We have to have this put this on order, please, and if youre not as excited as i am, then that means the algorithm doesnt show us the same content on social media. Now, if you do know what this is or dont, this is a very cool, little military, drone knockoff. This is awesome. You guys have seen that those viral videos of like the 60 000 little drone helicopter the military uses to go spy on uh the bad guys right well, this is like a toy version, but it looks like a very high quality toy version of it. I think theyre absolutely geniuses to make this, and i just hope it flies well enough to enjoy and thats what were going to find out in todays video. The blades do fold super cool by the way did i mention this is under 100 and its linked in our description box below. If you want to support our channel, we do have a camera mounted to the front now its just a 720p camera. I said this is a toy, though so much nicer than any toys that i ever had when i was a kid, and the batteries are actually very nice high quality, little proprietary shelled batteries. I like it in this case because its such a cool little drone helicopter toy right. You can press that button and see how much juice is left in the battery its just super bright out right now, and it comes in a single battery two battery or three battery pack, depending on which one you choose its five extra dollars per battery and i Think thats pretty good in todays video were just gon na fly this and see if its worth your hard earned money.

I am so pumped ive been pumped for like a month, uh from seeing it on the website to finally having it in our hands. Lets fly super cool yeah. I have always wanted to hand launch one of those military drones. Oh thats awesome. Let me get the camera. He met the phone, the phone okay, so i just want to take a look here, while its hovering lets rotate this around. So we have better lighting, listen as far as the camera goes not too concerned about quality, its kind of like a gimmicky toy for the camera. I want to set that down, but it actually works. If i was a kid and had something like this itd be amazing, absolutely amazing. So here we have this its actually more like a little helicopter, but they have kind of made. It feel like a little drone and it does have visual position hold on the bottom. What im noticing already is a little bit of drift, but a little bit of lock its, not the best visual position hold ive ever seen on a drone, but for a little toy helicopter, its actually doing pretty good. So if i let go the controls there, its actually locked in place, but there its kind of drifting off and then it decides it wants to lock in place again and then drift off again. So a little bit of a mind of its own. I didnt expect this to be like dji quality or anything, but guys could you imagine if dji made a like three four hundred dollar version of this? How cool would that be id really feel like? I was you know, spying on people with a military drone.

Itd have to be much bigger, so the hovering is iffy at best um. Now we have a couple things that this drone has a auto takeoff, auto landing feature, which is what i used to do a hand takeoff. I highly recommend that you guys dont do as i do, but do, as i say, take off from the ground. It actually has little tiny feet underneath this helicopter drone and it can do a ground takeoff and landing just fine. I highly encourage you to do that. Abby lets see how agile this little guy is were just going to do a little bit of rotating and then were going to hit that rate button. So here we go. This is mo rate one. The slowest rate this is full forward and lets just kind of cruise around for a minute. It sounds cool too, actually sounds great, really, nice sounding little drone, doesnt sound quite like other helicopters, ive flown. I heard you throttled down and got nervous down. It sounds really cool, listen, so so cool right, you guys, okay lets, go rate, increase two beeps, oh yeah, much more agile and that second rate, definitely not as beginner friendly in this right were so much faster. Look at this abbys telling me it looks good over here in the sky, so were going to keep it over here. You guys so as im flying around like this im, not even showing you the video, because what its going to do is make you guys all sick, its going to be very choppy.

If youre going to have fun with the video on this. Its just cool that its there they could have made this helicopter in my opinion or drone. What should we call it helicopter or drone? They could have made this without that drone. I like driving drone heli drones uh. They could have done this without the camera. In my opinion, the drill really is jelly okay, that was so much better. I could have made this drilling without the camera, in my opinion, because for me im personally not going to use that much, but it is just kind of like all there im looking at it, its still working its better than that 200. Drone that we just had on amazon so good for them lets go to the highest rate and lets go into uh. Just yall see how fast it is thats, much faster heres rate, one yall, two and three very fast, nice and agile lets, go full full forward. Oh, my goodness it is snappy now did i mention this. Has altitude hold as well? I dont think i did. It is a very easy to fly. Little drilly really drawing super easy to fly. Visual position hold holds it in place enough for a beginner, but not as good as like a dji kind of a drone has to be expected. This is like 80 bucks. Their visual position hold locked right there, even in the highest rate. It does work. Just not, you know super great there.

