Anyway, i still feel obliged to give you a spoiler warning, but you know dont you look, there has to be another. Yeah ive been putting off doing my spider man, no way home review and im, not really sure why i did like the movie. I liked it a good deal in in some places, but i also didnt like the movie in some others, and i think it has some real problems that really let it down and stop it from being the great spider man movie that i think a lot of People think it to be and thats absolutely fine. I understand that it gave us what a lot of us wanted for the better part of two decades in the return of this is your last chance, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, tug boats, andrew garfield, spider, man, and that was fantastic. It was cool to see them and i do think they were used better than expected. My main concern going into it was that they would show up at the end. A la portal was an in game and then they would immediately go after having an action scene and theyd, maybe exchange like one or two words with al peter parker, tom hollands, peter parker, that didnt happen. We got a few key scenes with them. A few nice little exchanges of dialogue and we actually got like quite distinct personalities from each of them, which i really liked you had to maguire as sort of kind of like the elder spiderman thats, been through all of this and is guiding the younger tom holland Into not, you know, going down a path of pure revenge, and i thought that was really nice.

The way that concluded where he stopped tom holland, trying to murder goblin of his own glider, also confirming that tugboat is the strongest spider. He also webbed up andrew garfield. I will be taking no further questions on the matter: hes the strongest spider cannon Music, so that was really nice and then i also liked how andrew garfield was characterized as kind of like this romantic uh, overly emotive spider man um, even though hes only just met Them for like five minutes hes already like oh, i love you guys. Ive always wanted to have brothers and all sort of stuff um. I also liked how self deprecating he was almost in a meta way when tugboat and holland are talking about the aliens they fought and all the cool stuff theyve done and hes like oh, no im lame. You know i just felt like a a russian guy in a rhino outfit. You feel that, because uh he didnt get the same challenges and the same cool to do like the other two spider man did never. I trust. So i tell you i destroy you. Youre literally the worst adaptation of rhino ever and i think, being open about that, makes his character a lot more endearing, particularly to people who didnt like the amazing spider man or the amazing spider man, 2. Applause for all you garfield lovers out there. I can confirm that this movie is the best hes ever been, and i really really enjoyed andrew garfield in the role of spider man in this movie.

I would happily see him again in that role and thats, not something i ever thought i would have been saying. Coming out the last two movies, that featured him. I wish i could just i cant and as much as it seems kind of expected based on the trailers. Yes, it was pretty cool that he got to catch mj and then cry about it. That was quite a cathartic release, so in terms of their characterization and and seeing a bit of the the banter between all three spider man and seeing you know them get on and form sort of an emotional bond was nice. However, i do think the way in which both spider man come into the story is really quite quite awful. Youve got a great scene with the green goblin peter and aunt may that sets up some real stakes well, get into that in a minute, and then right after that, you just cut to mj and ned and theyre, just like oh itd, be really great. If peter was here right now and then they just used the sling ring and suddenly not one but two alternate universe. Peter parkers just come into the fray and from there on out its a completely different movie its it that thats, the movie that weve come to see the three spider man together structurally. Its really weird – and i feel like this – could have been almost two movies and if it had been split in half, maybe both halves would have been served better.

On the one hand, youve got a movie about spider man, collecting villains that have fallen through the multiverse and the fallout from that the fallout from what the green goblin wants, what he does to peter, how he manipulates the other members. The other villains in this sinister five and where that goes, and then youve got another movie which is andrew, garfield and tugboat coming into the mcu and the pair of them almost getting to take part in like a multi doctor special with tom hollands peter parker. Oh lovely and the movie just about manages to mash these two massive things together into one cohesive hole. Yes, it makes sense that the other spider man would come down to help peter stop all these other villains, but the way theyre introduced, i just think is, is is the opposite of cinematic. Honestly, they just walk in, and i dont understand why its the case, because if you just go back a few years to what the russo brothers were doing in stuff like infinity war, end game its got the the craft that im talking about like, for example, captain America, who had only been off our screens for two years, compare that to tugboats like seventeen hed off the screen for two years he got into hiding when he comes in in the edinburgh sequence in infinity war. That is a moment Music when he catches the spear and comes out of the darkness. When wonder and the vision need him the most when the musical score stings in, like its its its a really memorable scene and then youve got like thor arriving in wakunda thats.

