My friends and viewers of the show may recognize this truck. It is a 110 scale, axial scx10 original that's, hydro dipped with mystique paint. Basically, you can see it changes color there from purple to brown, to green and also a beautifully painted flame job and hydro dip on the front that was done by Pitt dog hydro I'll leave a link to his Facebook in the video description box down below you'll. Also notice these massive tires on here right. These are looking amazing but of course, not very functional unless I had my suspension completely in droop, which means sag down and – and you can see that, obviously I would have some body rubbing here with those tires. Nonetheless, it looks awesome now this is the only way I could think of how to show you the size comparison to the RAM inator Dodge that I have, because most of us have seen one tenth scale trucks before right now. Look at that size, difference that's totally. What she said this is a gas powered monster guys, and somebody asked me a short while ago. What was the biggest tire? I had the jumbo Kong and it was actually the 40 series demolisher tires from RC four wheel drive and you can see that these tires are basically, they still have three inches at the top here incredible, my friends. This is one of the largest RC monster trucks. I'Ve seen yes, somebody else did a ATV conversion.

They made six of them as monster trucks that you could ride as an ATV. It was one third scale, but those aren't available for sale anymore. This one is mass production put out by primal RC, and I am fortunate enough to have had put a tee TMR performance engine in there. That gives it much more power, as and as as a secondary pipe, which you can see. I'Ve installed there. That is a TMR pipe, it was one of their prototypes and it gives it so much more power. Are you guys, like in shock right now, now you're kind of maybe getting the idea, because this is a jacked up 110 scale let's see if I have a 19 tire yeah here we go. Oh look at this in comparison. This is the boom racing BRX. Oh one like this truck is massive people and I get people. You know viewers in the comments section telling me how slow this machine is. One of the things I never mentioned when I first ran this Ram inator was that I was actually shaking with excitement. This kind of machine that's so large they rated at 80 pounds. Can you believe that I don't think it's quite 80 pounds but it's? Definitely exceptionally heavy now, with 80 pounds of weight, tons of aluminum like look at these axles, these are all aluminum. Here we go from inside hub to inside we're, looking at about 21 inches. That axle is almost 2 feet wide.

Can you imagine that the camera just doesn't capture the magnitude or the size? Look at this it's generally, the size of my whole shop table it's hanging off the edge a little bit just so we could make the room for it. This is a coffee table sized machine, the RAM inator one of my favorite trucks to date. Now one of the things that's happened was on the last video, where I made a joke that I was cooking bacon on the hood, because this RC is sizzling hot, that I had an issue with the front shock. Now the front shock has come apart. I actually thought I broke it. I think it may have come apart. Just from all the vibration and like the hundred jumps that I've done with this rig, I don't know it's top speed, but I can tell you much like any other monster truck. It is not meant for insane speed, it is meant for torque and it is meant to jump, and I find that with the upgraded engine and improved pipe that's on there now, this thing has ample torque and power. For me, at least, if you guys want more go ahead, but this is great for me. I don't even have to tanks through this truck. Yet, on the new engine at least okay, they all break the bar with a 24 millimeter, socket it's good amount to go in there properly. This actually came with its own socket right here, as well as its own bar, which is more appropriate in size for whatever what you want to use it, but I find the breaker bar gives me just that little bit of torque that doesn't give me any problems.

Where'S, the demolisher tyre yeah and yes, my sticker still on the Hat, because that way it doesn't get dirty with my shop hands, yeah, tada, okay, so I'm gon na need a number 10 wrench and my ratchet with the 10 mil sight. So a lot of people are actually attracted to this truck, simply because you actually have to use full size tools. Alright, then I take my 8 mil wrench put that behind the nut, and this is my number 4 hex driver. What I really like about this truck is that everything seems to be huge and easy to work on it's almost like working on one of the older style of automobiles: straightforward, no computers, nothing well a little computer. It is our CAS all right, let's see take that shock out. Oh, it just falls apart in my hand. That'S. Ok, though, get it off the bolt. Yes, I can there we go. Oh you hear it. I think something came off that's all. I hope one of the things I love about this truck look at this here is the shock hanger right here. This is exactly where I took it out from, but you have an adjustment point where you could move the shock up here. You want, if you want, it, would be on a little bit of an angle or you could double up on your shocks and I don't know if I need to double up on these shocks. This suspension is fantastic.

