You love album reviews and you want to hear about more albums. So we headed over to our patreon campaign and asked our patrons what are the top five albums that we didnt review that you want to hear us talk about so thats. What were doing here, big thanks to our patreon community weve, got a great community over there. Uh, we really appreciate everything you guys uh do for us and hey if youre a subscriber, if youre, not uh, 2022 were cooking up a lot of cool new stuff for you, uh therell be a video in january kind of announcing all the new perks that are Coming out – but you know 2022, the year of patreon, but hey because of patreon thats, it thats all. I got ta say before we get on the content, isnt that amazing. Ah, so these are the top five metal albums. We didnt review this year as chosen by our patreon community number. Five lets listen to a little bella core coherence. It came in on napalm records october 29th have a listen Music, Music Music. So what we have here is some australian, melodic death, metal uh. The building towards the end of foothold is where the album really started to vibe with me, because uh bellacore are great at building that mellow death energy, but theres a cool depressive layer over everything, and you know how i feel about depressive layers over things. Uh uh that really helps the record stand out from the pack because, as we know, a lot of mellow death can blend a little together.

Uh sound, a little hey were singing about vikings, but that that that layer adds a real maturity. Uh to the genre, which you know, i clearly is resonating with you guys when bellacor want to get me moving, they absolutely can towards the middle of hidden window and the end of foothold and all over valance. Both guitars and drums are absolutely nailing. It uh. That being said, what they need is a goddamn editor, please guys uh. First, they tell them uh change that the band logo, that looks like a ufc fighters, name tattooed on his shoulder, blades uh and the second would be uh. How the hell is the second track on your album, a two minute interlude. What thats i mean. We just started the race on the trip, whats whats whats happening, and we have two more instrumental tracks on the album that are five minutes of pop theres 12 minutes. So nothing on this album, uh and ill give that sweep of days. Uh is all right, though it could easily be three minutes um, but uh indelible has uh indelibly marked on my brain that i aint getting that five minutes back. If you know what im saying um, this extends into songs as well. Unfortunately, valance could have perfectly flowed out of foothold, but ive got to have 30 seconds of, like literally nothing uh to kick things off and then youre gon na hit me with a piano two minutes in come on.

Apparently, this album is a residential neighborhood, because its got speed bumps all over it do not go over 30 kilometers an hour were in canada and its not even that i have an issue with the type of thing: the acoustic guitar speed bump towards the end of The track is awesome, super great again its just that good editor please get in there um. It sounds like i hate this album. I dont i dont its frequently exceptional and thats. Why im getting worked up here because i really feel like i could have vacuum, sealed this into a banger with some edward scissorhands action. So unfortunately, im going to say, uh three out of five skulls that are 30 kilometer, an hour signs uh, because apparently thats the speed limit around here i cant drive 55 up next, apparently youve been reading my christmas list, its worm forever glade. It came out on 20 bucks spin october 22nd. It does seem, like you guys, didnt realize that we could have picked albums from the whole year. You got short memories, but its okay, Music. Oh, what weve got here is death doom out of florida and its also a uh metal monthly pick. So i cant feel, like i already reviewed this, because, if its in metal, monthly and im saying how amazing it is for an extended period of time, uh. That seems like a review to me, but you should head over there and take a look at the metal monthly, hey yeah, a little plug for my other show nice um to talk about it briefly.

Here, though, it is absolutely blane style, death, doom, its got anger and aggression, but a nice spooky sound and an awesome swamp atmosphere really trying to get the fingers going in this episode. Uh they have that great death doom guitar tone which, for me, is the key to the whole genre. If you have that guitar tone, you can do whatever you want. If you dont nail a great guitar cone like that get the hell out of here. I i dont have anything else to say i said it all in metal monthly, so its the best thing to come out of florida, my favorite record of the month, i like it, the synths, arent, overused, perfect synth tone, rose, swampy, vibe, nice death, doom guitar tone, High and low vocals and thats a primo choice. This might be the most blane release of the year very easy, very easy. Four and a half out of five skulls that are just blane smiling faces, because this is exactly what i want im glad you guys are vibing with it too up next. This is absolutely one that should have been included on this list. This was a you know, tricky thing to not cover unto others strength, road runner records. It came out back in september 24th. What weve got here is some portland based gothic, rock and boy. Do i feel bad for these dudes oof? You might remember they burst onto the scene with mano re reviewed it here, uh, sarah loved it i loved it, listened to it a ton.

