Hs 360 to gps, follow as well as were going to be using the camera to capture my slow speed practice session, so stay tuned lets, get it all right im out here with the holy stone, hs360 and im about to test out this gps follow mode. It is very nerve wracking because i dont have my hands on the controller. My controller is in my tool pack and my phone is mounted to my handlebars, which is displaying the uh fpv feed from the drone and im, probably going maybe 15 20 miles. An hour tops and, as you can see, the drone is definitely following my gps on my phone, because every time i move the motorcycle from side to side, the drone is moving the same way and the footage seems to be pretty smooth with this two axis gimbal. With image stabilization, but you know, of course, with image stabilization drones. Normally you do see a little artifacting every now and then, when the drone shakes a little bit but uh, like i said its only a 2x gimbal with image stabilization. Let me know in the comments below how good is the quality of the video, as you can see, im about to drive toward the drone to try to see if the drone is going to keep me inside of the shot, as well as im going to do. Some circles to try to see how sensitive the gps is and for this budget drone to be able to follow my motorcycle.

This is very impressive if youre buying or thinking about buying this drone. I highly recommend you make sure you have at least 10 satellites before you take off. That will make sure the gps is locked and it will be stable in the air. This has to be holy stones best drone, thus far, because it has this 2xs gimbal, with image stabilization. Most of their drones only have image stabilization with no gimbals all right now. The drone is moving forward and im lifting the gimbal up. What do you see? Do you see any type of artifacting or anything in the background? Do you see anything to let you know it has image stabilization as you can see im about to film my slow speed practice session with my holy stone hs360, and it makes the job much easier to move the drone back and forth instead of moving the tripod And the cameras – and if you like what you see here, we have links listed in the description box below as well as in the comment section. Those are amazon, affiliate links, it doesnt cost you a thing to purchase through those links, so i do urge that you purchase through those links and, as you can see, the drone stays pretty stable in the air as long as the gps is locked, but until you Get used to your drone and you know its not going to drift on you. I highly recommend you keep your hands on the sticks.

You know i am kind of violating right now with a budget drone with my hands off the sticks, but im pretty confident on how it performs. So what are your thoughts on the holy stone? Hs360. Let me know in the comments below and if you bought a drone through the links listed below. There is a 14 off coupon that you receive at checkout, and i tried to test out the waypoints with my samsung galaxy s9, and the map would not show up on my screen so im gon na test it out tomorrow with my iphone and ill. Let you guys know how that works out and thats pretty much all i got for yall man until next time.