So this set retails for 20 us dollars and 33 australian and straight off the bat im. Not a huge fan of the drone build but well sort of see how that pans out once its all built up. So lets go, have a look so here the set is all built up and honestly im a tiny bit underwhelmed. I feel like the vultures wings arent that good theyre all right. I think theyre a lot better than the original ones from the homecoming set, but they just seem really thin to me and i feel like theres, a tiny bit of detail, thats just lacking overall, the minifigures im, a really big fan of and the spider drone. I dont know ive never really been a huge fan of it. I think the builds pretty good, pretty solid works well for what it is, but i dont know im just not a huge fan of the design and just random spider man vehicles in general, but before we have a look at both of them lets have a look At the figures, so first up we have the brand new black and gold spider man suit, which was shown very briefly in the trailer and just as a suit in general, im, not sure if im a huge fan of it. But i really like the figure now. This guy actually comes along with a bunch of new golden web pieces, which i think look really cool, including this little build for him to hold on to which matches his suit really nicely.

Hes got some pearl gold hands as well as arm printing, which is the only suit out of this wave to actually include it, and i think it really pays off here and adds quite a lot to this figure. Hes also got some hip printing, which again is great to see and theres just overall a lot of detail, and i really like how this figure turned out: hes the only one not to have dual moulded legs, which is completely understandable. The plain black works perfectly fine and hes actually got that sort of older eye design, but even then its been a bit updated its got some of the silver in the corners. You can kind of see that the eye really has like a cat eye effect. Its lifted up quite high and even on the head theres, a bunch of gold spider man web detailing – and i just think this guy is really cool. Itll – be really interesting to see what this suit looks like in the movie as well. I hope that its as good and as cool and detailed as this figure is because then i feel like were on to a massive win here. But if you also look at the back of the head, theres a bunch of little runes in the gaps of all of these webs, which i think is really cool, and i wonder if that plays something along to the story. I guess itll be really interesting to find out, but, lastly, with this figure you have a bunch of silver and, of course, the gold metallic detailing and overall, this is just incredibly incredibly impressive and, lastly, we have an updated vulture adrian terms, who has these giant wings, Which well have a look at in a second, but the figure itself i personally really like he has a purple sort of studded gold, stud, shooter, thingy and a purple gem to hold along as well and overall.

I really like this. I love the torso printing for this. I think it looks incredibly accurate. The leg, color choice as well looks great and just the actual, updated helmet having a printed head as well as those classic sort of like regular helmet pieces and this weird mouth looking thing. I think it works really well now the wings to this figure actually attached to the back using one of these neck brackets, and when you take all of that off, we can have a better look at the head, as well as his little back printing. Now one thing i really liked about this figure, which you can see a lot better now, is that he actually has a double sided head, so you can see michael keatons vulture on the other side. Now part of me wonders as well with the inclusion of this set, maybe its also made in order to sort of lure people in since michael keaton is going to be in venom 2 from memory, which i think is really really cool, and just overall, i really Like the new helmet design, i really like the face print. I think this is a massive step up from the original. Now, like i said too, you do get the vultures wings in this set, which are all right, but i feel like theyre kind of weak. They look incredibly thin when you sort of turn it around sideways. Youve got these giant fan pieces at the bottom, which look amazing from the front, and i feel like from this angle.

The entire thing looks really good theres, a lot of sticker detailing, which adds quite a lot to the set. Admittedly, i would have loved to have seen those sort of like penguin like foot claw pieces like sort of sticking out of the sides of the wings. I think those in metallic silver would have worked really nicely here, just to give it a bit more of a sharp edge, but i mean it works it just feels like it could have been better. It just feels very thin and very flimsy from the sides. Again. I, like the back detailing here and its really easy to sort of stick to the back of him, but it also just feels incredibly big and large and bulky in a way and im, not 100 sure how i feel about that. The whole thing sort of looks a tiny bit oversized. I feel like if this whole section could have been condensed in a tiny bit more. Maybe it would work better, maybe using some smaller wedge pieces, but its all right for what it is and i still think its a massive step up from the homecoming sets which personally im really happy about and im just glad to have a vulture figure with the Vulture wings in the first place personally, and then lastly, we have the spider man drone itself, which overall, i think the design of this thing looks really cool its just it wasnt overall, too exciting to put together and im not a huge fan of just random spider Man, vehicles, which, unfortunately, at the moment at least, is what this thing is.