A lot of people say to me. It looks too stiff, but if you've ever seen a monster truck jump, they don't have a suspension that helps soak it up. They want a bouncy suspension, so you can do mad tricks and jumps with the actual monster truck itself slide this off totally empty. What pours out at the end, if you're a ramen, ater owner, let me know if you've had this problem in the comment section down below. Ah so there is the where the fluid passes back and forth through the shock. This is the screw that goes into the end of the shaft that came out right here see I thought I flip and well broke it. You know I haven't broken anything on this truck yet and I've jumped it like a hundred different times I'm sure it can be done and I've seen people do damage to it, but mine's doing pretty good. Just with that coming out, not a big deal. I don't think so assembling will be pretty straightforward. Of course, this will have to go into the tube, so I'm just undoing the bottom right here. Just want to have a look at the seal, looks good there's, a rubber o ring in there. You can see that right there, okay, so with the tube being empty. All I'd need to do is slide this shaft straight through to the top like that, and then I take the flow regulator or whatever it's called and put that on top of that, shaft then comes the washer and then comes the screw.

Pretty straightforward and simple fix. Today I love it go ahead and tighten that up to add a little extra pressure I'm going to hold the end of the rod, so it can't twist and I'll torque it, but not too much just enough to hold it on make sure it got flow. I don't see any damage on the rod itself now I just have to buy 14 litres of fluid to put in there, okay, so off camera. I did fill it up. I didn't need 14 litres. I was just kidding and now what I'm going to do is I'm gon na? Let it sit for about 10 minutes vertical just to help get all those air bubbles to come to the top. I don't want any air in there. Okay, so now that the air is out, I've pushed the piston all the way in and let it sit for another minute just to make sure there is absolutely nothing in there. I did not overfill it and then I'm just gon na put the cap on there. We go. I want to torque that up, but not too tight just enough, so I feel comfortable yep that won't be leaking and then see if it moves a little bit of resistance. Is that goes through that flow disk and then right back to the top, and it comes out just a little bit at the bottom, which is what I love? Okay, then this will go over sit where's.

The first spring there's two Springs here. Smaller spring goes up top like this, then of course, I've got my retaining or the separating ring, and then this spring on the bottom, like so compress and then take the shock spring perch and voila there. It is a giant repaired shock for a very heavy truck, so I have had some comments from viewers that wanted me to do a comparison of the size of this machine compared to my Kraken vector 5. Now I know I'll lose some subscribers when I say this, but I actually gave away my vector five to one of my good friends that didn't have a fifth scale anymore and he wanted to work on that and possibly come race it here in the summer, and I said absolutely so. Unfortunately, I don't have that anymore, but I do have my Ram nadir and my lo c5. I gave my DB XL to my buddy Steve, so he could have a fifth scale as well. So you know what goes around comes around I've always been a true believer in karma that's for sure, where I'm just gon na tighten this up and don't worry, you'll see the back to five again plus I got tons of videos on it. I had a great time with that truck that would do it yeah that won't be falling out anytime. Soon back goes to tyre. Now remember. My offer is still going out to anybody in the world that wants to get out here, 10000 rupees for me to hit you with this full blast on camera.

Cuz everybody thinks it's so slow. We can all have a good laugh at that beautiful and know that light did not come with it. This was an add on that I put on it's one of my rigid industries LEDs. I have tons of videos on this truck if you guys want to check it out on my channel, just search for the RC laminator or the primal RC Ram inator, I should say done lots of neat things with this stock plus you can see the whole upgrade And judge for yourself, let me know in the comments section down below what you think drop me.