I just finished up at the gym. Oh my god, okay, i i dont want to bend it back into place. I sat on my sunnies and im scared. If i bend it itll snap, so i need to go and like get that fixed from a thing i was just about to put them on and realize that they have bent so i dont have glasses anyways. I feel so naked without a necklace wait. Why did i even take it off? That is so weird of me not to have a necklace on um. I just finished up at the gym with hayley um ive got so much to do today. I need to go to officeworks. I need to go to the post office. I need to film some stuff. Um yeah ive just got a lot on my plate. At the moment. We just like take a minute to appreciate my skin, though, like i was putting moisturizer on it this morning and it just felt so soft, apart from like the two pimples on my chin, like it just i dont know like i just felt im, not gon na Touch my face because i was just at the gym but yeah its looking glowy im pretty sure its from the hydrafacial but yeah. I just thought i would jump on and say good morning and i will yeah catch up with you guys later. Okay, ive just demolished this package from stacks. Look at these colors im so excited for these ive been wearing like teas like longer tees, rather than crops lately, just with everything to be honest and yeah, it comes with like theres, so many different, like styles in the colors, so theres like the tea.

The long sleeve tee like the short short tank high neck weve, got like new crops. I might try some one actually yeah. Maybe i will ill do it now. I was gon na do it later, but um i just have some stuff to do, but i kind of yeah im procrastinating to be honest, but yeah ill, try them on, but yeah. They feel really soft its kind of like slinky, but not so i got a medium in everything, including the pants, so yeah tops crops and pants. I got a medium in so yeah ill show you guys, but how cool are the colors? I, like this brown, its really cool. This is the crop on by the way i did my makeup as well. Um yeah, really like i like how its seamless and its not super tight at the bottom. Really nice, i feel like this is just kind of like you could wear this crop with anything like not just activewear. You know what i mean like with a pair of jeans or whatever ill get the pants so yeah, the bike pants and the leggings have like a really thin seam at the top, which is going to be interesting. To be honest, so let me try it on ill. Try on maybe ill try the tights, oh my god, i actually didnt think like. I was going to like these just because i do like some sort of support, especially around, like my midsection, like i feel like whenever i see like a thin band im, just like oh thats, just not gon na be flattering, but these are them im.

Gon na take you over to the mirror theyre like loose at the top not loose but like theyre see. I dont know how thats even possible for that to even look flattering on my body but wow. I love it. There is a seam that goes straight up, but i think all their types do have that, but i love it. It feels really really nice its like. Really soft i feel like this blend is a like a bit different, like a tad more giving than the best black fabric im, not sure if this is meant to be like identical or maybe the color like. You know how every color, um material is different in terms of stretch and stuff, like that, so im not sure if its just these, but these just feel so damn comfortable, okay, dont cut in yeah. See like i love that, like how flattering is that obsessed? I feel like if you did want an even looser fitted look, maybe go up a size um its like its quite fitted like on me like on my arms, its quite fitted, but like thats. Obviously the look but yeah how cool are these tops? Theyve also got them in like a long sleeve version and theyve also got like a high neck high neck version. Lets show you so yeah theyve got like this color. This khaki color is nice. Theyve got obviously all the colors in the crop which i really like big fan, and then this is like another style that they have so its like a high neck, long sleeve with thumb holes which is cool and then yeah, this color, which is really nice.

I really love these two colors theyre, like a dark sort of morony brownie color. I really like the color leggings that im wearing. Thank you. So much stacks love the new pieces. They are launching this thursday for vips and friday to the public. So i will leave my code on the screen if you guys want to shop its an affiliate code, so it supports me as well. If you use it. Basically, if you dont know what an affiliate code is, it just means that any sale made with the code, like the influencer, gets like a certain percentage of the sale, its only a very small amount, but, like obviously it all adds up. I always appreciate when you guys use my code. It means a lot to me um, but yeah they will be going live at the end of the week, which is exciting what else? Oh, i got two new shoes. Actually i got them before. I went away but im doing stories for this brand today and, to be honest, ive never heard of this brand before so its called style runner. This isnt sponsored its just a website that have like heaps of cool, mainly sporty brands. Um, like new balance, adidas theyve got that joa brown um nude lucy um yeah, like heaps of like random cool brands, um and im working with them on instagram, which is really cool, and i chose these two shoes and im like low key obsessed with them.

