This got me really excited because remember my full series of videos on the parrot disco kind of digital fpv wing. That thing was so awesome. We did so much with it. This is kind of the next step up since that one couldnt really launch vertically and land vertically uh you kind of had to have a big area. People were crashing it. It was hard to land and stuff, but this takes care of that. So here we go really excited. This is also by foxtec makes this its by the two companies. I guess their sister companies, but i got one in for demo and im super excited – were gon na unbox. This inspect it set it up. Do flight tests in the next couple of videos and also range test. This video here is just going to be an in depth. Unboxing inspection setup show you how everything is how the interface is so dont forget to hit that notification bell up there and subscribe and also ill have this uh swan k 1 down in the description down below. If you want to check out how much it cost and some more of the specs go ahead and check that out in the description anyway, lets get started, lets unbox this and see how this thing is Music. Here we go so first time opening it up with you guys and we got instructions on the top looks like there is some english in there.

Thankfully, so we can understand what a lot of the stuff does well go through all this when we take it out of the box. I got the version that doesnt have the case, but they do have a kind of a newer case version and they said theyd send me a case. So hopefully that comes pretty soon kind of like two big pieces of foam. You can see theres the k1 in there and the top just has like the legs. Basically just the legs on the top so heres, the main fuselage of the k1. Pretty awesome were going to check it out more in depth. You can see it does have a camera right here, but thats just kind of like the fpv unstabilized camera, i believe – or maybe it has a little bit of digital stabilization. But if you really want to get good video on this youre going to need to put in your own high definition, camera theres, a pitot tube right on top for your air speed, lets just get everything out of the box before we start checking it out and Putting it together so two wings heres the other side here so just left and right full set of propellers. So it looks like they just give you one set one charger here: just the charger and the wall plug there. Dont want to miss anything so im going in all the nooks and crannies. That looks like a usb type c little cable, white, cable here and last but not least in this box.

Is the controller awesome see theres that screen on the bottom, so you dont have to have any kind of phone or tablet its all built in pull out these guys. These are really light, wow, its basically just really light plastic, and you got the motors here. So basically, just two sets of these looks like were gon na, have a right and a left, because you can see that motor is tilted a little that way. Okay, guys! Here we go so i got everything out of the box on the table and the first thing i wanted to do was just kind of inspect everything. So, as you can see, weve got uh the landing gear with the motors that are already attached up here. Its just got a really simple little connection port here kind of like similar to some of the connectors youd, see where drone batteries kind of attach to drones. But you can see how this is kind of like swept as the shape of the wing. So really no way we can put these on wrong just have to line up that shape and slide them on which were going to do in a second. They do feel pretty durable like if you did hit kind of hard or they hit something they wouldnt just break theyre really hard, but slightly flexy plastic kind of plastic youd have on the outside of like a multi, rotor drone and then theres, just basically a square For where it meets up to the plane, not really any way, you can get this wrong, since that has a teardrop shape kind of sloping back and so does that all you do is match it up, put the square hole on the square rod and then just Push it down in it goes in really nice and easy.

You shouldnt be jamming it at all, and then it just slides in to lock in so were just doing that, basically on both sides and then really just following suit with the wings theres really no way. You can screw this up either while we have the wing up here. Well, just take a quick little in depth. Look at the wing. We do have like a carbon fiber tube right here and then we have the cavity thats going to sync up little notches right. There for those plastic little stubs to go in and just little clip on the very end there. You can see the focus in here but theres, just a little clip to like hold the wing on so hopefully that doesnt come off, and then we have that kind of disco style wing tips over here. Putting that carbon fiber piece into the corresponding hole and then just sliding it in so like everything matches up, maybe a slight bit of difficulty to there we go the initial you just got ta kind of tweak. It lets see how easy it is to take this thing off. So if you hit a tree, maybe when youre going, you see how thatll separate so thats a little bit worrisome and lets just see if we pull it off kind of hard thats how easy it is to kind of take the whole thing apart. So it all just kind of falls apart super easy. So what i might do is just for um a little bit of added security.

