Another not so weekly weekly news for another year seems like it doesn't it coming up in the review Q. We have the beetle home now remember. I got one of these as part of the kid I got from DJ I, this is a little I think, sub 200 gram. This is lightweight, listen 200 grams quadcopter with the DJI or for the DJI digital system. Now the one I got flight controller was didn't work. It was broken. I wouldn't connect just hit their flesh it's a little Wiggy light, so I contacted trends tickers, it trans tick, just trends, tick sees in the box and unfortunately, some emails got lost in spam folders. So look like they weren't providing any support, but they did come back and say: look we'll, send you the bits to fix it up, so they sent me a flight controller and they sent me a basically a plug and fly version of it. So no digitally unit. But I've got the air unit in the original one and I have got the original one going again and I have this other one here. Four Spears and I could put another air unit and a fly that if I wanted to so that we review on that. Coming up very interesting, interesting it's, because it's very light with the DJI digital system also coming up I've heard that kelex are trying to get hold of me to send me one of the new ultralight, DJI, digital transmitters, and hopefully that will happen.

I'Ll tell you what I think of it, because it opens even bigger doors to the DJI digital system, so those reviews coming couples also get a new camera from Fox here, which is a night slash, take em, which I'm putting in a quad as we speak, and That we've got a half moon at the moment, so I'll be interesting to see how that goes and I'm pretty exciting at the moment. Is this oh excuse me it's a big box, it is from Zhaan da da da. Can you see this? Can you see what that is it's the zonda albatross here we go full suite there, so you can see the whole thing. It is a 2.6 meter glider with electric motor, of course, because these days, gliders, able to shoot them house in the front I've been trying to get this together very soon because it's the most seasoned here in the southern hemisphere and if you're in the northern hemisphere. You need to be looking at we're looking at here a few months because once the spring kicks in you get the strong thermals. If you haven't tried the gliders, you really do need to give them a go. It is such fun flying Glide is such a challenge. That'S, why I spend so much time with my discus launch glider. I really really enjoyed it. I'Ve also got other stuff coming up, got some more of these products from hobby, Porter, there's, the power meter and so forth, which I'll be looking at really handy.

Little bits of kit – and there is a new transmitter coming – I have a new transmitter coming which, if you've got a god one of the corner at D 16. If you got a T 16, this will be very interesting yeah. I think I can't wait to see this thing. It'S, probably gon na put the cat amongst the pigeons very interesting stuff. Coming trust me, you will want to see that video and I got a letter from pebble pachowski pebble. Just now. I watch pebbles channel. I sure I've been meaning to tell you about his channel for quite some time really really good Charlie has so few subscribers. I can't understand why he has so few subscribers, maybe it's, because he has an accent but don't we all. Yes, I have one too and he's addressed it to Sir Bruce Simpson: he's got the title right: uh, huh and inside he sent me wait for it drumroll, please, because I think it's quite active in the iron f community stickers. Everyone, especially me, love stickers. He sent some stickers brilliant, so I'll put a link to his channel in the description of this video now, unlike some youtubers I'm, very keen to point you in the direction of other good channels, I think we can't have too much good content and pebble produces some Really good content so I'll point you his way and I can't get the sticker back in damn I'll point you're his wife go and look at it.

Look at some of the big stuff. He looks at free sky, stuff so and other bits and pieces, and I say I know really worth looking at really good Channel he's right up there with Bardwell and myself. What does he say? She said just that. I saw your wrist in your CA. Icalendar video and decided just to send you some stickers straight from Poland. After all, everyone loves his right. Everyone loves stickers right. Thank you for all the years of amazing content with this unique pitched picture of humor what humor I'm deadly serious anyways, all the best pebble szpakowski. I think this I don't know I'm, probably murdering his name. This is funny fact. This is the first handwritten letter. I wrote from probably 1996 wonder why people do not write them anymore and he's right, he's, right, handwritten, look and it's, not cursive script, but it is handwritten. You don't get that very often I'm, so impressed I, the handwritten I'll, get it framed and stick it on. My wall of fame, it start a wall of fame. So if you want to see me stuff, he didn't know what the address was until I did a video. This is the address. Hopefully, the camera will pick that up. You need to see in stuff for review or whatever, where you want me to just show people it's the address it is Bruce Simpson or ac model reviews will do. They know me at the post office box, four to six Tokerau three triple for New Zealand, New Zealand, not old Zealand and Australia, New Zealand, bigger so let's.

My wig cut out for me for the week isn't it I'm going to be very, very busy, loving it summer's almost here, yeah honestly, it's still five degrees in the mornings and we're still got like 20 kilometer hour winds, but it's getting closer every day. It probably get here just before them, no, my best the way it goes so thanks for watching and don't forget we've got a really big issue going on at the moment with the. If, in the USA, we need to all get together to deal with the problems that our American friends are facing in terms of losing the hobby – and I really do mean losing the hobby they're gon na lose it it's gon na get lost it's going to get Shut down by regulation, so everyone ever in the world needs to get on the back of this. Go to my ex dick Channel I've put some videos up there, which will probably familiarize you with what's, going on and very very soon I'm putting up a video on they're, basically laying out the strategies that I see being most effective to counter this. These proposed new regulations from the affair. If we don't deal with it, then we're done, because if America introduces it the rest, the world will follow and we'll all be just playing on the simulators or on the computer, not good enough. There you go thanks for watching figure to my patreon supporters. They are absolutely essential.

You may have seen if you go to my sister channel as well. I put a video up. It'S got 12000 views in 90 cents because YouTube decided to de monetize it for the first twelve thousand eleven thousand views. Then I finally romana ties that out got 90 cents it's pretty seriously ahh, so patreon it's for the wind. Thank You Pedro and supporters. Fantastic job. You guys, I think everyone supports.