Spielberg is that he can turn his hand to anything if he feels passionate about it and when you look at his, you know his filmography, which goes from you know: family dramas, science fiction, horror, um, comedy true stories, spy, thrillers and now music in every single case. Technically very very adept – and i dont say that, incidentally, as a somebody used that phrase the other day they were talking about. Somebody said oh yeah here the technicals are good, which was always something that was used to criticize something. The technicals are good means. The film isnt good, but you know, but you know, but technically its good, but technically this is a very good rendition right from the beginning, with the opening that looks like a bomb site, it looks like an outtake from saving private riot and with the great big Wrecking ball um, as he said himself uh. Essentially i mean there have been changes made, but theyre not theyre, not changes that are going to to alienate an audience that love the original. In fact, one of the things thats remarkable about the film is how much a lot of it feels like the original and again i dont say that as a criticism but its for a from you know its a modern film, particularly in the casting, and i think The casting is really interesting and theyve. You know theyve really done something that needed to be done there, but the film does have an old fashioned feel so in the same way that its set at a particular time.

The filmmaking looks like it said at that particular time, its not just to do with the palette of the film, because actually the palette for the first 25 30 minutes its fairly doer and its only really when they get into the dancehall standoffs that everything suddenly becomes. This kind of explosion of color, but the film looks like it its from the period that its meant to be in, which is a kind of clever thing to pull off. I think that, in terms of the central casting uh, i i what theyve managed to do is to combine newcomers with you know, sort of established talent, and the interesting thing is that in many ways like, for example, i think rachels egg is terrific. I think shes really good as maria. I think she really really holds her own ariana debose. As you heard from that interview, i mean theres, a kind of force of nature on screen shes. You know shes a brilliant dancer and shes a real presence and absolutely the heart, theres, rita, moreno, whos, kind of the genetic link between the old version and the new version, and what theyve done there in reincarnating the docs drugstore role and then what they do with Someone theres a theres theres a really interesting thought process going on about okay. How can we just? How can we tilt this slightly theres, an interesting thing as well, on the subject of tilting that the camera angles for the film occasionally do that 45 degree tilt? You know thats very much kind of the what you think when you said that the red poster for for west side story.

If you remember its kind of the zed shapes of the fire escapes and the in in black in black against the red and that 45 degree tilt is very much something which we all we associate with west side story. Its something turned on an angle not like turned on its side completely like, for example, in in the heights in which they do the wall walking thing, but just tilt it in that. In that way, that feels like a kind of retro uh suddenly look. This is happening now and its exciting and its angular and its odd. I have to confess, if i have some criticisms, it would be largely. I thought ansel elgort was very disappointing. I dont know how you feel about it. I thought he was great. Did you? I was amazed that i was amazed at the quality of his voice. Oh right, thats. What i thought. Okay, i thought he was a bit tony hadley, i quite like a bit of spander and and and theyre in, and therein lies the difference between. I think i like spandex, i think, hes better than tony hadley. Okay, i think that hes the weak link in the chain – and i think that he was hes. The thing that, for me is, is a bitter a bit of a spanner in the world. I thought he was brando, i okay, but which brand are we talking were talking island of dr moreau brando. Are we talking the formula brando or are we talking on? Did you really think ansel elgort was brandon.

He looked a bit like brandon when you think about it. When you imagine his face there, you go squidgy. Okay, i would never, in a million years, have thought that ansel elgort looked anything like brando and im now struggling to do that kind of police photo fit thing yeah, but im not saying youre wrong, because the thing is. We have a different opinion about this yeah. I mean my assumption was thinking: oh its ansel elgort, he cant sing and then he started to sing and i thought oh and i was thinking that im sure he must be. This is an amazing lip sync routine. No, no and then you go to the go to the soundtrack album and it is him and you know yeah yeah. No, absolutely i was i was just. I was impressed thats all so. Okay, well thats, very interesting, because i thought that rachel zakir was great. I thought that um that ariane dubose was great. I thought that the whole i thought, rita reynolds, you know somewhere was fantastic. I did think that ansel elgort was the weak link in the chain, so id be interested to know when listeners excuse me, when listeners have seen the film this week, whether they are team mark or team simon, but no im, not really a team and youre the Musician so uh im happy that i was just. I was just amazed that he could sing as he could so uh, but he trained as a ballet.

I mean you knew he could dance anyway. Youve seen baby driver like the opening of baby driver in which he literally dances through that first shot. I mean that is a dance number to all intents and purposes, and because its interesting that the source of baby driver is a music video that um edgar wright made in which its the guy dancing in the car and dancing around the car. So i thought that was the that was the one thing that didnt work for me other than that i thought it was pretty solid. I dont think its his best film. In 20 years i mean i, i just dont find that to be the case. I think its a very solid, very workable, um Music. If slightly unremarkable, i thought it was adaptation of a class. I thought it was a triumph. I mean, and i say this is someone whos not really. I still im, not a musicals fan. I still my first reaction is theres that very impressive opening which you were talking about. This is cr where theres a i imagine its a drone going over this bomb site that you were talking about. If he, this looks great, this looks great and then the guys arrive and they start to sing. I think, while singing whats the, why are you seeing it, of course, its a musical its a musical thats where what happens thats what happens, but it still seems i know, and all that clicky fingers that why are you clicking your fingers anyway, but its a musical Thats, why theyre clicking theres a jet youre a jet, so once we got over it once we got over that, i thought it was a driver and i did feel like standing up and applauding um well good at the end, okay of the ariana dubose.

I do think that its entirely possible this will bring a whole new audience in you know which cinemas will be very grateful, for they will its a its a big cinematic film. I mean its wide: its 2′ isnt it so its like its its widely wide wide west wide story, thats what it is so much better at that than i am wide story.