So i got this style of adidas shoes, im obsessed with the oswegos and these ones look like a pair of the like actual yeezys im, not sure of the style um but yeah, how cool they come in black and then like uh, its like a mix of Orange and maybe black and white, or something like that, but i was like i think, ill get the most used out of white theyre, so freaking cool, and then i got these new balances. How cool they also come in pink. But i was like i really like the green, like its a really nice, like tiffany, green color and everyones, going crazy about new balances. So i thought i would pick these ones up. Im actually going to wear these tomorrow to the gym but yeah how freaking cool is that youll see my little um haul on instagram i actually picked up some really cool pieces and a couple of pieces. Ive wanted to buy actually for ages, but i just wasnt sure, because i couldnt justify the price um, which is really cool, so yeah im working with them on instagram, so youll see the content very soon, um yeah. I need to go pack all this stuff away. Might make a coffee actually and yeah im just gon na wait for peter and were gon na go to a shopping centre to get a few things, get the drone ill. Let you guys know which one we end up getting peter wants to get like walkie talkies because were obviously going to ex mouth with his parents, so they just want walkie talkies.

I was like okay thats. What were doing today. I need to get some content and thats it guys. Okay, ive never been so obsessed with an outfit in my life. Like honestly, i just went to go film stories for star runner. Like i said before, and this outfit is life im gon na get the bag for full effect, im obsessed, okay, ready! This is the outfit. So this is the bag thats, the bag that i talked to crown so like so much can go in it, and then this is the outfit so thats the jolla brown set so nice, so nice, its like a ribbed fabric, really flattering. The top, though, is really thin like its not what i expected it to be. I dont know what i expected it to be like, but it kind of reminds me of like plt or boohoo slinky, but like not as see through like its still a little bit see through but like comfy like i love it personally, um and then the shoes That i ended up wearing, i love them so much thats my little outfit for today. I might actually literally just wear it because i dont know feeling myself in it really really like it um and then this denim jacket, obviously all from style runner. This part of the vlog isnt sponsored but im just so obsessed with the fit, and they did give me a discount code, jazz 10. If you want to use it, theyve got so many um, like styles of new balances and added us and stuff on there.

So, like im, just helping you guys out, you know its not really often that i get a discount code for, like you, know, adidas or cool sort of brands like this, that you dont really see floating around. If that makes sense, like i actually cant remember last time, i even saw someone with a discount code through like adidas shoes, for example, because i feel like you know, everyone needs like a good pair of shoes, so yeah. If you want to use it, it doesnt benefit me at all, but you guys can just use my coat. Um yeah anyways, im gon na go pack all this stuff away that i got from stacks um and yeah just waiting for peter to get home um but yeah. I finished my little content that i needed to do today, which is exciting a few more photos which ill do probably out um, but yeah thats. Just a little update. I just got a delivery from beginning boutique. I bought some um swimmers tulks. I dont know how this got me, but um. I think i was watching someones story haul or something promoting it so yeah. I really love this print. It kind of reminded me of um that with jean brand, so oh i thought i got the other. The other style wait now im thinking, i should have got a 12 in the top. It just looks a bit big um. I just always get like the biggest size, well, not the biggest size, but i always just like to get a bigger size in swimmers just because i just dont want anything hanging out.

You know its so pretty! Oh! This is going to be. Oh, no thats! Fine! I always like to get like either 12 or a 14 in swimmers, especially bottoms just because i dont like it cutting in i just wasnt sure, with bikini boutiques brand. So i dont think i own a pair of swimmers from beginning boutique, so i ended up getting the 14.. I feel like theyll be fine. I would just prefer them to sit on my body rather than like suck me in if that makes sense, thats just my preference anyways. I just rather be comfortable so yeah. I got a 14 in the bottoms and a 14 in the top, and i think i should have got a 12 in the top, so i might try it on oh wait: can you even return? Swim tops or i can just buy um a 12.. I just think that this might be a little bit too big like cover too much boom, if that makes sense so yeah. I might take this back for a 12, or even maybe even a 10 um, just because theres quite a bit of um area there, which is a good thing actually and they feel really soft, so yeah thats. What i bought from beginning boutique, im gon na, have to yeah, maybe email them just to get a little exchange. We got a drone, oh my god, im so excited ill. Show you um! When we get home what brand we decided to go with, but i spent more than i thought i would to be honest: um anyways, im excited ill show you.

