So a couple hours ago, dji came out with the dji mini 3 pro something like that drone. I, like many of you, probably just watch peter mckinnon and ijustines and a whole bunch of other creators. Videos immediately on it and those videos do exactly what theyre intended to do from the creators. Perspective theyre just very cool artistic videos, but from djis perspective its all about putting in my brain, hey. I think i need a new drone, even though i just got a new drone a couple months ago, and i only fly drones like once or twice a month. If that all right, so here is my issue with drones, again i have the air 2s. I freaking love this drone. It shoots like 5.6 k or 5.2 k. Its pretty small ive got the remote control with the screen built into it. So i can get up and running in like 20 seconds, so why is it that when dji releases a pretty similar, not too world changing of a drone, does it still instantly trigger that? Like? Oh, should i like swap them or something, because these review slash marketing videos are so good and its once i got this drone that i realized what the problem is in the marketing and the review videos. Most of the time you will see drone shots. That will just blow your mind, but they dont blow your mind because of necessarily the quality they blow your mind because of the locations see.

I live in columbus, ohio. We dont have any breathtaking beaches, snow top mountains or just anything super crazy, but theres still some cool things to get drone shots of, but you really have to kind of search for them. If i just come out my back door here and throw the drone up, then youre just gon na see a very typical, suburban, neighborhood and thats about it. So when i throw this drone up here and i review the footage afterwards im in awe because of the detail of like oh look, how sharp this five plus k image is – and the dynamic range is so much better than the previous version. And i have to do that because the actual composition or the location isnt, giving me that aw mentality. Now, when i took this drone to seattle and i was able to find beaches and see like wood landscape – and you know much more interesting compositions thats when i had the complete package thats when i was like yes, this is just like a peter mckinnon video. I got cool landscapes. I got an awesome drone that shoots amazing footage and that definitely helps sell it. I think thats why drones are kind of the biggest piece of kit that a lot of creators will spend their money on and then ends up collecting dust. Most of the year, because for some reason our brains see these review videos and theyre like if i buy that drone im gon na get footage just like that, even though logically youre, like i, never travel to iceland and again, this is not a dig at those Craters at all, if you have access to beautiful locations, then one sell that stock footage like crazy, but two for your own videos, itll elevate your videos like crazy having beautiful drone shots.

I love flying drones and i love getting beautiful drone cinematography. This video is to simply point out that if you are getting that immediate urge to buy a new drone that just came out a couple hours ago, really ask yourself whens the last time you flew your drone: do you have a list of local locations that you Would happily fly a new drone to because, if you cant answer really yes to both or either of those questions, you may want to save your money or buy a different piece of gear off your extensive to buy gear list. I know you have one. We all do. This is not a dig to dji its an amazing looking drone. I love the fact that its 249 grams – if you are looking for a new drone and the only thing thats held you back – is the legalities of it. Then this seems like a great buy its got cool new features all that stuff, but ive really enjoyed making videos on like the mindset of buying gear, and a lot of you seem to like that with, like my mac studio, video that i made. So i just want to make one of these, for drones, so odds are keep the drone you have before today.