It helps if youre driving something luxurious and even better if its an xc60. After all, there is luxury and then theres scandinavian luxury Music. I thought id tell you about these seats, but honestly i wouldnt know when to stop theyre just so plush and comfortable ive spent hours driving this pretty much all day and havent felt a thing: hey. Google wheres, the nearest cafe: do you want to go there? Yes, of course, lets begin see how easy that makes life and its not just on drives like these, that the xc60 makes your life that little bit better, even after a long hard day at work. Coming back home in peak traffic, its just as relaxing Music overtakes come so easy and performance is just effortless and you never have to worry about efficiency since its a mild hybrid, too and refinement thats. Another exceptional quality in this car and the way it rides so supple bat roads. What are those Applause? Wait a minute whats that a drone that big ive never seen anything like it. Music should follow it. Music, oh wow, that looks like a smart. Looking car looks like a volvo hmm. How do i get a closer look ill? Try to draw him in Music. I have a feeling im, not the one chasing this drone. This drone seems to be leading me somewhere, Music. Okay, my relaxing sunday drive has suddenly turned into a proper chase sequence. I feel like im in a movie and luckily i have the wheels to tackle the rough stuff Music Music.

So that was you. You did that intentionally. Didnt you! Oh yes, i wanted to take a closer look at the car. This is the refreshed volvo xc60 isnt. It wow. Yes! Well, i suppose you can just come check it out. Then i would love to thank you. Music. The front looks sharper. Yes, it does. What do you think of the insides, though, looks fantastic, tell me more about it. Well, this car is full of tech. Hang on. Do you like going to concerts? Yes, i dont think you need to go to concerts anymore with this car, because, with this 15 speaker sound package, its like a live performance right here inside the car and theres more, i know youve got your fancy drone out there, but this car also has a 360 degree, camera, which means parking in really tight spots, is just an absolute breeze and theres. Even more, you see the arches in the outside the mirrors yeah thats. Basically, your blind spot information system so when youre driving on the highway somethings in your blind spot, youre notified of it immediately and it just makes driving so much safer and just so much better. You know theres theres, even more stuff. Why dont? We just flick through this menu, definitely Music. So what do you think now? You see um ive always been excited about using technology for making life better for people and thats. The part that i like about volvo using technology to make life safer, simpler and better for everyone involved, and i relate to that a lot because thats what we do at our work, Music.

Well, that reminds me you still havent told me about those drones yet mind. If you go check them out, definitely please come lets. Go Music. Our products broadly follow a theme of performance, autonomy and reliability. Let me specifically tell you about this product this we call netra v4. The v4 represents the fourth generation of this product and we have been making these for a while and shows in our ability to make high performance systems, so this has class leading performance in it in its class globally. Today this can operate in the highest altitude areas. The harshest environment conditions and, while doing so delivers class leading performance of more than an hour of endurance. What else have we got here? What are the other? Let me show you the other drone, so this one is called the rhino now it looks very different from our other product because its meant to do a very different job. Okay, this is again a class leading product trying to do mapping operations for our country. This is being used by national level surveyors in the country to map thousands of villages as we speak so every day hundreds of rhinos fly across the country, mapping, villages and creating digital land records, empowering the people in rural areas to unlock their potential right and while Doing so, this is the most indigenous product in its class and it competes with the best in the world thats phenomenal. Thank you. Thank you.

So much whats that so switch is being used by the indian armed forces. The indian army is one of the biggest users of this. The indian army has already acquired hundreds of this to be able to secure our border areas and, as you know, the indian borders are one of the longest and probably the most uneasy, definitely very challenging. The whole process of creating this technology has been enabled by working with a very, very high capability team that we have here right. But you know what can you throw some numbers at me whats the wingspan like, and you know how, how high does it fly? How fast can it go im really curious to know about it, so this is about two and a half meters wingspan about 1.8 meters long. This weighs under 7 kg. This is one of the lightest aircrafts of its class and giving that kind of performance under 70.. What that must be a lot of carbon fiber then definitely there are a lot of high performance materials used here. Lots of carbon fiber lots of kevlar. All of that helps in keeping the weight down while stretching the performance higher and higher. While doing so, it also makes life simpler, easier and better for the user, as does the volvo by bringing in smart features where the user doesnt have to worry about the safety of the equipment all the time it takes care of battery voltage. It takes care of communication, vibration, gps, vend and a bunch of other things, so that the user can focus on his job and not worry about the safety of the equipment and the environment around them.

I know that does sound a lot like my car, although i dont know, if youre thinking on the same lines, but do you think its time to switch? I guess so that looks easy. Its meant to be right. Cars.