You could always just put a little couple strips of tape on those seams. You know just to hold it there quick little check out on the motor. You see how that motor has a little detent on the top, and this motor over here has no d10 on the top, so basically thats going to determine which propellers go where so lets. Try a motor with the detent there we go so thats going to be the black ones. You can see how they just reverse spin on counterclockwise definitely need to make sure these are a little bit tight, so im just going to finger tightening them until theyre, nice and tight. You can see how that works. Look at these propellers. They do have quite an aggressive pitch here. Look at that thing right off the bat they just come up crazy angle and then come down into a regular propeller, so thats going to give it that bite. It needs for, like initial acceleration, lets move over to the motors that dont have a detent whats interesting about these two. Is they have this little like rubber, silicone like washer on the bottom? You guys can see that so that kind of locks them in thats kind of actually a good technique, so these are going to go on clockwise on the motors without that little notch theres a good angle. Here you can see on how far that motor is tilted out, so theyre all tilted out, so theyre probably doing that for some kind of just angle, stability, a little bit of a con here, im noticing as ive been just finagling.

With this thing. Look at this. The pitot ii mount already came out, unglued, definitely a little con. There gon na have to put some of my own glue on there push that down and make sure that stays there. It looks like this is where the flight controller and all the guts of the whole plane are gon na be, and these are held in with hex screws. Im not going to take this off right now, but uh thats going to be all the flight controller. You know gps and all that stuff is going to be in there and then over here. We just have one more compartment on top. This is kind of like that same pressurized foam as the peridisco has same exact thing, where its like compressed little magnets for the top of the shell here and the other side of the magnets are down here and heres our battery. So its just stuffed right in here lets: try to pull this thing out see what this battery is does feel like its velcroed in here. So you got to give it a little bit of pressure and that got super light now its super front end heavy and lets check out what this battery is. This does feel like lithium polymer, flat cells, so its a lipo, not a lithium ion round cell kind of battery pack and as far as the specs go. This is a 5500 mah uh, four cell, so you can see 15.

2 to 17.4 volt. So this is a 4s battery pack. It looks like they have a really simple charge: port here, which is on the other side of the charger as well, and hopefully theres a bms, a battery management system in here. So it does correctly charge and balance, as you can see, just a normal xt60 connector with big old thick wires here to supply that power to those four motors and, of course, on the other side, just that little bit of velcro to help hold it in the Craft quick peek at the battery bay since were already here a little velcro on the bottom to hold in there theres how the bay looks. You have the other side of those magnets theres our receiving xt60, and then you can see theres just a little bit of a circuit board in there. Weve got some crossbar tubing, so flipping this guy over um, not a whole lot to see. Here. You can see where all the joints are kind of glued here looks like theyre glued fairly well. Weve got some venting here on the bottom im just kind of looking in these gaps here and it looks like there is like possibly a heat sink down in there for um the escs, because there are going to be basically four motors on here, multi rotor motors. So theyre going to need like a electronic speed, control to control them and just for added cooling. We have these ports here.

Theres two ports here – plastic hex screws in there and one of them looks like its backed out quite a bit. These ones all look like theyre down and theyre tightened really good, but that one looks like its pretty loose, so i may want to tighten that up and just check if thats, okay right over here im seeing a little antenna. So this looks like its going to be the receive and transmit antenna at least one of them and sticking out right outside the bottom. There just barely coming out moving on to the front. We do have a whole other little compartment here, and these are all screwed down with plastic hex screws, and what this is all about guys is um, since this gives you 720p, it doesnt really give the 4k uh super stabilized video with the built in system and Thats kind of where this uh differentiates from like the pair of disco. Remember the peridisco just had that camera stabilized. It was only 1080p, but it was a really good camera. I would really like to see these things just come with like a 4k stabilized camera built in what they chose to do is just let you be able to put on your gopro style, so ill, probably be putting on my dji osmo action. If you dont have a camera, they do give you this kind of like blank insert, and these are weights in here. So this is going to be the weight of say, a camera like this, so heres the dji osmo camera.

