Well. Well, well, we are going to be playing the dark web mystery roulette challenge at 3 a.m, and this is how it works over here i have a bin full of potions, ranging from super powers to complete transformations. With these, we are gon na place them on the wheel. Every single potion is up for grabs, and each of us will get a turn at it. Once everything has been chosen, we will all drink it at the exact same time together and you get the idea, but there is something that i have not told you guys yet and its we are going to be taking two potions each. What why two yeah? We only did one last time, and that was already bad enough dude. You have to just trust me on this. We have to one up our slum last time so lets just do it yeah, whatever guys, look at all these potions bro, we are not playing around this time and i have a good feeling that im gon na get something amazing tonight. And what do you think youre gon na get well im aiming for the spider man potion? I know i know i i just cant wait to be flying around. You know its gon na be so much fun flying you know, yeah. You know spider man doesnt fly right. He had climbed on wall. Oh yeah. I meant that i meant like flying on like the spider webs and stuff, but it doesnt matter.

What do you want to be? I think im going to go with the mind, control potion because its its a pretty powerful potion and it doesnt really give me any side effects. It mostly gives me the power to do whatever i want. What would you possibly do with a mind, control product im? Gon na keep that to myself for right now is that a problem thats sus, you better, not be getting the mind, control potion check this out. I would like to be a balloon. Take the balloon potion if theres a balloon think about it! Think about it like this, we have to work, we have to wake up. We have to drink coffee to wake up. Imagine if we could just be balloons. We just float into the sky and just chill watch the sunset were just floating. Look at me. Look at how im floating and then imagine just popping when you hit them: no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No yeah! Yeah! Okay! You know what lets just set up the whole roulette and lets play lets go there. It is hard work, we made it work and now, as you guys can see, we actually placed it on the table. Last time we had it standing up and we had a little bit of an issue, some balancing issues. You know you might have had to cheat to get his potion that he wanted. No, no, no! No, it was just as idea this way.

We wont have this issue and well be able to actually pick our potions properly. So we have the dial right here. We have all our potions were missing two slots. We got the red one here and the other red one here because were missing two potions but its okay. Are you ready im starting? Oh, yes, you are okay. I want this little guy right here. I have a feeling this is the hulk potion and i want that inside of me, you want to be the hulk okay or its a green balloon, thats true, but thats. Definitely not the case. Come on baby. What are the chances some sort of grape potion? Well, there you go the susp potion, you guys ready uh yeah bro, what the heck! Oh sorry, ive never done it potions what the heck come on get out of here, bro, okay, okay, i know what im going for which one starts with a b and ends with lou. Go. Go. Go. Go, go! Come on! Give me that blue potion. It looks so good. I actually got a blue potion ill. Take it. That looks amazing. Wait! Oh my god, who am i yo im gon na drink. It right! Ive! Never done this before they didnt even explain to me the rules, all he said was oh, which one you want for uh im gon na go with this one. I got a red one last time and you know it was good.

It was really good. So oh yeah sure that was good hes, not gon na get the red one hes gon na get the pink one because hes a little girl whats wrong with being a girl. Wait a minute! No wait wait a minute, no way: oh, no, the worst one thats a black potion. What the heck! Oh, my god, guys look at this one. This whoa okay yo comment down below what do you think hes gon na transform to but im worried for him from little mermaid, yeah, okay, so heres? What were gon na do now were gon na all pick a random potion. You got your green one. Yes, sir. What are your, what are your official potions? You got obviously the hulk and probably some sort of grape like yeah thats, a good potion, yeah, just a nice, flavor juice, yup and you i got red and black, the classic. I got that 3am combo right here and then i got two different shades of blue the same potion. Definitely not cheater! No, no cheater get a different one get in this one, the pink one, the pink one for a little cheating girl. You got ta pick one. Okay ill take the pink one there. I have to get the two big ones like come on man all right. We sit down and we feast thumbnail lets. Do this cheers three two one Music? Oh my god that was really bad yeah. That was really bad.

Oh theyre terrible yeah, toxic waste – oh my god that was bad. That was like a really okay. We got all of them drank. Where did you get these bro dude off the dark west? Are they rotten? Do they go bad or something i dont know, but theyre pretty bad? How are you guys feeling feeling anything im, not feeling anything right now? I dont know about what about you. Oh im, feeling something all right im feeling it im feeling like i feel like. I could go somewhere, bro just go like i could just go. I could just okay, oh wait! Oh what the hell whats happening. Oh, i feel so good. That was good. Super speed, super speed, bro what you got the super speed potion. What are these? I think how do you know? What do you mean? You just left the entire house in two seconds. I was that i felt kind of fast. What are you good? Oh my god, im feeling something right now are you i dont. I dont know what whats going on everythings. Picking it up real strong, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I can do another one, and what do you mean im? Also hungry? What do you mean? Are you guys hungry? No right, yeah, im hungry im, hungry im gon na go okay. Oh my god. Wait! Whered you eat! Are these mcdonalds burgers? Oh my god! I guess so um! Oh my god! Where did you get these from bro? We did.