When i get home some more stickers printed, nice just went to officeworks and got this okay. We just went shopping as well. Just did a couple days worth. I guess we didnt go overboard and snacks because were trying to be good until we leave so yeah. We just got a bunch of like fruit and veg. To be honest, weve got some berries. Im obsessed with blueberries at the moment i dont know whats gotten into me: um eggs for peter. I just got some chicken fruit and veg mints um some bolognese sauce here got some of that some barramundi i got some beetroot for my juices. Ive got still a bunch of ingredients like ive got apples, kale spinach already in the fridge from before. We left so im just gon na use that, and i might make one now actually um but yeah thats. Everything that we got doesnt seem like much but yeah. Just weve got a whole lot of veg and still got some of the you food meals as well, so didnt want to put them to waste, and then here is what we got from jv high five peter just got a walkie, talkie um and then okay. I might have sd cards in here yeah. This is the drone that i decided on and i ended up getting the one with like everything like the kit. Oh here we go so you can either buy it on its own or in a kit with all of like the additional batteries which i think was like necessary just because he did say that each battery is only like 30 minutes of recording so yeah.

Knowing us, we probably wont know what were doing so. We probably need the extra batteries and then it just comes with like extra propellers and stuff so yeah. I ended up getting that. I think it was around nine. How much was it nine something 949 for the um, the whole kit, so im so excited were gon na have to go to like an oval or like a park where, like no one, is and see if we can practice with it. But apparently this brand is like one of the best and the easiest to use um yeah, its kind of like the apple of drones. Basically so im really excited for some travel content. With this, i just did a fresh, fake tan, im gon na unbox some packages that i got in the mail today, these wrapped my po box. I already unboxed this in the car because, like the packaging looked strange but thats because its from um, new zealand, but last friday sent me their lash serum, actually ive been using the oh. I just realized. I had this because i im embarrassing um. Oh, i need a bin. I popped my pimple there and then i put like a tissue on my face and i realized that it was still on there. So yeah lash friday sent me over there. Eyelash serum ive been using the imv one um. I actually havent used it since i got my lashes lifted, but um i think after a week which is well and truly up, i can start using it again, but i dont use it every day.

I use it every second day, um and im almost out of it, and i saw riley and maddie promote this brand. Oh so yeah im really keen to try it out its just like their purified. Lash, serum um so well keep you updated if it works, but yeah the imv. One is quite good. I feel like it really helped my lashes um, okay, Music, plus that one is like half the price. The imb one is so expensive. So if i can get something that does the same effect for half the price, then id be happy because its like 140 for the um little tube. This is from colourpop. Oh lengthening, mascara, okay, its in a really skinny tube. So random wait was i flashing. Oh no, i might have to sense that if i was thanks, colourpop love trying new mascaras. Actually i might keep that oh theres another one, a package from: oh, my god, matcha mama, hey jazz, hope you enjoy. Oh, my god. If this is a matcha kit, im so happy so cute love the branding – oh my god, ive always wanted one of these. How cute is that? Thank you so much its a matcha latte powder, organic matcha, green tea powder, amazing im. Definitely gon na try that tomorrow. Oh, my god, im so excited. Thank you so much one last. Yes, this is the last one because a couple of them are jazz. Handmade returns, um, jagger and stone.

What have we got? I didnt order anything. So this is a surprise cute. I love their clothes. Okay, so we have oh, my god, cute top. I think this is a part of their um. Active range, actually love that what size did they send? 10? Perfect love that and then weve got the white version. These would be really cute over, like um gym crops. As well love that top, then we have got. I like this one, its like a champagne color its like one of those high neck ones. I dont want to get it too close to my body, because ive got fresh fake tan on, but that is so gorgeous. Like the jeans or like a black skirt, i love that so much and then weve got oh, my god. How do i know on the capricorn? I guess they could just no wait really. How do they know is my my birthday online thats really cool anyways, because they didnt ask me cute tea im guessing they have all the star signs. So thank you. So much gals love kind of regret, actually putting this silky robe on, because im a little bit sticky still cause. I just put it on um. I kinda need to put like pants on if im gon na sit down all over the place, otherwise im just gon na get tan everywhere. I might go pack some orders. Actually i got a couple today. Ill show you the stickers.