I love this cam its waterproof. If it rains, this at least will be waterproof if it rains on this thing, while youre flying this feels maybe a little bit heavier than the weights. They give you here so well see how that all works looks like its going to be kind of hard to reach the buttons. When you have this thing, velcroed in so youre, probably going to have to start recording and then velcro this in nice and tight, you want to get this in really tight. You do not want your camera to fall out and so thats kind of how it goes in there anyway. That really is how it looks with your own camera kind of mounted on. You can see it from a side view and, of course, thats the camera youre going to see in the fpv that goes to the controller lets bust out. The controller up theres that pitot tube again thats kind of irritating im gon na, have to glue that in there ill have this in the description as well. Its just called the e6000 clear, transparent glue. The best thing ive ever used for my hobbies on doing stuff. Like this, and that is not going to go anywhere after this dries, i like how this stuff is clear. You can see how you can barely see it and when it dries its even going to be less visible, all right guys so lets check out the controller.

Just kind of comes with a little bit of plastic to protect everything here so lets. Take all this stuff off antennas go up, this thing comes off and there it is so. This is basically a little uh phone screen in here. You can see that does look like right around the six to seven inch size, maybe six inch 6.5 ish. That does look like a pretty nice screen. Uh lets just take a closer look at all these things on the controller, so it does look like the tips of the thumb sticks are aluminum. Gimbals are very tight and springy and theyre both like that little heq sticker there slightly coming off so lets push that back on. As you know, quality control is always sometimes an issue with with these kinds of crafts, and so it looks like there might be some slight quality control issues. I do see antennas going up inside of the actual antenna, so at least we know that these are real antennas on the front. Weve got some buttons, a power and b c over here, just a little clicker and d on this side, bringing it over to the top weve got an f and h. The f is going to be this lower kind of three way toggle here, and the h is actually this uh trigger roller. Now this does not spring back. It goes all the way and then it stops so this little ridge to um.

So you know where the middle is there id imagine that some of these uh buttons here are not going to be, and toggles are not going to be in use on the left side. We have the same thing, just a g and an e here. So the e another three way toggle here and then the g is that same kind of uh roller uh potentiometer. I should say that has a little detent on the top very top looks like we got some speaker, porting and or cooler porting. Then weve got this little rubber deal here, thats just kind of already almost popping out interesting, a little sd card there. You see that little slot on the right, and then we have the micro usb c and they did include a cable and then this one here is a ppm port. So im, assuming this is the way were going to charge the battery with that little white usbc charger. We got in the box this little guy right here remember this so looks like this is pretty much just to charge the uh controller, just like that. It looks like youre gon na have to have your own usb power, brick to charge the controller itself thats about it. No real rubber on the sides, its just kind of like a hard plastic. All the way around would have been nice, maybe if they finished it with some kind of rubberized plastic on the handles, like other drones, do a little handlebar here and thats about it.

No ports on the bottom or anything just all those ports are just right on the top lets, try and just power. This thing up real quick since we got it here, click and hold there. We go picture of the controller, looks like this things going to take a little while to boot up unlock, so i just swiped up all right im just scrolling over. We can keep swiping and we have oh cool all this stuff. Instead of reading the instructions, you could also just look at all these controls what they all do kind of goes more in depth on what all these things are for flight mode switch up here we got our left, stick fixed wing, rotor switch, which is the a The b is a one: click return to home, so youre flying click that return to home uh when it returns the home. You probably want to shut that off. Ive heard that this one gets stuck into return to home and you cant relaunch so make sure you shut that off before you try to take off again very similar, just like a multi rotor when its in that mode, once its transitioned over to flying like a Plane, push forward to speed up push back to slow down, left and right here is useless. Right, stick is going to kind of be our up and down so were going to be pushing forward to make the nose go down, pulling back to make the nose come up, and then this is going to roll left or right.

If you want to use the japanese style control, it just switches a few of the controls around and thats it for like the newbie control. So if we press x out of here cool, looks like you can set all this stuff. Im gon na definitely need to connect to the craft to make sure that um we can do all this stuff. You can see how you can set all these altitude limits. Um geo radius, if you wanted to do training and you didnt – want it to fly past. A certain distance you can set all that here, return to home altitude if you lose control or when you press that return to home button thats just setting the altitude the craft will go up to just so. You dont hit any trees right coming on the way back or any buildings you want to set that higher than any buildings you have in the area. Lets go ahead and connect to the wi fi make sure were there and connected. We even have these home and back buttons as well. We can use so we can go back and look at that its streaming in the satellite map. As soon as i connected my my wi fi so were just at a random place. It looks like in china. I want to go over to hawaii because im in hawaii over here – hey, it already sees my controller there, and this should hopefully be saving and streaming in and saving the map, as i zoom in so apparently it knows where the controller is at my house, thats.

