Video about the fat shark, dominator, stroke, walk snail, avatar system and really its a bit of an update, because today fly will have contacted early, pre orders to say they are happy to take your money and they intend to ship this system somewhere between the 15th and 25Th of june, whilst that is very good news, i am also going to say, be very, very careful and im going to explain why. Now this new system was obviously announced a few weeks ago now, originally by fat shark and then shortly afterwards we had the walk, snail information come through as well im not going to go into that again in this i have a dedicated video on that and ill Put a link to that somewhere for you now, if youre interested in finding out more, where i contain all of the facts, but the basics, are we have the same system being sold under two different brands at launch fat shark said they were happy to take full Price pre orders and they intended to ship sometime in june, walk snail were taking pre orders via flywheel for just one dollar, and they then would contact users later like they have done today. To take the full amount of money with more accurate shipping information. Walk snail were also taking pre orders via their own website directly as well. However, it seems its just the flywoo pre orders that have received email to say they intend to ship soon.

At the time when fat shark announced it, they said they would be sharing more information over the next couple of weeks, as the system would launch. However, the reality is, we have no more information today than we had at the original launch. We have all the info. We had from that original, very alpha demonstration of the system at rampage, but other than some marketing images from walk snail. We have had no concrete information on the spec, no actual confirmation on the features or capabilities of the system and the reality is. We remain as in the dark today, as we were on the original launch day. What is really interesting is now that fly will have said they intend to ship between the 15th and 25th of june. We have a bit more concrete information on when its going to be available, but weve had no updates from fart shark and the people who have actually paid their money to fat shark already have had no shipment updates either and its almost looking like right now. The flywheel orders are going to go out before the fat shark ones unless something changes in the meantime, its rather interesting that flywheels seem to be intending to ship the walk, snail version of the system before fat shark. However, that may change and there may be more information around the corner, but at this moment in time all we know is that the system from walk snail will be shipping in the next week or so more than anything in this video i want to share with You guys a bit of caution from me, and my advice to you is: unless you are absolutely obsessed with going in on day one, i would strongly advise against putting your pre order in we again, as ive already said, have no more information on this system.

Today we have no detailed specs weve, been shown an alpha version of the system, but it has not been confirmed. What features this system will ship with and right now paying out money on? This is a risk and, whilst im not saying fat, shark or walk snail would rip you off, you are buying a system that you have no confirmed details or specification for, and there could be a few nasty surprises around the corner when we start to get real World info back from actual users, i did put a pre order in myself with flywheel, not fat shark, on this one. But i havent been contacted myself yet, but i do know, a number of people have so its clear that they are working through that early pre order list right now. The reality is youre being asked to pay for a system that has no confirmed. Specs no demonstrated features or actual real world usage and no confirmation of what features, support or improvements is going to get in the future. It is a risk to say the least, and i advise you to hold back wait for the early information to come out, because there will always be people who jump in early for people probably like me when we finally get our hands on it. All the likes of the other review channels and wait to see what the actual situation is before. Risking your money up front. And maybe you might want to hold back and wait and see what comes from dji, because the whispers are that there is something coming in.

The not too distant future as well as soon as im able to place my pre order. I will, and i will be sharing with you, my unfiltered honest, unbiased opinion on this system. When its available, we will be taking a deep dive into many aspects of it. As soon as i can place, the pre order and if youre interested in seeing that, please do make sure youre a subscriber of the channel, if youd like to support us to allow us to keep making content like that, allow us to be able to buy the System there are links to my patreon as well as buy me a coffee. I want to say a massive thank you to all of my patreons. I would not be able to do this without your support anyway. Thats it from me. Please do.