These are the stickers that i got from officeworks. This is the first time ive actually ever got stickers printed at officeworks, just because i usually just get them um with my mailer boxes like i just do it like as a bundle, but i needed them like pretty much asap, because i didnt realize that i was Running low and we put them on the hair clips and stuff like that, so i went to um officeworks and just bought this. It was around 24. and it gives you 10 sheets of 24 stickers, so that comes to around. I think i did the math. It was like two 240 stickers or something like that um and then i got my graphic designer m to um, create like a template for me, so i could get them printed at officeworks and that cost 7.50. So i think around actually ive got the receipt right here. It worked out to be actually cheaper than what i would order through like another company um, but obviously its not gold foiled. Where is the receipt um yeah its not like a gold foiled, whereas my old stickers are uh, 26.88 and yeah that comes to around, like under 20 cents per sticker, which is not too bad um and they yeah? They came out quite well im, not sure if you can see that but yeah. Its just kind of like the text is like a gold foiled, look but its not actually gold, foil, so yeah if youre a small business and youre looking to get some stickers printed and when i save money quite a good idea.

Good morning, everyone happy tuesday. I just woke up not long ago to pack some orders for today um. What am i doing today? Its raining, i was gon na go, get some content, but i dont think thats going to happen because the weather, i think over the next couple days, is going to be like this actually but thats. All good ive got still so much to do. Anyways that i can just do from home anyways im going to do a little stacks. Try on haul today on my story, so ill show you guys some of the pieces as well that i havent shown you guys yet. Okay, i just made this match up. Look how weak i made it its yum. I feel like its sweetened with like some sort of honey, because i did put sweetener in it, but i can taste honey for some reason, but its really nice. I, like it im just about to hang up everything because i finished my little haul and my living area is a mess, so yeah im just going to hang everything up. Then i need to go to the post office actually and set my parcel, and i ended up getting uh exchange for the dickies. If you follow my tick, tock youll know but um yeah, i ordered the 36 and theyre still too big. Well, i didnt mind them, but then all the comments said go smaller, so im going to get a 34, so ive got to go, put the label off and take it to the post office.

So im not normally one to exchange and now ive exchanged twice so yeah thats whats happening okay im trying the juicer just giving it a quick, clean im. Gon na make this one from the book root, awakening beet, celery, carrots, ginger and then lemons optional, some ginger in can you even see it? Oh youve got the side where the skins, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, okay, thats, it thats all it made. Its quite good actually looks yum. What are you laughing at? That looks good. It tastes like ginger, hmm, oh its got a really big kick of ginger, i probably put too much in, but i like it. That is so good. It does have a bit of a beetroot aftertaste. Try it its very gingery. I do not like it thats, really so bad. I actually like it mine sanks wrong. What do you mean way too strong like of what ginger saying, spicy, okay, im, making peter a green juice so were gon na put in kale beetroot carrot spinach. Do you want spinach? Maybe one be true Music carrot, i look so dark. It looks like coke. Okay. Go on, maybe you sip it first, i just went through a grain. Well, i put beetroot in it so thats, probably why its like black nice uh, better, better funny. You saw it on the last night. You know why had some sweetness, i put yeah kale and spinach in it. So thats, probably why? But i like those things, maybe it just tastes good.

Maybe i should add some um. I put carrot in it, its quite sweet. What would i have in there? That was nice if we had a sugar or something oh thats, quite good ill drink it. I like that yeah. This is sweeter im not running running for it im upset. I like this one sure you can make nice ones, though yeah i could just make like just a green one, just made this. I made it with barramundi this time. This is the tiktok sushi bowl, so ive got barramundi rice, its actually a brown rice and quinoa. Like sachet or like packet, sushi and avocado, and then i just sprinkled some sesame seeds on top good morning, thought id show you guys my gym fit for the day. I actually just had the normal crop on underneath, but its perfect and cold. So, im going to need probably a jumper on over the top, but these are the uh, the white tides, yeah, the black tights love them. So comfy like look how roomy they are dead, um! Oh no. I need to delete stuff off my memory card and then this is their like mauve tea, hey guys, so i got um fomo from all the smash, cakes that were going out. So i got one made for me, so im gon na smash it actually ill show you guys what it looks like first peter wants to smash it so badly, even though ive never actually smashed this cake in my life, so together.