Its working ive got a three mile an hour four mile, an hour breeze and its holding it in place drifting around just a little bit. I think i like flying this most in rate one. It just feels really cool nice and cruisy. It looks very military, esque and thats what its all about. I got so pumped when i saw this because now we can pretend like we are flying around that crazy awesome, expensive military drone now lets see what everyones going to want to know lets do a bit of a range test, sorry about that abby. So what i want to do is leave it in the lowest rate, and if we get winds up higher, then i can go to rate three and fight the winds, so lets go out and up im very familiar with this territory. Normally, i wouldnt push a range on something like this, but were all going to want to know what is the actual video range and im looking down im thinking, weve already cut out our video range signal as to be expected: thats, it yeah its not moving thats. Okay, as i said, this isnt really meant to be a long range dji drone to me its more um just cool factor. It is so cool and i took my hands off the controls way up there way out there and i dont think it drifted away. So the visual position hold – maybe i just have one thats – just a little bit not spot on – maybe some others would be better im flying it back and hoping our video signal comes back if it does on its own ill.

Let you guys know now: theyre fighting some wind, so im gon na go up to rate two, get it back faster back to rate one lets hover down, really wanting to know like flight time on this, too, its possible were gon na have to reset the app Just to get that camera back, but i think you guys are probably okay without getting that back so were just gon na fly it around a little bit abby. Do you want me to pass the controls to you um? You know how long its been since ive flown a heli fair enough, fair enough. Do you like this one, or do you not care about this one still recording, but the live feed you guys can probably see its just frozen and theres no um sd card in this one? All you get is the live feed right, good point. Thank you. Abby yeah, you just get a live feed. So if you want to save what youre actually watching, you just need to do a screen recording on your phone itself, um! No, you dont have to do screen, recording theres a theres, a recording option in the app, so itll save the footage with yeah, but theres no sd card to get like better quality. Right, as i said, i think the camera on this little guy is just a bit of like you know what at least they did include it and its not total garbage, but its, not its, not a 400 drone, just thats all we can say this has got To be got to be one of the coolest helicopters, because thats what it is, its got, a tail rotor and its got a main rotor.

This is a helicopter, no matter what we really you know. We want it to be a drone, its kind of a drone, its a drelly, but it is definitely the coolest looking helicopter ive, probably ever flown thats, just my opinion, thats my opinion, some guys like things that look like an actual little 3d helicopter or maybe something More scale, but this is look at the blue light on the front. Look at that isnt that sweet. Can you get that abby? Can you get that blue light and then the battery light is on too its more faint, but you can see the light on the front of that and its just really awesome and it doesnt do any more tricks or anything so other than flight time. Thats. Really all were gon na get out of this video, so let me go ahead and catch this, because thats like a dream, come true and uh then well well. Take a closer look at everything that comes in the box. Lets do auto landing, thats awesome man! This thing is cool now: im not saying like please dont, compare camera quality, video signal quality because i mean, if youre just doing that, then you could just say its garbage, but thats not what were focusing on because thats not what is, in my opinion, whats cool About this ive paid more for helicopters that fly not as good as this and they dont look this cool and they dont have a camera on them, but check this out.

So the battery down here its gon na be very hard for you guys to see in this bright sun. There are four dots thatll, let you know its fully charged and right now i have three dots on that tells me that weve only used about 25. Of that battery, that was like eight minutes, so thats, crazy, thats, very efficient and ive got another battery. In there i got the two battery setup. They have a three battery setup. If you really want to go all out, and then this is the radio that comes with it, but thats an extraordinary flight time, thats a basic radio, but the nice thing about it is the altitude hold now if youre american and you fly things in america generally, You fly mode too. That means throttles on the left hand, side right now, its defaulting to mode one. When you click add it to the cart. That means your throttles on the right hand, side so heres the deal pick mode two, if youre in the states, if youre out of the states. However, you like to fly but generally were mode two. Now the nice thing is in the instructions. It tells you how to very easily switch from mode one to mode two. So, even if you get the wrong one, no worries you can switch over to the mode you feel more comfortable with flying because its an altitude hold spring loaded, see uh joystick on both sides, very simple radio, but it more than gets the job done.

Thats our speed switch there auto takeoff, auto land and its so easy to fly. If youre like me, and you love the way that looks, it is not just a cheap old gimmick, because it looks like this thing, which is very cool. It actually flies really well too and thats the beauty of what we get to do here guys i love what we get to do. We get to jump in front of the camera. Show you things that im passionate about. I get super excited about this kind of thing, sharing a positive experience with you, guys and weve done it for nine and a half years family friendly content. I thank every single one of you guys watching, even if this is the first time youve ever seen our channel. You are amazing, i feel like im living the dream and it is very cool to get to do this, and for that i, thank god, also massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because without you guys, we couldnt do what we do as often as we do. Without that amazing direct support where we can be completely transparent, tell you its awesome. The cameras not awesome, but its still awesome, and sometimes we just tell you outright dont, buy it, and we thank you guys for that support, allowing us to bring that kind of content to everybody. Now, if youre into easy to fly helicopters, there is one helicopter out there thats actually cheaper than this and flies just as well.