A memorable moment, Music, you know im talking about scenes where were characters introduced with some fanfare, with some ceremony tugboat and andrew garfield spider man dont get that at all im not saying they needed to have dramatic entrances exactly like those russo examples, but i expect a Little bit more than just a sling ring opening up and then both stepping in and the explanation as to where they were is really strange. They both say that theyve just been kicking around in new york, trying to find peter and the other characters well. First off they seem to have made no headway at all, and second, this is a really weird retread of a beat from spider verse, because in spider, verse, spider gwen is thrown into the city, and she has to hang out there for a couple of days before Everything kicks off with miles and and peter b parker, and in that time she integrates herself into the school she gets closer to miles and she intervenes to stop doctor octopus, so shes used really well up until they reveal that she is a spider person, Music and Theres, nothing like that comparatively here. Your entrance was good. His was better theres, no slow solution as to what peter 2 and peter 3 were doing when they got dropped into this universe. Up until the point that ned and mj called for them – and i just think its its a signifier of how sloppy the structure of this movie is people lets do this one last time because you can tell theyve got too many villains.

Hence why lizards doesnt get a battle scene were just told that doctor strange apprehended him by the way. I want to see that scene lizard, vs, doctor strange we just we just cut away from that. We never see that come on before i go into more detail on no way home. I want to quickly talk about todays sponsor bosele time to fly. I dont know about you, but as a young man in my 20s i like to occasionally take a sneak peek. Just to make sure its not creeping back at all its the same mostly are americas number one: hair restoration experts having helped millions of men and women with over 430 000 restorative procedures over a 45 year history from one day, restorative procedures to low level laser therapy Or fda approved medication that can help you keep the hair, you have and help you grow. Thicker, fuller, hair. There are options for every stage of hair loss: bosley have over 70 locations across the us and the option for home delivery, as well as free in person and video consultations. Theres no shaming letting that head of hair fade gracefully, but if you dont want to go for a patrick stewart or a jason, statham then consider giving bosley a go. Hair loss is something that affects millions of people around the world and is nothing to be ashamed of. But if you want to prevent hair loss, starting early is key click. The link in my description for your free bosley info kit and a 250 gift card towards the procedure anyway back to no way home, theres too much to get through in the first act.

In terms of explaining away the court of public opinion with peter and and him having to lawyer up and all of the charges levied against him, and then him going to doctor strange and trying to get everyone to forget and then theres a whole load of new Characters introduced in the second act, all of the villains and thats a lot piled onto the movie and then the extra spider man, and it just about manages to do it in two hours and 30 minutes. Im really surprised the internet hasnt torn apart the movie for some of peters decisions. Everyone was up in arms over him. Almost getting midtown highs best and brightest, killed by a stark drone, but in this he recklessly endangers countless lives in new york, and the only thing that saves him from being culpable is the plot sure. The idea that peter refuses to let the villains die and wants to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate, is great. I really like that about the movie and the idea that these villains are really trying to stay alive gives them an appropriately sympathetic edge. I get why peter turns on strange. I even understand the idea that peter would let them all free out of their cages in the sanctum, but why on earth would he move them across the city? These are not two bit crooks. All of these guys are serial murderers, electro literally states that hes willing to fry more people. If peters plan fails, the lizard is more than happy to turn people into reptiles.