Pretty cool im just going to kind of zoom in to some of the places im going to fly this thing zoom in a few times, zoom all over the place. This is what youre going to have to do youre going to have to zoom in at different levels, so you want to zoom in to get it as detailed as you want before you fly in all the areas you think youre going to be flying so just Make sure you do all that we swipe up, we can see that just basically brings us into our app drawer. So what i might want to do here guys since we can do all this, is i might actually side load the screen recorder i like to use. I think it should definitely be able to work on this. Okay guys. I think i got everything charged enough to do an initial boot up. I got the battery mounted in here. All im doing is plug it in so you could hear that initial boot up chime Music and then it kind of does that secondary boot up chime were waiting for some kind of connection, and there we go, looks like it is connected. We do have fpv video on the camera facing up towards the ceiling cool. So if i click on that there we go, you can see as i move the craft around oh cool, so it is kind of stabilized actually and theres a little bit of a delay.

Digital wi, fi connection so were getting about a half a second delay. Definitely dont want to be doing that flying close because youre going to have that delay and if theres an obstacle youre not going to be able to react fast enough if youre too close to it, so be careful with that. So anyway, lets go over this interface. So we looked at the map, so lets see what happens here if we rotate it oh cool on the very right of the screen, you see those two bubbles, those two circles and you can see the orientation of the craft im, basically rotating it towards me now And it is showing you in real time which way the craft is rotating im, going to lift up one side of it, the right side and look at that. The bottom right circle. The craft is turning so its really good at showing you the orientation kind of like the some of the submarines. I reviewed showing up here on the top left. The motors are locked and we are connected with an exclamation mark, and here we go so a little red thing that says: sirius reject altitude control loading perimeter complete whatever. That means im just going to close that lets just kind of work our way over the screen. While we have this thing on and connected theres four gps satellites, only in the house and its facing up now, the gps is somewhere on the top of the the drone itself, so being that its in its kind of vertical multi, rotor mode, its not going to Have the best visibility of the sky so were only getting four there.

I can click on it, its cool, how it gives you more information if you do want to click on things, wow cool, so pretty in depth interface, here, just clicking back on the screen to take that away. This button here on the interface might not even do anything. This is where we can kind of see our air speed flying speed, altitude, home distance and flight time were going to control lets, see advanced settings calibrate level, definitely recommend doing calibrate level like on a super level surface in your house. Here we go, we got a completed, its always good to see so were gon na hit completed there. Gyroscope are already calibrated, probably a good idea to do these things in the flying field, the level its hard to find a level spot in the flying field. So i would definitely do this at home now were getting the motors uh chime, because apparently it has just been on for too long im, not seeing any changing of units which is unfortunate, the ability to change units to like feet and miles anyway. Uh lets just check for updates one last time. So apparently this thing just like isnt, really giving us any indication that its has any kind of updates for it. So um, i think, thats pretty much it for the interface so lets shut all this stuff down and just unplugged it and were gon na hold in you can see how a little icon pops up do.

You want to just restart, or power off were going to power off. I hope that really helped you to kind of get the thing set up, just see how it is. It looks like theres going to be a couple of little shortcomings where you know this guy so far, i had to glue my own pitot tube in that was a little bit concerning there. My only other concern is how these wings are gon na kind of hold up. If you want that extra security just go ahead and put a piece of tape right here, really didnt like how i couldnt change to imperial units, since i am in the us, but anyway guys thanks for tuning in, i hope that was informative, for you, lots more To come on this remember flight test range test im trying to get some cinematic videos um here on maui i live in hawaii and theres, some really nice, cliffs and beaches. We can fly over to really get some cool shots and just see how smooth this thing flies and how far it goes, and all that stuff so dont forget to subscribe to the channel. So you dont miss those videos and also check out this product down below.