Okay, how cute not yet! I need to set up my um phone. This is the instagram that made these cakes. She also made im going to show you guys later, but she also made like little popsicles and little um cookies as well and later that did my brisbane ones are called smash. A cake brisbane that also really really amazing job. They pretty much look identical so im so stoked with that. So lets smash it are you ready, ready, ive, never done this before. Im scared, oh first shot! That was easy! Go on! Why didnt it so hard, because i saw Music Applause – oh my god, its chocolate. This is the ill show you guys the pr packs, but she also made these right into it. Theyre meant to be cake. I cant believe im having this for breakfast. Oh my god. Music, its a cake, its really nice thats, good, okay, im gon na actually have my breakfast and then i can treat myself. I was literally just about to make a mocker and i use my naked harvest milk as the chocolate, but im pretty sure this is their new flavor rocky road. So im gon na make a rocky road coffee – oh my god, im so excited to try this ill. Try it on its own as well later tonight, but apparently its meant to be better than chocolate which thats going to be hard to beat because chocolate is my favorite okay, i literally just put a teaspoon in with the milk.

I havent done that before. Actually, oh my god, its got a really strong aftertaste of like lollies that tastes, so good, okay, im gon na show you our little pr packs, so weve got a bunch of these to send out. Firstly, how gorgeous are our thank you card and these were made by emily ingham art shes, actually, my graphic designer she does all of my little logos and designs or whatever. I need shes honestly amazing, so she made all the girls a custom. Thank you card and literally drew them like how talented is she and then she just created it into a thank you card. So weve got some jazz handmade cookies. This little cake circle, which you saw me ate before so yum, so theyre, both from the littles. I think its called little sprinkles bakery perth ill leave them down below anyways, but yeah that tasted incredible weve got a flower clip and then i just hand picked some jewelry to put in okay heres the first half that are going out. I wonder if you guys can recognize some of the names how cute i love this. So much um yeah, im, gon na package them up and post them to the post office good morning. Everyone i just woke up. Had my shot, ive been really inconsistent with having them. I need to have them more often. Um ive got like a couple of shots left, so i need to go to my natural and grab some more made: a decaf, iced, moffa and im having oats, because i miss them.

Ive got some banana chocolate, um strawberries and then, like this, its like an organic granola that i got from the health food shop like probably months ago. I probably should have checked used by that. To be honest, im going to finish this and i just got a package in from gymshark so ill. Show you guys that as well just got a package from gym shark ive actually been so keen to try. We heard really great things about the whitney simmons collab with gymshark. It was really soft uh. What size did they send me looks like a medium yeah, medium thats, such a nice color, and then weve got whats. This a jumper weve got some trackies. I love that color and, like a blue pair of tights, its got a little scrunch as well thanks so much. I cant wait to try these on see what the actual hype is about them. The cleaner has been here and the house is looking amazing. This might come across as like a bit extra, but having a helping hand cleaning when i have a million and five things to do. Is such a relief like it honestly just helps so much because i dont have to think about. You know devoting a couple hours to really deep, clean the house which i like to do once a week. Sometimes that doesnt happen, and it happens once every two weeks, so its just amazing, having a cleaner to be honest but yeah, im honestly, so grateful that i found someone that i can trust and that just does an amazing job.

Um her company is called clean touch. Cleaning co, if youre from perth, i think she does have like a whole team of cleaners as well, not just her so yeah. If youre in need of a cleaner, then yeah. I honestly couldnt falter im just making some im actually just heating up some new foods, because i cbf cooking and its again, a lifesaver ive never actually had one of their pasta dishes before i usually have like chicken and mash, or just something like simple, so yeah That is lunch today, Music, so Music, so Music, if no ones in it – oh its literally a mirrored room for when people do comps by the way. How flattering is this top and outfit? I love it about to go. Oh yeah theyre, my shoes. I never wear dark shoes im like whispering in case theres, someone next to me, um, im gon na go on the treadmill for a bit and get some steps in this is the gym just finally got my nails done real, quick im, loving this like nude, like Stiletto almond look lately, it just goes with everything and i didnt really have time to get a design or anything so ive got so much to do, but yeah just thought id show you guys my nails, guys who remembers when i used to eat this on the Daily, i kind of last time i had bacon how keto of me to have this, but i just felt like it peter bought bacon for, like some cabernet dish the other day, and i was like you know what im gon na have bacon eggs never just made.