Again, norman osborne could become the goblin at any moment. Half of them have incredibly powerful abilities that could whip up a mass murder in seconds if they so choose im all for some prison reform. But i wouldnt try and rehabilitate the son of sam by taking him to my mums for tea and biscuits. Would i the idea that peter would let them go to aunt mays apartment without any kind of contingency whatsoever is insane when the villains turn on him, its a surprise to nobody but peter parker and, as i said, the script saves peter the guilt of getting a Bunch of new yorkers killed because for some reason, when the villains escape, they disappear until the spider man send for them in the third act, theres literally a gap in the movie where all kinds of murder and mayhem could have been exploited by the goblin in his New lackeys and instead nothing happens, absolutely nothing its weird. How not so long ago, people said that spider man 3 was too overstuffed because it had three villains, but this movie has five villains to get through and three spider men and it really does fight to squeeze everything in like, for example, what i was saying about The villains terrorizing the city when theyre set free if they wanted to explore that in any satisfying or meaningful way and juggle the returning spiders on top, the movie would need to be at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Longer now were starting to look at end game length, but then again, that movie was briefly the highest grossing movie in the world. So maybe this movie could have benefited from a bit more, at the very least, if theyre not going to terrorize the citizens of new york, i want to at least see them have a have a conversation. You know they hauled up in some abandoned, pier mulling over their existence like och in spider. Man 2., if thats the case ill, take it. But you need to show me what theyre doing you need to give me something by comparison in the first spider man movie. You know what the green goblin is up to the entire time and you bounce from motivation to motivation hes trying to get even at the border ozcorp and then, when he decides he wants to torment spider man and attack the heart. He does that relentlessly. So its just strange that, by comparison, the exact same character just disappears: doesnt attempt to kill any civilians to spite peter or anything simply put. We needed more time to flesh out the villains, their motivations and also flesh out the scenes with the three spider men. As the current cut stands, i think its paced really well, but it just batters characters at you, so much that we dont get especially too much time with them. The characters that truly matter to the plot are hans, parker, the goblin, mae and mj.

Everyone else has some great moments and scenes, but dont get nearly enough time with the audience to settle into anything truly interesting. You know im something of a scientist myself, willem dafoes norman osborne aka. The green goblin was utterly fantastic from start to finish, and i just love how willem dafoe refuses to phone this in. He could have just cashed his check along with the other villains. He didnt even have to be part of the action and he insisted – listen. I dont want to just pop in there as a cameo. I want to do the action because thats fun for me and also its really impossible to add any integrity or any fun to the character if you dont participate in these things, because all that action stuff informs your relationship to the characters and the story. All of that enthusiasm, the fact that he wants to be part of the action it all plays into the movie and you see it. He has a fantastic fight with peter in the apartment block and it is brutal and he does get to kick his ass. Its a great moment when, when tom holland is just wailing on norman and hes, just grinning at him um – and he has some – he has some great speeches. So green goblin has a uh case to state this time. Mm: hmm, a philosophy of life, its not just about some kind of abstract muscle, twirling im an idea.

This character has not skipped a beat from 2002 hes fully realized here and the the fact that he gets to kill aunt may and do something that will have lasting ramifications for this spider man, not even his university spider. Man is awesome. Honestly, i felt like it was always a problem trying to top both willem dafoes, green goblin and alfred molinas doc ock from the rainy movies, and i think, its actually the wisest decision to just not try and top it and just bring them in this green goblin And tom hollands peter parker already have a bonafide relationship and the fact that he survives past the closing credits beckons him to come back again i mean who knows maybe at the end of the college trilogy he could come back in another multiversal way, um and it Could be like the rematch we could get king goblin. You know we all kind of assume that the green goblin will be framed as the big bad for peter some at some point down the line, but he says the oscar doesnt exist. So you know what id actually be: okay with his green goblin, always being the green goblin from another universe, just bring him back when you want to weve already put in all the leg, work here and hes killed aunt. May i dont think another green goblin could feasibly come in and top that jamie foxxs electro was another villain. I thought was served really really well um.