He went already. I dont know. Did you run a little bit dude? I dont know about you, but i aint feeling anything. What are you feeling im feeling like remember last time i said i wanted super strength. Yeah. You think you have super strength if, if thats, what it feels like, what? What what are you doing, bro wait theres, no way wait. What looked at him so easily that took like three people like anything, what doesnt feel like anything? Oh, my god girl careful its gon na, like put it on the ground. Jesus man – oh my god, hes just one finger one finger, oh my god! Oh my god, what the heck dude! You have a gym right, yeah its in the basement. I need a workout or something what the heck whats going on there bro wait. Are you good just going like that? Just ditching us wait. How do you look a little a little weird i dont know. How do you feel bro feel weird like at all. You dont feel anything no like nothing, jesse dude! No, you have a teleporting potion. Did you see that i didnt see? I i felt like slenderman for a second. There wait. Let me check which i get give me. Oh, my god, oh hes, right behind you bro. You got ta scare, the heck out of me dont do that god we have powers bro and its like im, feeling it now im, really feeling it like.

What should we do? Ive, never like felt like this before um. Maybe you use your super speed and go see how michelles doing okay ready just like wait for you ready go, oh my god, what whats going on whoa, what the hell! What just happened? Well, you got ta come downstairs. Come on what do you mean why i wan na go slow for you, but come on come on, come on its its crazy youre, not gon na believe this lets go im. Getting lets, go just go just go, look sure. What is it are you kidding me? Wait michelle, i thought, oh wait, what the hell he transforms to elmo and he has super strength. Hes got the best potion for sure. Oh, my god! Oh you good. How do i know its you michelle? What the heck? What is that wait if this is elmo its super strength? We got ta see this yo come here elmo come here, you have to try. This ive never been able to lift this weight up its 45 pounds. Can you pick it up no way, no way? No way, theres no way, oh hes, a little kid hes, a little theres, no chance unless he has a super strength. Oh my god! Oh what Music! Oh, oh, my! What else can you do? Man like youre telling me you can lift up these weights, your elbow? What else why cant we just fight like we have to beat you up? Well, no! No! No! You dont have to beat us.

We got boxing gloves. I dont like where this is going. I dont think hes putting them on hes, putting them on yo elmo. Just stop bro. Okay, all right, michael well, jump out of here. No mike um, nothing dont worry about it. You want to get beat up. No, i dont want to get beat up. Please! No! Oh! No! Just calm down! Oh my god! I teleported yo bye! Oh, my god, what the heck ronald wait! Wheres, michael michael, where are you youre? Looking at him? Wait what thats mean the other portion was the ronald mcdonald potion look at all this mcdonalds. I mean whats that im filling your fridge forever burgers bro theres. So many of them – oh, my god, you put them all in the fridge. Are you crazy? Okay? Well? Well, thank you, but like im, not hungry right now, what yeah im not hungry, you dont want any of these dude. You already brought like 20 burgers. What do you want me to work so hard for these? You dont want them huh what oh, what the heck, bro yo! Oh, what the bro! You just threw the burger at me. Please stop just stop landing burgers and flying everywhere. Oh, oh god, im not feeling good Music whered! You go jesse whered! You go jester! Oh whats, this a camera i havent held one of these in a while lets, see if i can find jester. Where is he hes nowhere to be found? But i want to do something fun.

What should i do maybe ill pick on elmo ill use my super speed, so he cant catch me, Music, elmo. Where are you? What do you want? Oh youre still working out stand up here. You know what i want to fight you you want to find me. Yeah come come here, yeah im going to use my super speed, ready super speed behind you! Oh Applause, yeah im going to do that, one more! Oh, my god, Music Applause, its me its me. Its me, its mike its just morgan, hey mike, are you in there sonic stomach gloves on you. You were trying to find me it doesnt matter. Okay, jesse transformed into this song. Okay, somewhere up there, we got ta, find him come on, come on, come on. Okay, yeah. We need to find him now yeah. He was donald standing right here and he was just looking at me and he did not look friendly, jesse cassie. You check the living room jesse. Do you see that? Where is he? What was that? Where is he? He just he just ran right past us, so im gon na try and find him. I have super speed. Hes super fast. I should be able to at least keep up with him ready, okay, Music, its not working its, not fast at all, jesse um. I got i got super strength you dont want to mess with me. I aint scared of you at all. Okay, well, im gon na im gon na have to use it go for it Laughter, oh god, what the hell! Where are my powers? Michael? My powers are gone.

What he like ran this way or something are you sure, yeah yeah? We have to make sure hes way too powerful um no attacks going on were losing our powers. How is he so? Ah, how is he so strong? I dont know he transformed last, so maybe he just got a bit of a power left jesse, please youre around here. Where do i see him jessie sonic? What are you doing? Jessie dude come back dude. We got to get him up. Um sonic! You there sonic! Oh dude, you good my head: okay, dude. What the hell is going on im, not im, not turning back ive lost. All my powers, whats going on my head hurts what am i dude? Whatever im sonic yeah, i dont know im elmo mikes freaking ronald mcdonald, youre sonic, like i dont know, whats going on my head hurts yeah. I i tried to ah wait youre back what mike youre back wait, what the hell dude wait wait. Why are you guys? I dont know why you guys, still i dont know maybe its like delayed or something we have to end it. We have to end the video now and, and the video just just end it just end it. You guys, like the video go down below, like it.