I think the color scheme works really well. I love the way, its sort of built with all of these compartments. You can fold up the front here and you can sit spider man in sort of like the pilot seat, then at the back as well. There is a bit of a play feature you can spin the propellers around, which is really neat but the rest of it. Its kind of boring theres, not really any amazing play features besides the stud, shooters and youve got this gold little rope thing hanging from the back, which i guess spider man can swing on, but it doesnt tuck away or anything. It just sort of sits there and you can take it on and off if you really wanted to, but yeah its just kind of boring overall now, if i take it off the little stand, you can have a tiny bit of a better look at it. So, on the front there is this sticky nexo knight shield, which actually looks a lot like spider eyes, which i thought was really cool and a really nice touch on the front as well. That is this metallic golden crest sort of leaf piece, which i love. The look of that, i think it works really well. However, it is the only metallic gold piece in this set, so it sort of stands out. At the same time now, like i said you can fold this entire section open and you can actually fit spider man in there.

If you just fold up his legs and his arms, you can sit him right down and he can pilot the entire thing, which is pretty neat. You can sort of see him from the side and you sort of have to fold it a bit awkwardly. You have to sort of bring it down and then fold that in in order to create a bit of a less of a gap, but even then it just sort of doesnt fit right. I feel like you really want to push it in and sort of leave. It as is, but you can just see through the entire side thing so theres a lot of gaps in this set, i think, is basically what im trying to say each of the arms is built exactly the same. Each of them have a little sticker panel. Here a great piece, a propeller and one of these wing pieces in pearl gold on the back theres, some more really nice, sticky detailing youve, got one at the top here on this wedge piece and then these two bigger ones on this giant wedge piece and personally, I really like how this continues on. I think it looks really slick and this entire section can actually fold up, and then you can access this little mailbox here where, if you open that up, there is actually a silver spider drone on the inside, which i love. The pieces for this, but it just feels like thats, pretty basic, and for that to be really the only other play feature besides stud shooters, i i just think like its a tiny bit weak and a tiny bit lazy, especially again, youve got more gaps here.

With these wedge pieces, itll be really interesting to see if this build actually shows up in the film, because it just feels really out of place to me and honestly looks more like a beetle than it does a spider, especially if you sort of hold it up. Like that, like when you know when the batwing sort of flies across the moon like that, just looks more like one of those dung beetles than an actual spider, which is sort of a shame. But i guess for what it is. It looks pretty cool, but i cant really see too much playability besides swooshing things around. Luckily, everything sort of seems really robust. I dont think things are gon na fall off, which is pretty cool, but im, not gon na display this personally im probably going to break it down and put it in a box, because, at the end of the day, i just wanted the vultures wings and the Minifigures themselves and lastly, in this set, you get more of these golden web pieces, which i seem to have lost quite a few of them out of my pocket, which is a shame. But overall, these look, pretty cool and can be attached to the vulture as well. To sort of make it look like hes all been webbed up, which is really neat, although i dont know how many times these sort of pieces are going to be reused in this particular color, but its a neat inclusion.

Nevertheless, so that is the entire set and honestly this, i think, has to be the most disappointing, which is a lot considering that there is a four plus set. I just feel like the fact that you can get a four plus set with three figures. Then you have this one with two and just the vulture wings being a bit weak. In my opinion, i feel like theyre quite flat. I feel like theres just a few things that could have made them a bit better, but also just the fact that the spider drone doesnt really represent anything. It does it works, but i feel like at the same time it doesnt offer much playability besides stud shooters. So i dont know i dont think i can necessarily recommend this one. I mean the only reason i bought it in the end is because i wanted to have a build for the vultures wing so by buying the set i could get the figures and the build, which was much much easier. The spider drone im pretty sure im just gon na dismantle, but what it is. It looks cool its built. Well, i just im not a fan of the design overall, but thats just a personal choice from me, but let me know what you guys.