You tell he was having a lot of fun with the performance uh. You know i kind of like who i am in this universe. I would jamie i would you went from being a dr manhattan ripoff to being looking far more comic, accurate, looking way, cooler in your tims great to see um, and i also thought he had a great scene with um garfield at the end where he said like Yeah, you know i am. I was a loser before and always slender andrew garfield spider man is the one to pump him up uh. That was great alfred. Ah, for me its just about the money, but then we come to doc, ock and i think doc. Ock is a bit of a mixed bag. You may remember, i did a video called dont ruin, doc ock, in which i spoke about the idea that i would be massively underwhelmed if they, if they, if they made him a villain, doc, has a really neat character. Arc in spider man 2 and he gets redeemed at the end, and then he dies in a very, very definitive way, and i was worried that bringing him back would ruin that arc and would undo it. What is important to me is maintaining that character arc from the absolutely perfect second rainy movie, because if you undo that and you make him go back to his villainous ways without a satisfying reason or in a way that made it worth our time for the character To come back then thats going to be really sore.

You could get your evil doc a multitude of ways, but a lot of them just feel like they would be a cheat to me, mind, control and amnesia would make the return of doc ock feel arbitrary, as if bringing back that version of the character doesnt matter At all, it seems like you, either make him evil and you go back on what you did in spider man 2 or you do the redemption arc again, which would feel weak, i think its redundant. So, in my humble opinion, i think a good clean way to keep the character intact, while still getting your moneys worth is to reveal his true allegiances lie with peter parker and look, i think, alfred molina gives a tremendous performance in this movie and every scene hes In is a delight, and it is because that performance is so good and because much like william defoe and jamie foxx, his version of that villain is is, is so engaging that i wouldnt want anyone else. So, im glad that alfred molinas there and i think the movie would lose something if he wasnt in it. However, they just repeat his arc again but worse what this movie constitutes as redemption for each villain varies and its really weird it cant decide whether the villains need to be redeemed of their own volition or whether it needs to be forced upon them and their powers Need to be stripped away at the end of spider man, 2 doc, ocks arms are still in control when he makes the decision to get them to listen to him.

That decision is spurred on by peters words, by him. Talking about what aunt may said by him. Saying what ox said to him earlier on in the movie and its a moment where otto octavius has an epiphany? He says no to the arms into their control and he completes his character arc and its massively powerful because it banks on those relationships that have been formed across the movie and it makes sense for him to come to that decision. Listen to me now, whereas in spider, man no way home, hes forced against his will to have a new inhibitor chip installed and hes hes kicking and screaming right up until tom holland puts it in his neck, at which point he switches off and then hes really Happy that hes been redeemed, dockhawk doesnt truly get redeemed. He just gets pushed into the mould that this peter barker wants him to be its nowhere near as good as the redemption in two and – dare i say it really undercuts it. Then we get to sandman and the lizards sam man and the lizard just flat out sucked in this movie, and i i honestly think the movie would have been better without them in it. Sandman much like doc. Ock was redeemed the last time we saw him so for him to decide to turn against spider man undoes that i forgive you being a really meaningful experience. Spider man, devil bad puns, later, spider man, it doesnt make sense for him to do that.

It makes sense for doc, electro and green goblin to turn on spider man and doctor strange when theyre told that theyre going to return to their home universes because they will, i die jedi guys. What did i say, but sandman and the lizard wont. So i dont understand in any context why they wouldnt just be like yeah. Okay were just gon na wait for peter to do whatever he can do and try and redeem the other villains and oh look. Goblins gone im flown out, the window and doc has gone off and so is electro, but you know what spider man its okay, because all i want to do is go and see my daughter, so you have the quickest route to get there still, in spite of Everything thats just happened because the green goblin isnt going to get you home. So why does he turn against him? He could just sit there. You know what he didnt even need to be part of proceedings at all. He could literally say to spider man. Look, you seem very trusting. Ive been redeemed before im not going to hurt anyone. Just let me pop to the cafe ill, have a fry up, wait for all this to blow over and wait for all this to blow over and then, when you hit the button on the doctor, strange mcguffin box ill just get sent home no fuss. It makes no sense for him to turn on the spider man at all.

