I just got off the phone with our lawyers, and i just want to reiterate something that i already said today on twitter. No, the daily wire does have more than 100 employees, but we wont be enforcing joe bidens unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. Thats. It well use every tool at our disposal, including legal action to resist bidens ultimatum will impact over 80 million private sector workers. Companies that refuse to comply will face up to fourteen thousand dollars in fines for every single violation, so im sure most companies will probably just do it. They dont have much choice. We wont its not that were anti vaccine im personally, very pro vaccine. I think the covid vaccines are probably the greatest scientific achievement so far in the 21st century, and i think the speed at which they were created may be trumps greatest achievement as president. They seem to do a pretty good job, preventing hospitalization and a great job preventing death from covid 19. thats. Terrific. If i were a dictator id, probably make you get it, but im, not a dictator and neither is joe biden. He has no right to impose this burden on american businesses. How are we supposed to pay for it? What are we going to do with all these new liabilities that we incur from injecting ourselves into the private health decisions of our employees? More to the point, he has no right to impose this burden on the american people, its anti science and its totalitarian, and we cannot comply with it.

I say anti science, because the mandate contains no exceptions for those in low risk. Demographic groups theres no exceptions for those with natural immunity, also theres, no taking into account the fact that these vaccines are pretty effective. So, if youre vaccinated, congratulations, youre at low risk from covid19, whether your neighbors vaccinated or not and thats, good news, since your vaccinated neighbor, can still transmit the damn disease and i say its tyrannical because using unelected bureaucratic machinery like osha, to force small businesses into becoming The vaccine and testing enforcement arm of the federal government is definitionally anti democratic. It marks a dramatic break with our constitutional order. According to reuters, 75 of american adults are already vaccinated. At least theyve already received one dose of the vaccine and 53 according to the cdc, are fully vaccinated, so people who want the covid vaccine already have it and those who dont want it. Shouldnt have to get it because its a free country, its not your job, to protect me from me, and you already have the tools to protect yourself from me. So joe biden has no compelling reason to encroach on our liberties other than he just doesnt like what we do with them. Well guess what joe biden? Isnt, your mom, the government isnt your mom and your employer sure as hell isnt, your mom weve, already watched for over a year and a half as americans have ceded liberty after liberty to want to be tyrants like anthony fauci.

They broke our economy, they locked us in our homes, they destroyed our supply chains, they crushed our small businesses, they masked our children enough. That is enough. So the answer is no, no, the daily wire wont be enforcing joe bidens, petty tyranny. Weve already retained legal counsel and were prepared to go to battle with this administration to put an end to their unconstitutional. We hope other people and other businesses will join us if they do great if they dont thats.