carry in my main pocket, which is where i keep everything that i shoot with it’s. All of the larger items that i bring along with me. I think the coolest thing i’ve been able to do in this overhaul of my setup is repurpose moment’s camera insert to kind of be a drone insert or a small drone case that fits inside of my larger backpack. So i’ll move these things here to the side. Uh again, this is moment’s camera insert it’s five liters. It fits inside of their backpack, the camera backpack it kind of resembles like a cloth. Ammo crate it’s got handles on the side, so you can pick it up and you can kind of pull it out of your bag um and it also has a rigid design.

So if you smush it or if you kind of drop it it’s going to protect what’s inside it’s made for camera bodies and lenses, but if we zip it open, i carry drones inside of it. I’Ve got the mavic 2 pro and mavic air 2 over here. On the side and on the other side, i’ve got extra batteries. I’Ve got three mavic air 2 batteries and one extra mavic 2 pro battery. Now you might be wondering why do i carry around two drones? Well because i primarily shoot photos and videos with drones, it’s for redundancy and overall preference. I would rather shoot photos with the mavic 2 pro and i’d, rather shoot video with the mavic air too. So the fact that i can choose from both to get the best looking photo and video is really great for me, so that’s why i carry around both that’s kind of a short. I guess crash course and why i carry two around, but overall redundancy is also great. Moving on here. I’Ll discuss the smart controller. This is what i use to fly: the mavic 2 pro and mavic air 2. it’s great, because it’s one controller to rule them all. I don’t have to have space for two different remote controllers or i don’t have to set up two remote controllers. I set up one remote and i fly both of my drones it’s great. I made a full review on it. I’Ll put a link up there in the top corner.

It is a little bit pricey it’s a little bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money. If you’re gon na be flying every single day, it saves you time and it’s a much better flight experience now. Moving on here, uh we’ll do this one. This is their tech insert from moment again it’s sold separately to fit inside of their moment, camera bag and inside is an absolute mess of cords on one side, i’ve got everything to charge my smaller devices and connect. My smaller devices usb c cords, an apple watch, charger, uh, lightning cords, micro, usb cords and aux cord in here i’ve got an ethernet adapter as well as a lightning to sd card adapter and on the other side, i’ve got chargers for my drone batteries. Both the mavic air, 2 and mavic 2 pro and i’ve also got back there, some extra propellers for both drones, just in case i crash, while on the go. The final little case that i carry inside of that main pocket in the backpack is this rode wireless? Go system i’ve got the transmitter. The receiver i’ve got the lapel mic, as well as the cord to plug into my camera and some small little dead cat attachments and some extra clips. I carry it inside of this case. I think that i bought on amazon but it’s such a no brainer. This is so small and easy to carry with you that if i’ve ever got ta capture better audio on the go, i can with this very small system moving on here.

Last but not least, these are some of the final items that i keep inside of that front. Zipper pocket inside of my backpack, so i’ve got an extra sony a73 battery here, it’s the camera that i’m shooting on right now i’ve got some moment made variable nd filters. These are great they’re kept in a nice separate metal carrying case um i’ve got two for the mavic air 2 and one for the mavic 2 pro. I just don’t need all that much variable nd range with the mavic 2 pro, because it has that adjustable. Aperture i’ve also got an sd card holder. Of course everybody needs one of these. This is great because it can hold up to 32 micro sd cards. I don’t think i’m ever going to be carrying around all that memory at once, but it’s got a ton of space for all the cards that you need. I’Ve got a square card reader in here. This is kind of more of a personal thing. This is good for accepting payment from clients on the go from like credit cards and debit cards and apple pay. So i keep this with me as a just in case and finally, i’ve got my macbook pro charger, but this isn’t the stock macbook pro charger. This is actually a brick made by aukey it’s, capable of outputting, 100 watts and that’s great because it’s a nice small package. So i can charge up my power bank really fast.

That goal zero power bank and also i can fully charge my macbook pro 15 inch or 13 inch with this small little charger. This is much better than the stock charger, but yeah guys. That is about everything that i carry inside of my everyday drone bag. I hope that you guys enjoyed, i hope you could take some of the gear that i used and implement it into your workflow. If so, let me know what you found most useful down in the comments section below everything also will be linked in the description.