Why does he do that? Hes delaying his own reunion with his daughter? You might argue that lizard wants to stay in this universe so that he can try and convert a new universe of people into his lizard men but weak and he didnt die in his universe either. So theres no reason for him to be scared for peter to push the button or to agree to his plan. They just kind of seem to side with norman, because the script says so, and you know what maybe id be more forgiving. If thomas hayden, church and rhysaphans were actually in the movie but theyre, not they lend their voices to the characters. Yes, it makes sense that lizard stays in his lizard form, but it makes no sense that sandman doesnt go back to thomas hayden church when sandman first came on the screen and the way he did in terms of the plot. I really groaned really disappointing that both villains stay in their superpowered forms until the very end and then its stock footage from the amazing spider man and spider man. 3.. A really odd decision. Could you really not get thomas hayden church youre disney youve got all the money even with covered restrictions. I failed to see how you couldnt have stuffed a truckload 10 truckloads of money outside thomas haydens, hayden churchs door and getting to do just just a couple of scenes, and on top of that i could excuse them.

Wedging the sandman lizard in here. If they were trying to do a sinister six, but for some reason, spider man, the superhero whos known for having a team of six villains in his big third part, trilogy finale fights a sinister five. What i feel like this is the perfect time to do a sinister six, and you stop at five. If youre gon na stop at five, you might as well have stopped at three theres no need for lizard and sandman to be in the movie doc. Hock is only in the movie because hes so entertaining, but they repeat his arc and that sucks i dont know if i set up some false expectations for myself when i saw things like tom holland in the lead. Up to this movie saying we used the raimi cam on set, we called it the raimi cam, and we do like push ins and and pov shots and that kind of stuff, i think, maybe i was expecting a level of craft on par with the the fights And the action and spectacle in those first two romy movies and to be fair, maybe thats, an unfair expectation i put on the movie, but still when youve got people out there, saying that this movie is the greatest spider man movie ever made thats a high bar To contend with, not only do we have the craft of spider man and spider man 2, but you already have a great near perfect spider, verse, multiverse, spider man movie in spider.

Verse remember what makes you different is what makes you spiderman and i think thats. The most depressing thing is every problem i have with this movie the sloppy plot structure, the spectacle theyre, all things that i can point to other spider man movies and say that spider man movie, did it better heres how you do it: spider, verse, juggles miles, origin Story and four other spider men, and they all get used really well, and three of them get to kick around for pretty much the entire movie. Comparatively this film feels like each act is just working to build towards a characters return. The first act just feels like its trying to get you to the doc bridge scene and then from there on out, were just waiting for all of this to fall apart, so that tugboat and andrew can turn up and thats. When the movie really begins. You look at the reaction to this movie thats what everyone went to see and i think partly why this movie has been so well received in in in the whirlwind of hype that has happened. Post release is because we got exactly what we wanted. We werent 100 sure that tugboat and andrew were going to be in it. We were pretty sure the leaks had happened, but of course no one was 100 sure so to be given that on the big screen and and and for many of us for me for many of you to be in a packed cinema screening with everyone, cheering and Hollering at those moments it is a great time and it is a memorable summer experience, but i think once the hype has died down on this movie and the dust has settled um.

I think the the the problems that are clear will just continue to permeate its a good movie, but its not a great movie theres. A lot of fan service in this movie. A lot of fan, jerking and i think most of it, works and feels like its organic to the story. And that is in no no small part due to the fact that the actors sell it with with hearts but theres other theres. Other moments of fan service, which i just felt completely pandered to, i think, theres tons of more creative ways that andrew and tugboat could have could have been folded into the story and – and if you want me to come up with examples for that, i dont need To because you just go, look at spider, verse and the way that peterby, parker and spider gwen factor into those stories. Music. The fight scenes of goblin were good, no question. They were good, but they werent rainy, tia, youve spun your last web spider man, Music perfection. They didnt have the craft of a cinematographer like bill pope on spider man, 2 of the train sequence, perfection, Music, perfection, also for two spider men that both have really iconic, really memorable, scores that fans love. I didnt think they used the scores enough. There was a few moments where they dropped them in, but you know like that: rainy, danny, elfman score, in particular when the choirs start and it really ramps up.

