Of course i do there. She is its been a long time, im brooke and this is brayden. We have two kids and two dogs, rooney penn fraser and captain at 75, tons and 55 feet long. Our home is different with time being non, renewable and our home being well movable around the world. We go as we roam to know. Welcome, aboard mermaid monster. Oh no anxiety creeps up on me. Is this? How its supposed to feel tell me when its over i got some place that i got ta be okay, you ready to go! Yeah you ready to go ernie. What are you most excited for the boat? I im excited thats it for what assisting your friends, my friends, hey, get out of your comfort zone, its a blessing in disguise, get out of what you call home. Your name is written in the sky. In my filters, like youre on your own but baby its another, remember you want Music Music, how oh, we lost the whole day. I mean i left this morning and we got a direct flight and were still here at 10 oclock at night, Music whoa. It still works there, she is im locked out were gon na get in there. We go just take my phone button: Music, oh cute, what thats so thoughtful? What wow? What do you think? Oh its nice isnt? It see that thing of freezer yeah its really nice. It was very sweet thats, so cute well were back its been like two months since weve been on the boat and it feels like a lifetime ago.

The boat is so nice and clean diana um has cleaned it for us and she left such a thoughtful christmas gesture with a tree and a frame of frasier. So thank you, diana. If you see this hey, you guys youve been here for three minutes and youre already digging in you miss having all your toys, you miss your room, which room. Do you like better rooneys, rooneys room, you like having a room in the house? Are you like having a room here better, i like having over the house which room is more fun to play in this one? Why is this? Why? Because we have more toys, we bet we dont even have toys at the house. We do that on purpose. So then, you come back to the boat bernie which, which uh toy rooms better. Look at me rooney. What toy room is better. This one dont film, this youve shown this 100 times. I got that no dough, thats stupid, well, brayden weve been here and weve done. Nothing no boat work. No, we have yeah, we have. We went to a christmas farmers market thats it its fun. This is gross. Come on nothing to film film, something better. What should i film, i dont know give me a suggestion. Dancing advice, rooney will dance, so were back for the boat were back to the boat for about a week, which was not enough time at all. I have so much to do and i feel, like i didnt give myself enough time to do it at all, but its december and theres so much going on in december, but heres.

What im doing right now is were gon na change. The the strainer in the ac um were gon na clean it out and thatll keep the ac running on the boat for another while and then it lasts about a month. And then i made a huge mistake. I dont know if i made the mistake or not, but a big thing happened. I didnt film it before it was an absolute nightmare, but i still have to clean up from that event. Um. Let me tell you quickly quickly what happened? Let me try to set this down really quick. Okay, let me tell you quickly what happened is i was after we got back from our long six day, seven day, five day thing whatever it was, whatever we got back from that big long trip um, i had to do an oil change like way overdue for An oil change um, probably about like 20 hours overdue for an oil change, um, which isnt a big deal, because the engine oil doesnt have a chance to to heat and cool if it doesnt heat and cool it doesnt break down. So, although we did go over because we didnt ever let the engine – oil, cool, um, theres – really not not a negative effect that happens when you go over that amount on a steady run um. But when i did the oil filter, change and ill get you some. Some footage of the filter here, the i use the baldwin filter, the logger guys say not to use the baldwin filters, and i learned that after this and i used the baldwin filter and i noticed that the logo didnt line up on the filter.

Even when i thought i had screwed it on all the way tight now i dont know if this was the filter or if this was just me and now thinking about it, i had just done a huge run. I was tired and i had a plane flight out in like six hours, and so i probably wasnt in the best state to do that kind of work. So i started the engine, but my my thought was that i want to get the new oil in there and then start the engines and get it circulating so that i can have nice fresh oil in the engines when they sit for a couple weeks and – and I go upstairs turn it on and immediately beep beep beep and it says low oil pressure. Oh my goodness, you can see where this is going. Um i says, shut down, and so i shut it down really quick on for just a couple seconds. I tell dan im like dan, something happened, um, it says it shut down and dan was down here doing laundry, because the laundry is right outside the engine room and he looks in here – and i just hear – oh no not like it not like a not like A everything is like, like theres a fire or anything like that. Oh no, just like a like in a maze dont know. So what happened? Was the oil filter either wasnt screwed on correctly, which is probably what it was or it was faulty which id like to think it was and and it spit the oil filter off, and i swear we cleaned up about three gallons of oil about three of the Five, five gallons of oil, that kind of go in each engine.