Then they were hit with some trademark nonsense and had to change their name and they changed their name to unto others. Uh and uh music is tricky because it forms like a bond in your brain that you cant necessarily separate. You know, yeah a song comes on. You think of your childhood uh and its really hard to undo that this band was called idle hands and now theyre called on to others and boy. I think thats, a really bad band name and it kind of affects my enjoyment and its completely beyond my control. I tell you this not to criticize the band uh, though they probably should have had another brainstorm session about that name uh, but to really give weight to the positive stuff im about to say uh, because this is an awesome band, making awesome music. They were seemingly able to overcome in most peoples, minds and hearts, uh that this whole nonsense happened with a very strong album. Uh ive talked about my personal distinction between goth and gothic, a little bit in the past cue, the goth and i feel uh. This manages to stay perfectly in that gothic box the whole time, which is why it vibes with me so much while definitely different. They totally feel like a spiritual successor to sisters of mercy and, if thats not the biggest praise a band like this can get. I dont know what else to say: uh theyre heavier to reflect the heaviness of the day compared to when sisters of mercy were out.

But if you like that youre gon na love this – and this definitely has even heavier moments uh than the previous work uh. When will gods work be done, is uh way more of a straight right, uh than anything on mana and uh, a band thats getting heavier as they get bigger. I dont want to say anything negative to these guys because i dont want to accidentally spook them off. This path, please keep doing this bands jesus um. My only criticism i can really say is that the band is kind of a victim of themselves uh. They are able to write such an amazing banger, and this happened on mana too, where sometimes im just like wow that songs so good, and this songs pretty good, so get this song to hell out of here uh. You know you feel bad, but uh. Sometimes you skip a song, uh bye, bye, little bird, and can we just theres a song called little bird, but the track before it has bird sounds on it? Is that not were getting enough? Uh still uh still an absolutely great record that i can 100 give four out of five. Oh uh. It seems i legally cant use that word anymore, so uh uh im happy to give them four out of five craniums. Well thats, not as good. We now move on to our number two pick from you and its out of canada. Its spirit box, eternal blue, came out on ryze records.

September 17th lets have a listen. This could all be yours, it could all be Music. So this is that canadian i dont know something around there. I i mean im surprised that this got number two. I dont i mean i guess you didnt know i was gon na have to talk about this. I dont know what i dont know what to say here: uh i dont know i cant, i dont feel im qualified uh. It goes a little bit and i dont like that. Um courtney, laplante has a very nice voice and i enjoy your singing very much um. The third song had one of those uh f e a t period and then a persons name after it, and i thought, oh, that seems like a song im not gon na like, and i did not like that song um, i dont know uh, maybe its just Me uh uh, but it sounds like im listening to the soundtrack to like kingdom hearts or something and its not just me, because my wife came down when i was reviewing the album and asked if i was listening to korean evanescence, uh and and theyre from vancouver. So i dont know i dont know what to tell you. Uh im just gon na give this a very normal three out of five jack skellington skulls and move on to things im more qualified to talk about, and i also just want to personally apologize to spirit box for everything i just said, and our number one pick For the year, hey look at that warms the cockles to see art spire bleed.

The future season of mist. October 29th have a listen Music, Music, community Music, if Music, yes, the canadian heroes, making some tech death, and, oh god, yes, its absolutely something else. Im not super qualified to talk about, but uh. Here we are uh, so artspire uh are known for being very fast uh on this record. They are still very fast. They might even be faster. Who can really tell this speed, uh and who cares theyre very fast um, despite that? What they do really have, which most pants to do? This do not is uh a rhythm uh, its you know a thing you can vibe to its, not just clickity clack clickity clack the whole time uh. It really seems like uh art spire has put the thought into going hey. How do we make a physical connection with peoples bodies and get them moving? Not just public them in the chest. Theyve always been conscious of that. Theyve always done that thats. Why they connect with people so much and uh yeah thats? Why this is number one, because theyre making songs uh they do occasionally slow down. To give a contrast, too uh. The start to drain of incarnation is uh, particularly inspired and its my favorite track on the album, because it has the most uh variety and texture the slows help. You appreciate the fasts uh theres, still the ever present issue with music like this, that a lot of the record comes down to at what speed we its inevitable in the genre and its.

Why i dont listen to a ton of stuff like this uh, but it does seem, like i said again, our spire knows that its like a lot of the time and they really try and find every opportunity they can to give you a reprieve from that uh Uh, while still also just the record, is mostly that uh its a good blend, uh special, shout out to basis jared smith for frequently putting a little ditty as well to break things up. I can never really say anything bad about the boys canadian heroes. Four out of five skulls that are moving way too fast, thats it thats what we got. That was our top five well just toss im not doing full reviews for these, but well just toss up. Some great runner up mentions chemists. Why did you release an album? This late in the year its confusing uh obscura, it still sounds like obscure magically, though it missed, linus uh whitechapel, not touching it darkthrone we count and reviewed live, were twitch youll catch some more twitch stuff in the new year, too uh first fragment day so and Uh were out of time.