You want to feel that im, spider man, Music, Music, Applause, Music. You know what i mean and, and there was never a point where toby swung in and the theme was really on fire and i just feel like its such a missed opportunity. I dont think there was a single bit of action in the finale. That was good. It was all really dark. I think the choice of location is really dull and i think it just it just ends up being the spider man running around through a load of scaffolding against green screen. I dont think them swinging together was shot particularly well. I think the moment when they jump off initially and swing around and then land on the statue of liberty head was probably like the best moment, but even then i dont think it was. It was delivered nearly as well as as any of those examples earlier from infinity war, end game and like with doc. The redemption arcs for all of these villains are thrust upon them, so it doesnt work. I think the worst one is electro, because there is no convincing him when hes powered up hes, not gon na hes, not gon na switch sides. Hes not gon na listen to the other spider man, hes hes, hes gone full villain and then its only when hes de powered that him and andrew garfield have that chat. Where hes like i was a nobody and andrew garfield makes him feel better.

That should have come even before he was de powered, or they should have tried to de power him and it shouldnt have worked, and then andrew should have had to have said that stuff to get him to calm down, because then that would have been an arc. Electro would have been in control of his own choices when the lizard says that they either die or go with peter and thats, really no choice at all. Hes completely right and the movie doesnt really interrogate that in a satisfying way, and i think thats really strange. The way the villains are redeemed in this is like, if you had spider man 2 right. The first time. Dockhawk creates the machine in spider. Man, 2 spider man pulls the plug. What are you doing the plug? He forces that that that moment and then at the end of the movie he pulls the plug again, except this time it doesnt work. The machine is self sustaining. Now what so, he has to go and appeal to docs humanity in order to save the day. He goes over to him and they just have a conversation i cant destroy it. You once spoke to me about intelligence that it was a gift to be used for the good of mankind, a privilege thats. What should have happened with electro getting de powered in this movie and with sandman getting de powered and with the lizard being cured, they shouldnt have just had it thrust upon them.

These things shouldnt have worked, and then the spider man should have been the ones to have to talk these villains out of doing these bad deeds. It was my dream sometimes to do whats right. We have to forcibly change you to get you to align to our morality rather than me saying something meaningful in this moment to incite you to change yourself. This movies finale is like if tugboat pulled the plug on the second machine and then it worked and dockhawk was redeemed and the machine was done and they got to go home afterwards. Aunt mays death was really well done. I particularly liked how she didnt get like the hollywood marion coty yards, dark, risers, ending of just kind of you know, passing away Music. She sort of faded out and bled out, and i feel like it made that moment far darker than it initially seemed like it was going to be. I also do really like that. She says great power comes great responsibility, fantastic. However, what i do resent is this idea that marvel was planning this trilogy, long, origin story all along and that the ending moment in the film where peter doesnt have stark tech and hes made his own suit. He looks like the classic suit and hes renting out an apartment that this was always where it was. It was supposed to be going. The only reason they put put in the with great power comes great responsibility thing and made aunt.

May this character was in response to the criticism of the last two movies that it was too stark focused. The aunt may didnt have enough dramatic things to do, and so its not saying its like an origin story in three parts and isnt it satisfying that hes gone through all these things to get there just doesnt quite work. For me, i was tired of this long form: origin story when sherlock did it in its fourth season. That was a show about sherlock and john from the start, but the big climactic ending is supposed to evoke the feeling that they have only now become the legends. We know them to be sure its cool that peter ends the movie in his classic costume, without stark tech. Why are you really cheering for something that came as standard in the other movies? From the very beginning, ive had a few comments on my mcu spidey suits video, saying that no way home fixes the point i raised, but it doesnt really spider. Man goes through five different looks the red and black, the iron spider, the black and gold inside out suit, the integrated suit and the classic red and blue thats. An awful lot of action figures by comparison, toby and andrews suits still look great. They dont need to have any alterations at all sure. The gold spider is a signifier of ottos rehash redemption, but i dont think its compelling enough for the moments to warrant yet another variation on his suit.

