We had a flyaway case up in here my drone jumped into the waters and would not return. Unfortunately, i couldn’t recover Music. It so i’ll tell you about my process on getting this replaced, but also show you what you get with commercial packaging because you get commercial packaging. You don’t get the you know the normal people’s packaging back so i’m excited to actually see what they have sent me. Hopefully, it’s, not a brick boom inside it’s bubble, wrap got ta see this package is very very light. I was surprised about how light it is and it is pretty much just gon na be the drone. There you go when they say commercial packaging. They just mean cardboard box, wrapped up in bubble, wrap and there you go. I got my drone back. Finally, now this whole ordeal process took just one week under two months: yeah one week on the two months. So when my i was, i got ta say it had to be my fault, because i i was flying very close to water and my drone just jumped in the water. I wasn’t sure if it was my fault or if it was some sort of weirdness happening with my drone, because remember when i first got my drone, it tried randomly once setting the home point to a middle of a lake and just jumping in there. Luckily i was able to recover, but this time around it jumped to the water.

I wasn’t sure what was going on. So i submitted the claim on the website. I said: hey fly away case. My drone flew away. I wasn’t telling it to jump in the water, but it just decided to jump in the water and i submitted it as soon as it happened. I told them what happened and then i waited i waited a week and i waited two weeks and i waited three weeks and i tried resubmitting the case just in case. You know they never got it because i never got confirmation that my case had been submitted and i heard nothing so i went on the forums on support. I opened up a new post and, i said: hey, i haven’t heard anything about it and luckily enough a support staff service person, they uh replied back to me pretty much on the day and they said hey. Give me private message me. Your details. I’Ll try to chase it up and then they pretty much chased it up within a couple of days and then a couple of days later i got a response saying that they’ve started to look into my case so guys, if you do, you know open up a Ticket you know to get some sort of service, you can always go to the support forums and i guess maybe, because they’re public, you know other people can see your process. Maybe they treat you a little bit better there. So after about a month, i got response and it said: yo we don’t have any of your records.

Go to the app upload your records so inside the app you can do that also um email us, the folder of the app a bit of a complicated process, but yeah you can. You can upload the data, but that wasn’t good nothing. You have to actually give a zipped copy of the the folder. It was a bit tricky, i guess on ios, but they do have how to guides on how to submit the information. I submitted that information and then about a few days later, they said yo pilot error, completely your fault that’s. It you’re gon na have to buy a new drone and they also said um we’ll give you 15 off, and i was like okay, okay, i accept it. Okay, my fault – i must i was flying too close to the water. My fault i’ll take that, but i have dji care and dji care gives you fly away. Insurance fly away insurance, something a new product that they opened up about in january and what it means is, if your drone flies away and you can’t recover it, you can get a replacement drone for about 380 australian dollars. Does that right, guys, i’ve got fly away? Insurance, let me use that and then they said. Obviously after a few days, they said. Actually you don’t have flyaway insurance and i go, but i got dji care yeah. You got dji kit, but you never registered your drone with your remote and to the account, and i was like there’s no way i can fly the drone without registering it.

Look i sent them screenshots saying your drone is now registered and i said yeah yeah, but you never went into the settings menu and went to the other setting menu and ticked the settings setting special box that you have to take so guys. If you are concerned about getting this fly away cover, you need to go into settings and click a few tick boxes. I’Ll have them shown on the screen, alright. So to bind your drone, you need to go into profile and there should be an option there to allow you to bind it. Unfortunately, for me, dji decided to remove the gi fly app from the app store. Google play. No longer has it and there isn’t a notification in the app telling you that you need to update it anyway, so google, chrome and there’s a download button and google will warn you that it’s dangerous to install this app, but you just have to install it. It’S. All good and then once you launch the latest version of dji fly, you will be prompted to bind your remote controller to get dgi flyway coverage hit by now, and you know just accept the terms and conditions and boom you’re now officially bind it don’t. Ask me why you need to do the extra step but that’s what you have to do once you do it you’re safe? So do it right now, because if you have dji care and you registered it to your drone and your remote and all that stuff it’s not actually registered until you go through those additional steps, they said.