My little decaf mocha im actually looking forward to it: okay, youre leaning on my microwave, but i just got this in the mail. Its got a couple, more basics im. Actually, i think this is exactly the same top that im wearing right now i went in and bought this um in store like a week ago, like not realizing that i had already picked it up online but yeah. I love this top. It just goes with like absolutely everything and its just like an easy. You know cinco top to just chuck on so yeah. I got that in a medium, then i got like a white, its meant to be a draw, no its a top. So again i bought this well. I placed this online order before i got that linen shirt similar to this that cream, one that i got which was in was it last weeks vlog. So i got a white one, its probably a little bit too big, but it would look cute with some bikinis on and like the matching shorts, this one its like a long dress that you can just put like a belt around if you want – or you could Just kind of like wear it as like a beach throw, so it looks like that really cute, i have a jazz handmade birthday sale going, live in like an hour 20 off, not sure if itll still be. You know what yeah. I will extend it to monday.

Its only meant to be for 48 hours but ill, extend it to monday night. So, if youre watching this, you can still take advantage of it um but yeah its 20 off most items, just not like the new new arrivals so like our latest drop isnt included. But everything else on the website is so if you want to grab something, then now is your chance to get it at twenty percent off so yeah im gon na go. Do that today, finalize everything on the website make sure everything is all good and yeah ive got to show you guys some random pr that i got over the past couple days. This was so random failures, ive, never even heard of the brand, but they sent me this really cute packaging. Facial toner one has a rose petal scent and then one is unscented. So thanks guys super random, but yeah pretty cool packaging. Then i got this from ciate. London, if you guys watch selling sunset, you would know who that is im obsessed. I cant wait for the next season. Shes collabed with ciate london thats a bit cool thanks guys, and then i got a brow. Styling wax from thick im pretty sure my brow, lady faded socks, this um, so yeah im really keen to try. I might actually try it today to be honest, um, but thank you so much ill. Definitely let you guys know how that one goes and then a gorgeous little follower, slash customer actually of mine, nat just launched her little planners.

Thank you so much for little letter and thank you so much for thinking of me and ascending how cute congrats girl good morning, everyone happy sunday. I didnt end up vlogging much yesterday because i didnt realize how many orders that we get um from the little birthday sale. So weve been doing it literally all weekend. Basically um. I just did a couple this morning, but i thought i would film a couple because ive been forgetting to film some orders. I just got a big order come in, so i might film that one for the vlog um but yeah. Thank you guys. So much for shopping um i didnt yeah, like i said i didnt realize how many of you guys would have shot for the 20 off but yeah, like i said, ive extended it to monday midnight. So, if youre watching this and you havent grabbed anything, i feel like perfect time for christmas presents. If you dont know what to get someone, i feel like jewelrys such like a like. Everyone wants jewelry or everyone loves like i would love jewelry as a present um. So yeah, i feel like its such a cute gift idea, not even just for christmas, like birthdays or whatever um so yeah im gon na go pack some orders. Now we need to go get uh some scuba diving, not scuba, diving snorkeling, maybe scuba, diving, um gear for ex mouth, so were gon na go to a shop today and grab some while were up that way.

We might stop in to get some more acai um. We went on a massive eight kilometer walk yesterday, not intentional um, so we parked up at trigg and we had uh lunch at its like that. Little cafe next to island market. Really nice like on the beach and were like lets, go for a walk and were like lets just do like five ks. We usually like walk two and a half and then walk back, but we just got distracted and like halfway. I was like, oh my god, im pretty sure the acai corner is like near here um and we mapped it, and it was only like under two ks like from where we were were like. Oh, surely, by the time we got back to our car wed been walking for almost eight ks and were like holy sitting down had never felt so good. I was wrecked, like so weve been walking for like an hour and 40 minutes, so i was just pooped. So i didnt do anything basically when i got home um, so yeah im just gon na pack, all like the remaining orders that i got yesterday and this morning, um and yeah gon na do the stuff that i just told you that were gon na do today. Okay lets pack this order together. Her name is annie annie from new south wales got two like bumps, underneath the skin thats not coming up to the surface like theyre, not pimples, like i tried popping them yesterday, but theyre just like raised bumps and its so annoying because, like my whole face just Looks good, except for like two two bumps on my chin, um okay lets do annies order.

