I'Ve got a pile of stuff here. That'S info review want to go through a bit of it with you. Let you know just keep you up to date was lot happening here at RC model reviews. What have I got? I'Ve got. Let me start I've got a Gordon I've got this, which is a it's the detriment. They said how you want to review some of their stuff. I said why not always came to look at new products, new brands. You know this is a detriment, a or a pilot receiver, with GPS return to home, so it's, a flight controller and a receiver all in one it'll be interesting. I think this is also kind of transmitted from determine, looks like a dx9 clone. So this is probably it may be compatible a spectrum. I don't know I'll check it out with one of the jumper transmitters see if it'll bind to it in spectrum mode. We don't know, but this looks nice and small compact look like pretty easy to sit up there, an interesting little review, and there here I have a deterrent, went III like flight control over with GPS. So this is just a flight controller, no receiver in this one. So it's obvious just a receiver, this version of the other one but look a bit. They also included a neck, strap and a charger for Europe, which is so handy here in New Zealand. We don't have this particular type of connected, but hey and then also a three on one program card.

I don't know maybe that's for the flight controller. There you go so if you're not really interested in things like fine Evan farting around with soldering stuff, up and and programming the let crap might be a much simpler way to get a flight controller in a model and which a cadet and see and also I Did a review sometime ago on these odd flight controller, which I didn't actually publish, because I wanted to do some follow up so I've got that on the computer. I'Ll probably put that out as well at the same time trying it because I know a lot of people do want flight controllers. I want to be able to add the safety of return to home if the video fails or something or they just want to be able to do flight controller e stuff. And although i use i nev with if three and if four boards i know a lot of people, don't feel confident in playing around with actual flight controller boards and soldering all those little wise, other things that's one up, you know a shrink wrap out of the Box experience they can plug it in push a few buttons in a way they go, which is where the sod comes in, which is where these it's, the name, where the detriment, equipment, color sense. It could be interesting to look at. I also got these we've got some zzzz zzzz design diseases as a flight controller and forum 1 ESC.

What does it say? It is disease if sip and flight controller and the 60 amp forum, one and it's also can LED system it'll, be kind of good. To look at and here's a frame, this is a 5 inch quad in this box, honestly 5 inch quad I'll be putting that together and I'll be using these parts. Well, I don't look I see. Oh there go some yeah. Everyone sees all do many multi riders on now see model rupees per year, but that's what I've got at the moment and also the weather it's winter here is really hard to fly. We can fly fixed wing without getting blind half way down the field and multirotors do handle the weather so much better than fixed wing and what's this well. This is the dit rhombus. This is the look emmanuel. How often you get Emmanuel these days? Oh that's, pretty good. I think the Blitz is the transmitter which is over on the other bench. So I'll show you that, and I have here something that's been reviewed, countless times on YouTube. It is the foxier wildfire, 5.8 gigahertz, dual receiver. There you go I've got this I'll, be reviewing it for those who want to see it because there's reviews everywhere but hey. Maybe I can provide a little extra insight as to whether this is any good, but also I have coming from the UK an adapter for year, DJI goggles, which one maybe to put a fetch archetype module in the faceplate, really looks like very cool made in the Uk, which is kind of unusual, because there's not a lot of model products, come out of the UK, specially electronic one so I'm, always keen very, very keen to look at products that come from countries outside of China, because China is a powerhouse and the hobby of They make so much stuff, but I still think there are plenty of other small manufacturers around the world who deserve a plug and you make some really good products.

So if you're, one of those small manufacturers outside of China, I think give me a shout and if you're a small manufacturer in China like this dit dit, read it wrong. They all wish I'd just chosen. Oh, I see like spectrum, but dick Traum, that's yeah. If you're a small company love it yeah, hey and the world needs to know about your products. Syn me an email, see me the product and I'll put an address on the screen, just here the Sevilla scene, stuff and, interestingly enough, just while I'm thinking of it. My jump at T 18 is still on its way from China. It was sent on the 2nd of June and it's still not here, because they sent at TNT, and how can I put this without offending anyone? Tnt sucks, it's, really sucks they're, the worst, absolutely terrible. It'S taken nearly a month – and I don't expect to get it in my hands in next month. Meanwhile, I've had packages come via DHL example. Three to five working days, three to five working days from China. Tnt is a waste of space. It'S terrible company wouldn't deal with them don't use TNT because also TNT after a delivered to my home address because they deliver to post office boxes in and, if it's being delivered to my home address. It takes sometimes another week because tax and logged you know even DHL office, someone who dresses DHL to my home address. It takes an extra week before it gets there and I have to make sure I stay home to click the package or then I have to drive all the way down to the Depot and pick it up when I've got to are it's just a nightmare.

So yeah this is the preferred address and DHL is that all or mail, but DHL is a preferred way of sending it it's. Yes, DHL do deliver to mailboxes in New Zealand because they have an arrangement with our postal service. So if DHL say aw, we don't deliver to post office boxes say: yes, you do in New Zealand, because the guy from RC model review said so and he gets packages every week delivered to his post office box by DHL. So there you go um. I don't think I've got a lot else to talk about at the moment and say the weather is correct. That really compromises my ability to do flight videos, so I have had I mentioned in um video next year that I don't do sponsor spots and I know don't his sponsor spots I'm, not interested, but I did have a company come to me and say: hey. You know we would like to work with you and I thought that's good, because it's a company that makes printed circuit boards and that's very good. So what I'm? Thinking of as a project that I can build where we can get this company to make the boards – and I can go through the process, if you like – of showing you how I set up the files to send off to them, to get the board's made, and We can put them to the test at the same time. They can see me a few free boards, we'll build them up and I'll probably give some away, and it enables I'm not gon na shelter them if they do a crap job you'll find out.

Just like. I do, but it gives an opportunity to prove themselves I'm, not gon na. Take any money for it. I'Ll say just do these boards for free that's enough to appear on the on the channel and we'll see how it goes. What I want to hear from you guys is what sort of project I mean I've done stuff in the past. I did my my diversity controller, my analog diversity controller as well, which was a really simple one that works surprisingly well these days. What do you need? What small electronic project would you are? You dying have and you'd love to build yourself and you'd like someone to design it and have the parts available off the shelf. You could go to this company and buy the PC board directly without him to fight around making it yourself. So what do you think come up with an idea? I think diversity control is a pretty old hat. Now everybody every man is dog. Now is making diversity controllers that plug into your goggles or goggles come with diversity, so we don't need that tracking. I think Tracking's had its day. To be honest, I don't think video trackers are a thing anymore, but it must be something that we would like to have that we don't have. We can design and build on this channel a project so to speak, and we can put this manufacturer of this. The circuit board manufacturer do the test here we go.

Tell me please in the comments below down there, just we're, my main parts are that's all you have to do just get in there and pop away, but be careful don't breeze that's it. Thank you for watching. Thanks to my patreon supporters, you make this all possible. I really appreciate it and I wish the weather would get better but it's not and in there so I'll have some more video up on the run came to 4k, some 4k footage rendered to 4k and also some footage up with microphone cause. I know some people have said: hey what's, the what's, the audio like on this new camera and because the last one was pretty crap on the run came to, but I'll give you some idea. I'Ll do a walking vlog with the run came to 4k. You can see how it works. You go thanks for watching guys.