So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv, Music, good, Music, Music. All right, my friends, welcome to the field were out here today. It is a beautiful day and were going to fly the cfly faith, 2s version it does have. A new controller were gon na check. That out were also gon na fly on this new battery. Its a its a secondary lithium ion battery, and it says its a 3s battery so well see how long the flight time is well check out. The new camera system on here see if that upgrade, is any better than what it was before and uh. Well, just see how it flies with the new brushless motors on here as well, and it is a foldable drone and it is absolutely gorgeous out today. All the guys are out flying and were gon na join them here in a minute. Lets go ahead and set up the drone with the c fly. 2 app were going to get it connected to my iphone and then were going to get a dps lock, hopefully and get her up in the air. Boys lets go ahead and get off the ground. All right guys here we go were going to go ahead and take off with the c fly. 2 lets go ahead and arm the motors, and you know what lets do an auto takeoff, and now we are going to start recording video, hopefully well check out the hover and see how well its doing position hold.

It looks like its pretty good right now. Well, just come up a few feet off the ground, give it some safety, and you know what this ones doing a lot better than what we had before the see. Other c fly that i had last year was nowhere near the lock that this one has okay ill, just go up a little bit and let you come down im gon na angle, my camera down im just back off the runway to your left here so come In wherever you want and ill see, if i can get that on video here, he comes well raise the camera up just a little bit. Oh nice landing its a nice looking video on this, this drone actually really nice yeah. I was not a very good videographer on your landing, but i did get you landing. I went to put the oh did you. I went to put the camera up and instead of going up, it went down. So all right guys lets go ahead and do some forward flight were going to get into this review and see what this little drone is all about, and i better bring the camera angle up before we crash into a tree there and apparently they redid the runway. A while back now, its like a real nice, solid red runway, lets just fly right down the runway here in that beautiful thats, a nice landing strip right there, the couple bumps out there you got to watch out for probably, but you know what were not an Airplane and we dont need to land this guy like an airplane, because we have no wheels right.

This is a full on multi rotor, and you know what guys this is fun. This is looking really nice, so were just going to cruise out here in the field. A little bit lets bring that camera up just a little bit im wondering if you can see the props in the view and thats one of the things that people dont like is seeing the props in the view, so the flight is good. Hopefully, the video comes back good and it records down to the sd card. If not, hopefully i can download it to the phone one way or another and show you guys, but this drone has gps return to home brushless motors 4k, video at 30 frames per second and a pretty good, real time view back to my iphone, and i have The new iphone mini and right now, im at 78, so im gon na go up a little bit higher here. Oh yeah theres a hot down draft over there. I bet does that have a resort, it does yeah. It has orbit mode and return to home, Music and sport. It does yeah, it has a 4k at 30 frames per second, so were going to go ahead and go into sport mode now and i feel like it goes pretty fast in the non sport mode. You know guys, i mean lets see the distance right now is 60 70 meters, height, 10 meters and ive got 15 satellites and we got 73 on the battery still and i havent had this video lag out on my phone yet so c5 is doing something right.

Okay were going to make a turn here, i might be getting to the edge of the field. So im, just going to turn, were going to go out here over this green grass, its a little bit of a jolt right there. It might be because of this uh piece of we got a steel pipe in front of me might be messing with the signal a little bit. I dont know, but you know what its at least 300 meters out right now and we are doing good with the signal its coming back perfectly. The signals doing really well im not having any lag on the phone and generally with a toy drone. I get quite a bit of lag on the phone and this is a little better than a toy grade. Uh drone right now. I think this ones priced around 350 looking on the website. So how long does the battery last the battery should last us around 15 minutes or so will it return to base before the battery goes dead yeah? It has a low voltage return to home, so im just gon na stop you guys and were gon na. Take it out of sport mode. Sport mode should let it go probably around 35 miles per hour. I think, for this particular drone weve been recording video now for about five minutes. Im gon na bring the camera angle down just get a good shot of the field, all the guys trucks out there.