I feel like this could be like possibly christmas presents because theres quite a few things and theres like double ups of some so yeah, i might give her a few boxes. Actually, if you did want separate boxes like, for example, had a few people purchase some jewelry like the bride for their bridesmaids, which is so cool um, but just make sure you add some extra boxes to your cart, um, otherwise ill just put them in one. I like to save as much packaging and like resources as possible, just to like eliminate as much you know, waste um, so thats. Why i designed these bigger boxes, sometimes when people just order like two huggies or just like even sometimes one huggy? It seems a little bit wasteful to just put it in here, because these are my only jewelry boxes that i have but yeah. I did make them for like multiple items to go in there. I hate unnecessary waste and i am still trying to find ways to this day, um to reduce the packaging um. When i send it to you make sure if you are purchasing for you and someone else or just for other people, make sure you add more jewelry boxes to your order. Im just gon na add a couple for her just because, like i said, shes um ordered some like double of stuff, so yeah, im, gon na just grab everything and then ill. Show you how i put them in im.

Just gon na actually print the packing slip to this order, just because its quite a big order – and i just want to make sure that i have everything and then so they can actually check just like double check that everythings in there i like just to test Out the backs just to make sure they screw properly, and then i just place them in the little foam inserts ill show you guys these are so cute, ordered four sleepers. So, like i said i just test out to make sure they are all working properly. Actually she did get charm, so she got the luna charm, glow charm, dove charm, butterfly charm and a more charm all in um white gold, so im gon na attach some of the charms. Sometimes i like to kind of design, someones charm and huggy, purchase myself so ill, just randomly add two of the charms that i think go well together, um or if people order like necklaces with charms and stuff like that and huggies like ill, you know design them Myself, so i think these two look really nice together, so thats, the luna charm and the glow charm and ill just pop them on the sleepers and then on the other two sleepers. I will put maybe the dove, the dove charm and the ammo charm. I reckon, and then the other butterfly might be for a necklace or maybe shes not intending to use the charms on the sleepers who knows, but i just put them in with it, because it looks really cute and it can sometimes like.

Maybe give you guys ideas. So thats the other two you cant really see there. We go cute um and then for the remaining chime ill. Just put it in a little slip like this and then ill just pop it in our pouches. I use these pouches mainly for gold items. Super cute. Okay, so thats the butterfly so ill just pop it in like this, so itll be the two huggies that and then i just put depending on how many people i think this is for ill put in like true care guides, and then weve also got a saint Bull back, which i could probably put on one just make sure im testing them all right and then the bolt studs – oh, my god, theyre, my favorite – were getting more in um theres, not many left, but yeah. These are seriously so cool. I have one of those lightning bolts in my conch. I cant wait to get my black foam inserts because i just feel like the jewelry pops so much better when its against black, like im, going to show you guys for reference im. Just going to put one of the bolts in here see how much better that looks so yeah. I cant wait to get them um, but yeah for now im just using the white so ill chuck that in make sure everythings all like the right way, because i have ocd so im gon na put another care guide in there.

I might actually give her a spare pouch thats that and then the two others and ill just do another one, just in case its for someone else and a pouch, okay and then im just gon na quickly double check, because im getting distracted so ive got that Two of them a more charmed flower, yeah, yeah, yeah and then four of them: okay, okay, so im gon na give her a big box, be right back. Okay, so ive got these massive boxes for when people order more than two so im, just gon na put them in im gon na give her a little concealer and then im just going to fill up the box pretty much with some packing peanuts. These can be dissolved under water by the way, if you just chuck them in your sink, they just yeah. They just kind of like break down. Okay, im gon na put this in as well this little invoice and then thank you card and thats it. Let me just quickly double check and i like triple check everything: everythings in white gold, yep, yep, yep, four of them, two of them. Okay, fulfill, grab her label and just stick it on the top and put a bit of express tape on it and thats it. Thank you so much annie. I always wonder like if they know me because she actually didnt leave a note. I just decided to pack her order because it was amazing, um yeah.