The red and black was great and would have been more than enough to differentiate him from the others. Ditch the inside out nonsense, ditch the iron spider and just keep him in the red and black until that final moment at the end of the movie would have made that costume change all the more important i really like, mj and ned, i think theyre, reliable characters And i really liked the trifecta that we got in this movie. It feels like its really developed um since homecoming and – and it was really great to see and also yeah. It is really harrowing. The the parker doesnt get to speak to them anymore and has to make them forget him very donable. However, i know no ones going to agree with me on this, but im going to say it anyway. I think its a real shame that this is perhaps the last spider man live. Action. High school movie were going to get for a long time, at least with this iteration of the character, and it all gets completely sidestepped to do something else, like i thought. The whole point of this home trilogy was that we were gon na see peter parker go through high school and then graduate, and there is. There is a nice bit of that in terms of him trying to to get into mit and then looking through the letters to see if they got in. I thought that was all really nice, but in terms of all the high school stuff, the teachers have a cameo and then theyre gone and they were central characters in the last two movies betty braun flash.

They all have reduced roles and it just kind of feels like the high school stuff gets dropped because we dont want to do the high school stuff anymore. Now we want to do a movie about all the villains and all the spider man crashing into the movie. Peter parker, navigating this court of public opinion and his court case and meeting daredevil and having to navigate that last year of high school, hoping to get into college, would have been enough of a movie in of itself. I also really like doctor stranges role in this movie. I think doctor strange and peter have a much more natural team up than say: spider man and iron man theyre the ditko boys um, and i also like that it brings magic into spider mans world also also they have a really nice dynamic. I think its less kind of like uh, sometimes forced father, son relationship with stark and more of a you know a bit of a dramatic moody uncle thing that dr stranges got going on with peter. I legitimately loved this sequence in the mirror dimension, even if its clearly like far from home, had a cool scene with weird that everybody loved. Can we do that again in this movie, weve got doctor strange perfect. I was wondering how spider man was going to take on strange at all, but seeing him have control of his astral projections and then use his knowledge of math to trap.

The wizard was great. I also enjoyed the fact that peter could barely believe hed beaten him. I really like that. He calls attention to the fact that hes a kid and that you know like all this stuff, of course, its gon na – be a lot for him. Of course, hes gon na make stupid decisions um, and i really liked the way that strange treated him. You know he didnt treat him like an idiot and he didnt. He didnt belittle him for wanting to keep these villains alive. He actually really understood his point of view, and you could tell he empathized with him and he wanted things to be different. I feel like the the way the lines were delivered and cut in the trailers. It seemed like strange was going to be up to his usual unfeeling slightly dickish self, but i actually really liked that. You know he understood where peter was coming from and i feel like he really likes peter and actually because he really likes peter who you want to do right by him. Im. Sorry kid yeah me too dont its just so strange to see andrew garfield and toby maguire in this universe. Talking about the existence of magic and the avengers and hearing about thanos like its just something i never thought i would see. I grew up on the batman. Changing every couple of years – and that was just the thing you know you have one batman go another batman comes in and it seemed like that was what was going to be the norm for spider man as well, so to now sort of recontextualize it, as this Is all one kind of big continuity, and these are all multiverse men that can meet and cross over any time its just utterly surreal and as much as i think they could have done more of them in this movie.

If it turns out that this is more of an introduction to their reintroduction, then maybe i dont think it would be quite so bad. I mean sony want to build their own spider man cinematic universe anyway id much. Rather, they did it with iterations of tugboats and andrew garfield spider man than they did with jared letos morbius. I mean honestly honestly, who gives a i am. I know, Laughter im just kidding its doctor, michael morgan, matt smith, should have been more obvious. That would get me hyped for that movie. Why is he playing a no name detective? Why does matt smith always get the shaft, and that reminds me because im thinking about palpatine now palpatine was used really well in this movie, far better than the rise of skywalker. Although thinking about the rise of skywalker, the kind of the essence of the problems i have with this movie are kind of similar to that, just in nowhere near as bad a way as in the rise of skywalker like this is a movie. Make no mistake. This is a movie with a beginning middle and end with characters that are likable and character, arcs and spectacle, even if it doesnt all quite come together, whereas the rise of skywalker is a commercial for action figures for two hours, its um dreadful dreadful. Overall, i did like spiderman no way home, but i dont think its the mind blowing experience that people are making out to be when, when all of this hype dies down well be looking at a very different experience, im not sure where id rank it in terms Of my spider man movie ranking because it is better than spider man 3.