Looking nice, you can see all the stations for the airplanes, but i feel like it has a really smooth operation. As far as stick control, it doesnt feel like a toy drone and super robotic and theres, not a lot of delay between the transmitter and the drone itself. So it feels more to me like a commercial dji type of drone, then some stabilization, then some knock off drone, so were at 60 battery right now and lets just go up a little bit get a little satellite shot of the field, not beautiful runway 59, Music And you can also turn on beginner mode on this particular drone guys and you can limit your flight distance and the height. If you want to keep this drone close people ask me all the time like justin. How far do you fly? I say i dont want to fly any further than i want to walk and pick it up. If i crash so distance and long range to me is not like a big concern, but it does have a 400 foot ceiling limit. So right now it looks like its maxed out 119 meters and now i can come back down and i think the video looks pretty good. I just dont see a lot of lag in this video. As far as the video back to the phone goes, i can hear a little bit of waffling in the props theres a little bit of prop wash coming down.

But video looks nice and solid. So three axis gimbal is doing its job were at 54 and weve been recording now for seven minutes. So you know real world flight time on this battery at a full charge. You might be somewhere if you were just cruising, maybe in the 12 minute to 15 minute range. I might be able to push squeak out 15 minutes out of this battery and were still recording down to the sd card. Hopefully, 4k at 30 frames per second and were just cruising you guys, no stress flying just having fun. We have stability on here. We have position, hold gps return to home and it has a variety of fun modes to it as well. So lets go ahead and lets stop for a second. So the greatest thing about these drones is, if you let go, sticks itself levels and it has position hold. So if you get discombobulated and you cant figure out, which way is right left forward or back if youre looking at it line of sight, youll learn how to fly line of sight, which i always recommend. First, before you do fpv, you can stop what youre doing and just regain your orientation. So im going to go ahead and hit return to home and were going to say: okay there on the screen and now its going to go up automatically by itself to a specified height in the app you can change that height.

If you want to now shes going up transmitters beeping to let me know that it is doing its own thing, its cool take the initiative and she is autonomously coming back to the home point, and usually these drones will land within about a 10 foot radius of Where they took off from and hopefully it doesnt hit the windsocker or the uh, the airplane windsock, technically, not a sock boy. It came close to that didnt it from here it looks close and thats about where we started from its on the edge of the concrete. We started right in the middle, but i would say this was within a 10 foot radius, not bad im, gon na commercially available yeah. This ones just coming out its brand new um. How much is it its probably gon na be around three or four hundred dollars for this one um, so its a competitive, its a cheaper competitor to something like a dji? Is it worth the money um so far? Yes, um, but historically, no, like the other drones that they sent me years past were just not quite up to par, and the cool thing is that the companys been working on making a drone. That was a an appropriate drone to sell to us customers and around the world for probably about three or four years now ive been demoing their drones. So, finally, i think this is probably the best release. Theyve ever had Music all right guys, shes coming in for atlanta and shes landing herself, and the cool thing is: is that when it does have a low voltage landing its going to come in and land, you know as soon as possible.

You can still control it. On the sticks and it lands and turns the motors off, which is a super nice feature now im at 26. You could probably go in there and change that if you wanted to and change it to a lower percentage rate. As far as your battery voltage goes on the return to home, but i wouldnt suggest doing that because well, you might damage the battery, but i was able to you know i was able to squeak out almost 15 minutes worth of flight time for that. First initial flight test with you guys and – and i have to say i mean i got to be honest here with the sea – fly company ive not been super impressed with sea fly stuff in the past. The original faith wasnt so great, but the two series is much much better and uh im happy with this one. This time around, i think that the uh, the video looks good. The brushless motors on here are great um, the app itself, the c42 app doesnt seem to have a lot of problems with lag and – and so we have a a very, very nice drone this time around in comparison to what they released before and everything is working Great return home worked great vision. Positioning system on the bottom works great, the camera seems to be good and quite a long flight time, so i still have a blinking second indicator there on the back.

So this one is one i would definitely recommend and choose as a dji alternative, so ill leave it up to you guys, no pressure to buy it. I dont care, if you buy it or you dont buy it, but i wanted to fly it for you guys.