Here it was an absolute mess and because of that um we cleaned it up as good as we could um before we left and got everything up, but since then, because it sat for a little while everything kind of seeped down and im noticing a lot more Um not gallons or cups, even but a lot of residue all over, and that has to be cleaned up all of its got to be cleaned up. We want the engine room to be perfect, especially before we go on our next uh next run and so thats. What ive been putting off doing, because what i have – and i really want to do but im putting it off, is i got a starlink satellite and i so much want to set that up but uh, but ive kind of told myself that i got ta get This one done first Music, Music, and this is about trying to hold everything really still here, but this is maybe three weeks worth of growth. Oh look at that. Look at that theres, not anything in there. Just a few look at those guys up some crabs. Thats funny huh, how long have those guys been in there for Music, hey, rooney, penn, come look and then theres, just some residue on the sides of this up really quick pen come down here look come here. I have to wash it look in the bucket look in the bucket whats in there.

You see him shake it up a little bit the crab. It just came out of this ac thing. They came out of the ac filter, but but wheres the ac, but its its right here. The strainer see the strainer. How would a crab get in there because it sucks them up because it sucks it up? It uses the water. Oh whoa wait theres two yeah. Oh and theres a theres another bug right there, but i dont know what it is: isnt that cool okay right here were filming yeah were gon na vacuum. Out all this trainer we take up wheres the strainer go pen. Oh, we take a brush here and we brush it Music. Normally, we keep things a lot cleaner, but because im going to swipe everything down, anyways we dont care. Okay, the big secret is: is these bromine tablets? These? I found really stop the extra growth, so just take one of these little cubes and put it here, Music and put it all back together. All right go Music fun that was probably really quick for the system. So i just finished up sending all my data to dji to see if theyll replace that drone. That was, i mean i bought the insurance on it, so well see what happens, but i mean it is, admittedly, user air, its definitely difficult to get the drone back on the boat, but well see well see what they end up, uh, allowing on their warranty program.

There, but they they know they know that it fell in the ocean um not trying to pull a fast one on them here, but lets see how how sympathetic they are to the whole thing but heres what im excited for. I think i got enough stuff done that its time to break this out and thats our our look at that its our starlink setup there so im going to unbox that i have to. I have to leave here in like 24 hours, so i only have like 24 hours to set this thing up and weve got a lot of other stuff that we need to do today. Um lets see how far i get Music, oh, its, the uh, the new rectangular one, all right. Look how simple this is these: these are the instructions right here plug it in open the app thats, all the instructions that they give you and everything is already Music. Already completely plugged in all i have to do is take this. All i have to do is take the sand and put the satellite attached to it check that out i mean it just looks like someone just its nice. It looks like someone just coiled it up and throw it in really quick thats. All it looks like there. It is go into space, so brooke kicked it and it did that. I didnt kick it. I just kicked the cord and it moved it moved by itself, and so we just go in here check out all these networks that have marina here and we go to starlink lets see if this works, its gon na work, starlink connect to starling im excited.

Are you excited? Okay, okay, enter wi, fi network name. Um all right were joining the network. All right you just joined it. Is it gon na be really this easy and then so were attached to it right now, all right were attached to the network right now and then lets go to um speed test. Are you kidding me? Is it really gon na be this quick or this just easy to set up and its got like ive seen some pretty fast speed tests? This is not as fast as the fast ones thats it, so it works cool isnt that amazing yeah well to try some stuff with it, but thats thats as easy as it is right there, Music, ive, never seen brayden so excited about something been waiting for this Starlink, like so many others for ages and ages, so to have it, he thinks its the coolest thing ever. He just told the kids that they have space internet now and as they fine tune it, it will be really convenient if it works when were underway. Thats going to be the biggest thing, um so well see. Pen your favorite person gave you internet ben youre, probably ruining the netflix downstairs by standing in front of that. Netflix is going through you right now. Pen. Can you tell whats going on in the show? Probably not good for you ive gotten, really lazy as a mom. Lately, the kids have given up on me and they just make their own food.

Now, Music, look at penn hes, just going to town with the cream cheese. Oh yeah, oh wow! We have guys here fixing the chips on the fiberglass over the summer when we were up in new england riding out hurricane ida um. We had our friend malcolm stand around the back and i think it just hit the back of the swim step and chipped a bunch of spots on our swim steps. So theyre fixing that and then just all the random cracks around the boat. So that itll look great when its done so here we are its been already a entire week and we have got like we just have chilled pretty much and we will be coming back in a couple weeks when we come back were gon na install all our New hatches that we got thanks to lapert were brand ambassadors for them, so they gave us all new hatches because ours are leaking. We have tons of projects to do. We have little the little knobs on all of our porthole windows that um are breaking, so we got those from north, oven and weve got to replace all those uh headliners. We got ta finish doing those. We have a whole laundry list of items and then we are off were cruising south south south its been a great trip, a quick one. It went by way too fast and we cannot wait to come back so, Music, Music. You got a splinter, he doesnt want another one.

Well, what do you think is gon na happen when you walk on a dock with bare feet all right, your feet are soft. Now, theyre, not crazy. Tough, because you havent been wearing youve, been wearing shoes in california. Okay, are you ready to go no way Music? Well guys, it feels so good to be back in mermaid monster action, but as always, thank you for watching.