After all these years, weve finally decided to splash out and buy a drone. This is the actual mavic mini 2, its the one thats 249 gram. So it kind of get around a lot of the laws and loopholes, so you havent got to register it and all that anyway, this morning all were going to do my test pilot here tyler, because hes had years of experience with a playstation controller in his hands. So its best, i not fly it because id probably crash it into the nearest tree. So tylers gon na fly this thing, but what were gon na do is uh theres certain settings on it that it does like automated routes, so were gon na test these out. First and let it fly itself and then put the footage back on the computer and see what it comes out like right, tyler mate, its up to you yeah. I think apparently, youve got to get this thing flying before you can put it into into its automated theyre called quick shots. So off you go Music ill, tell you something its enough stable and that there is a fair bit of window here this morning. Apparently, this has a level five wind resistance. There should be a green start button right here we go whats this one called Music tylers, not controlling this. The drone is doing this by itself. You can kind of see it. Does a nice smooth sweep all the way around thats safe if youre trying to do it manually and making it all choppy Music? Are you ready what ones this called dry? Oh my god, its gone its gone far off it just it highlights you, oh! So all that does is it just pulls away at an angle.

This ones wheres the drone there, this ones called okay go. Go, go, go Music. I will point out. There is a little bit of wind today. Oh, my god see us flying all the way around us, and then it comes back like a boomerang thats why its called a boomerang right, whats next gadget uh were doing the rocket. The camera focuses downward on the subject, as the aircraft ascends at her rapid speed were gon na. Do it 30 meters in the air, okay and its gon na its gon na actually focus on you yep off. You go ill come round out the way, so that just goes straight up in the air. Oh obviously like a rocket wow, i cant even see that im uh it its up there somewhere. It went up like a rocket. Oh its coming down so cool whats. The next one i like these, automated ones, it means that people like me dont, have to try and fly it. I dont know if i want to do the oh dad with the helix here youre going to do the helix you can yeah, you can adjust the radius. This thing flies out to as well theres loads and loads of settings. Its like you have to play with it for hours to get understandable Music. This is the helix Music, so that is really good. Looking thats it the journey, the rocket the circle, the helix and the boomerang okay, thats thats.

Basically, the the quick shots which are automated routes, the drone would do and it doesnt nice and smoothly. So when we get that back on the computer well see how smooth it was, and just in case you need to know this is recorded at 4k. Video 30 frames a second, and i will point out this drone is so quiet when it gets out in the air you cant, if you dont, even know its there. I think what you can do now is we live just across there? If you take it out of sight across the house in the state and uh, you have to press the record button as well. Mate were just going to do a normal recording now, but were on a field outside near where we live so were going to like fly the drone over our little house in the state and just record the video of it. But what ill do is just like. Well, you you fly because you know what youre doing but get some downward shots when you go over the houses right, see ya its gone and hes away its old tyler here, hes, quite a good pilot hes a lot better than me, yeah thats, because ive had Like experience its good, how youre, like your mo but youve, got the bigger screen in your phone? What phone have you got there iphone xr iphone, xr youve got the bigger screen, ive got and you can actually see the video live feed on your phone, while youre yeah, yeah, and also i just want to point out.

If you you can show this. This camera has also got a zoom function in it hasnt it. So if youre right up in the air like this now do your zoom function. Look at that now it can zoom in and because its 4k video holy crap its like see, i can go so far out its like. Oh, my god, youve youve got this little tiny little drone right up in the sky, and it can that literally zoom in like flipping unbelievable amounts and the detail is giving i i cant, i cant believe it im actually glad we bought it as long as we Dont fly into a bloody tree, its way over there, its coming down to us now, in fact its right up in the air there, and i cant even hear it so quiet here she comes Music foreign. He loves it. I reckon you could fly this all day. Could you well thats thats the only trouble that the battery life on this drone is they say, 30 minutes? However, i would probably say, depending how you fly it, if you can get 20 minutes out of it youre doing well, but by god they reckon its got like a six mile range, not that you would actually want to take it six miles away flip your neck. I mean thats a bit too far, but and also youre not really supposed to lay out your sight anyway, but like at the moment its gone.

I dont know where it is its over uh saint johns school, st johns school ive got to stop the shots so see we can. We can like take this up to saturday shops now, which is probably i dont, know all the way up there. Its about three quarters of a mile away, you can just see it the top of the roof there. Here i am here. I am yeah its kind of strange. You know, i guess its one of those things you have to get used to yeah the the world is a different place from above yeah, its very cool all right spawn to go. Fly back to us hes, just positioned it in what youve got three different modes here: cinematic mode. Yeah cinematic is me thats the slowest mode, its normal in sport mode hes in sport mode. So we can actually move it quicker. It can accelerate a lot faster. You can go crazy with it. Oh its back say battery on it cool. Should we say hello, woohoo, Music, aye, Music, right well, thats it i reckon what well do is you can carry on with it until the batterys flat we do have a spare battery. Is it charged yeah the above batterys, charged im going to point this out? I bought this as the basic drone and i shouldnt have done that. I should have spent the extra 100 bucks and bought the kit. It comes with and im telling you now its well worth, buying the kit with the bag.

You want the free battery charger and all the other bits, because if you try and buy all the bits like individually theyre, probably going to cost you another 100 pound on top of what youve already what that 500 pound would cost. I think its about 550 for the main kit, so uh, the extra 100 pounds well worth it. Youll want all the extra bits with it carry case batteries, battery chargers, its got a free battery charge, and you can that also acts as a power bank as well as you can charge your phone uh, its got sensors on the underneath of it. So we have ground protection, so we tried this uh hinging mclark, but you cant actually land it on your hand. Oh yeah theres, Music radar sensors. So it wont hit nothing underneath until you actually want it to land. So you put your hand underneath it. It lifts away from your hand, wheres the tracing ill. Try my hands its very stable. I must see say like. Oh, my god. Wait, thats cool. Also, look at the front led you see its white yeah. Oh, you can change the color of the front led yeah. The front indie mode breathing solid. Well, all this time weve been out flying were still on one battery, so its not doing ill. Tell you what, but they do. These batteries do take a little while to charge up. I must say: im going to spend the 50 pound and buy the proper, the proper battery charger forex its quicker if you plug them batteries into a usb socket through a lead.

Their flip intake like ages to charge up and with like 20 25 minutes flying time. Its not a great deal, so i mean i do recommend having two free batteries at least Music bingo thats it its got like an auto land feature isnt, it so yeah for safety reasons you cant take off, but i dont know if you can land it by Yourself, however, yeah sure, okay, pretty cool, mate, yeah, so im sure youre gon na have lots of fun. With this i will. I did yesterday just lend it to us when i need to do the odd video yeah. Of course, dont break my drone, but yeah its its really small, its like thats sort of like smaller than your than your iphone there yeah. Well, let me get like i get my phone out put it on top of it. Yeah, look at it covers it, but i think this is this is what i like about this drone, its so small and light. You can literally stick it in your pocket and just walk around with it and just whip it out and fly it wherever you want to and just get the shots you want. Well, that was fun, i think youll probably know well. I would probably need a heck of a lot of time to actually work out all the functions on this, because when you start going into the settings there are a ton of things you can do with it.

So uh yeah its gon na be a bit of a learning curve. Well, it is for me not so much for him, because hes hes quite good with these electronic things, so you tyler love it yeah. It was worth it. It was worth your money im glad. I broke the other drone now i think the dji the company theyve got like the edge on everybody else as far as like drone and gimbal, because this gimbal im using on this camera im holding now, is dji as well. Three axis gimbal.