Tough luck. That is the deal i was like when i signed up to dji care. There was no steps about these additional instructions or anything like that, and they said no. We sent an email, and, surprisingly, interestingly enough, i never got that email. So they said they sent an email telling me that i need to do these additional steps. I never got some that email i’m going to give them the benefit of doubt, because i purchased dji care on the same day. They enabled dji care with fly away insurance. So maybe they just missed me or anything like that, so i told them pretty much. You know i’m, not happy with you, not honoring the dji care and fly away insurance i’m. Going to report you to the accc i wasn’t happy. I was like i don’t mind, paying money but like if i’m, if i’m, paying for insurance and the insurance isn’t covering me it just. It sounds a bit weird flaky, so they said you know what i’m going to escalate this to to my manager. Don’T respond to me don’t hear from you i’m going to escalate this to my manager, you’ll hear from them in a few days that it i was alright. I’M gon na have to file a case. I saw this guy on youtube. Get his name. Tell your text friend he was, he once tried suing apple and apple gave him a refund. So this is what you have to do over in australia anyway.

So a few days later, they said you know what we understand that you’re upset. Instead of giving you 15 off we’re going to offer you 30 and at the time i had no idea what it was, because i once got screwed out from sony. Basically sony, my tv developed a crack on it. Just it just developed a crack on it and they said it was my fault: it wasn’t my fault, i don’t have any kids, i never touched it. I never did it just developed a crack and but they said you know what we’ll give you 50 off, and i said okay, how much? How much off the tv is? It well it’s, half price. Interestingly enough, their half price turned out to be more expensive than what i can get it from the high street. That was, i was expecting. I didn’t know how much this drone was gon na cost. So i was like two uh dj. I was like alright, so how much is it and it was, and then that’s when i found out that it’s only five hundred dollars 550 for the actual drone without the packaging, that was nice and they also threw in a battery on top so it’s about 90 Dollars for a battery, and then you get you get 15 off that or 30 off that and then you pay a lot less sounds like whoa, okay, that’s, a good deal guys! I can go for this, but i don’t want the battery because i’ve got the the you know the multi combo super pack.

So i got all these additional batteries with me, so i don’t need another one and they took that off and i ended up paying pretty much just a little bit more than what i would have paid. If i use the fly away insurance except i get to keep my service plan with one additional flyaway insurance, so i get to keep my whole package without using the insurance claim meant to have a clean slate that’s. What they told me – and i paid just a little bit more so at the end of it it was a pretty good result, i’m happy with that, and even the 15 is still a good deal. You know if it is my fault 100, then i should be paying full price, so i say they are good guys and offering a discount for you and offering you the ability to buy it commercially without having to pay for that. The box and all the additional stuff which is about you, know, 200 cheaper than buying it from the high street, so it’s pretty good that they offer you that service. Overall, though it took just under two months to get the replacement drone, there was a lot of back and forth. I had to send them. I had to not only sync my account. I had to send them the data i had to get rejected and all that stuff it was a long process, but maybe it’s new, but that is what you should expect with flyaway cases yeah, just my biggest tip is if you’re not getting any response in a Week or two just open up a ticket in their community forums, that’s publicly facing so you get people that can sort you out there and uh yeah i’ve got a drone, so i’m, just gon na have to re link this drone and not fly anywhere near water.

That’S my lesson learned: i’m stupid. I learned it the hard way that’s my lesson there, so i hope you found this a video useful. Let me know how your experiences with dji care goes. I hope you found this video useful and enjoyed the show got my journey back. My drone is back and it’s gon na be trouble hey. Now you also get a flight safety guide, because you know you probably need it. If you went through the service, let’s see relink update, firmware, oh check it out. After repairing your product, you get 72 hours to get dji care perfect and just remember.