I always wonder like if theyve found my website through someone else or word of mouth or if they know who i am like its just its crazy. Also, i reached a goal of mine um. Well, my goal was actually to do this amount of orders within the year, but it was one month late, so i reached 10 000 orders im up to 10 245 now, but thats just amazing like to think that my little business could eat like. I was like mind blown when id reached a thousand. I was like a thousand orders like people are wanting to buy my jewelry like crazy and now im on 10, 245 and im just like how have i done this myself apart from when obviously like peter helps me pack but like from sourcing and manufacturing. I need to do a q a actually you know what i might actually put a q, a box up on instagram and maybe film that as a separate video or like ill insert it in one of my vlogs um on how i basically created my business from Having absolutely basically no knowledge on how to run a business like, i never did business in school, which i wish i did. I wish i chose that as a subject but like back then i was like i dont even know why so weird, because ive always like from a young age, been so passionate about working like i started working when i was 13 and um yeah, like ive, always Loved working, so it just is interesting to me that i didnt choose business as an extension subject in school.

I think i did like art instead, which, like im so bad at art, like i mean im good at makeup, but like its totally different when you put pen to paper like im so bad, i cant even draw a stick figure um, so yeah like its just Crazy to me that, like my business, that ive literally run from my spare room of my house for the past year has become what its become like its like. I need a warehouse like. I need to hire people like its just crazy to me that that is like the next stage of my business. I feel like it hasnt sunk in yet and ive got so many ideas that, like i actually dont, have the capacity in my brain to execute. Right now, because i have so much going on – like i said its just me here – i do all the customer service emails. I pack most of the orders um daily, unless i need help when peter helps me because otherwise i literally would be here for days. I source you know samples from different manufacturers from for different products. I um yeah manage everything coming through, manage all the duties and taxes that ive got to pay. Um shipments, um sort out the stock when it gets here count all the stock put it all in its homes update the website. Do content for social media plus my like instagram youtube like what youre watching now is like a part of my job too.

So, im doing so many different roles, myself and ive obviously managed like i havent gone crazy or i havent had a bloody meltdown like there has been times where ive been stressed out really excited for next year, basically, because ill have more help, um and ill have More time to do things that i want to do, i want to i, i dont want to not be posting makeup, videos or makeup content, because thats, what some of you guys only followed me for and then you know you guys started watching my weekly, vlogs and Stuff but um, i used to be uploading so much more beauty, content which i want to do but like right now, its just trying to find the time to do that, and i wish i could yeah theres also so many like product ideas that i want to Execute as well, which is exciting, like all new products like not jewelry, related um, so yeah, i just my brain – is full right now. Ive got a couple samples in the works, but i think theyre gon na take a long time, um until im happy with the final product but yeah, so that is exciting. Next year will be nuts um, but yeah thats, just like a little update on my side of things, obviously were going away for 10 days. So if you do place ill keep the website open. But if you do place an order within those days that were away well, have a note and everything on the website.

Well, just ship it when we get back um, but yeah were only away for 10 days. I think thats it. I think thats all – and i think i might end this vlog here just because weve got like quite a bit to do today. I just dont really want to distract myself in having to vlog um, because yeah weve got quite a few things to still buy. I need to test out the drone we might go to oval or something probably next week. Um and yeah get get the hang of flying it. We were watching youtube videos last night and it seems like okay, but i say that and lets just fingers crossed. Nothing happens within the first like 10 minutes of me flying the thing oh yeah, in regards to the vlogs over the next couple weeks. So obviously this will be up on monday and were leaving on friday. So i was thinking for well this week. Um i like obviously vlog monday to friday, because we leave actually on friday, i was going to do a whole new like x mouth, like sort of like a travel vlog for the time that were away so it wont, be like a weekly vlog itll, be like The 10 days that were in ex mouth and ill make a massive video um on the time that were away so im thinking, ill vlog monday to friday, edit that itll be like maybe a shorter vlog, but youll still get the vlog the following monday.

If that makes sense, but the monday after that, you may not get one because well be away so yeah ill. Keep you guys updated on that anyways on instagram, but yeah. If theres a monday where theres no video, then thats. Probably why um but yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. I feel like i was just chatting for like half an hour just then, but um i felt like you guys needed a little update, but um yeah have a great day night.