, i dont think as a movie. It works as cohesively as homecoming, even though i think its got higher highs. If that makes sense the problems with it, bring it down. So i think i might have to go from the top spider man. 2 spider man, 1, spider, verse, homecoming no way home, maybe with time that could change. Maybe it could go higher up. I certainly hope it doesnt go. Any lower. Marvel have recently worked with three key spider man, alumni director, sam raimi, dp bill, pope and toby maguire, but bizarrely marvel didnt think to combine these forces instead. Bill pope was whisked away to shang chi, where he brought home some seriously well composed action. The kind of action that no way home desperately needs outside of two scenes with the green goblin, seriously those hand, hand moments. They were awesome both times but thats. The only bit of fisticuffs that stirred anything in me. Everything else is sloppy as hell and underwhelming in the wake of the rainy pope sandwich, weve gotten in the past seriously. How do you know the train? Fight in spider? Man 2 exists and give us this highway scene like its fine, its okay, the worst thing about it is when och gets punked by the narrow tech he just stole, and thus a villain that was once a lot of trouble to take down is beaten by a Little bit of stark tech marvel can bring back raymie, pope maguire, but capturing the magic that occurred when all three worked together many years ago is much harder to do.

Im glad that people are enjoying this movie and im glad people got everything that they wanted and im glad that we were seeing kind of a renaissance for andrew garfield. He deserves it. His spider man deserves it and im glad that we got to see tugboat because hes, my boy and i love him a lot. But in terms of the best spider man movie that we could have gotten the most satisfying narrative. We could have gotten the best paced best structured movie. We could have gotten the best spectacle. We could have gotten well framed well, composed well cut well, scored, i think were were lacking in those departments. I dont know. I think it was game of thrones and rise of skywalker in 2019, combined with this ongoing, never ending debate that scorsese kicked off about whether marvel movies are cinema or not. I really wish people listened to what scorsese said, rather than just getting defensive and worrying that these films do not constitute cinema and therefore a high enough standard of art to be enjoyed, because that was never what he was saying in the first place. He was saying that it sucks that this stuff means theres no room for anything else. When disney is opening the biggest movies of the year every single year and its getting to the stage where its pushing out the opportunity for other things to be experienced, then these movies need to be the dogs bollocks. They need to be really really good.

Otherwise, i feel, like i cant separate the resentment i have for that system from the quality of the movie, and i know for a lot of people. They can, if you can thats fine, but i just feel like its starting to get to the point where you know theyre just churning these out and more of them are becoming misses than hits. I havent even watched hawkeye and ive heard its fine, its fine, great but im, not im, not hyped for it and i guess ill catch it. At some point, like spider man is different, spider mans a bit of an mvp, but i wasnt that hyped for eternals. I thought shang chi was fun, but its kind of a marvel origin movie that weve seen before, and i think if it come out in 2011, i would have loved it a lot more and its, not really the fault of the movie, its more the thought of How many of these weve had and how long in the tooth this mcu has become, and i thought black widow was pretty bad and it shows no signs of stopping. I dont know i just i just feel like the mcu itself has just just kind of missed a step with with the filmmaking. I feel like it more often than not. Is actors standing against green screens filling in bits of dialogue or badly shot action scenes with? No fanfare shut up. Like 2014, the russos and james gunn made two fantastic superhero movies.

I dont think no way home is as good as either of those. What we wanted was to see the spider man together, and they made us wait to find out. If that was what we were going to get so that it was a surprise – and i think because surprises are so rare in blockbusters – now that even when its leaked all over the internet, even when we pretty much do know whats going to happen, we still crave That feeling of satisfaction, we crave mystery because theres none left once the surprise is done. I think the joys of spider man no way home are fairly fleeting. A big thank you to my full fatia patrons dr cheeky and craig hurst.