Doing some saltwater fishing feels really good to be back down here. Yall its been a while – and i got some awesome footage for yall today so me and a new friend of mine. His name is blake. Hes lived down here, his whole life and he definitely knows a thing or two about salt water fishing. He invited me out to do some inshore fishing to try to target some redfish, which is probably my favorite saltwater species, and we went out and had a pretty fun day yall. So im really excited to share some of this footage with yall. We got some awesome drone footage later on in the video, but this video starts out with doing some early morning. Top water fishing so stick around stay tuned and hope you guys enjoy todays video, Music, Music thats, my dog yeah thats, how i know finally, Music. That was nuts, oh, my god yeah i had to catch up with him so hard like he started running so freaking hard, sometimes ill stay up there. You can see the backs running and all that jeez thats, probably my personal best, Music jeez. There we go hell. Yeah, oh my god that was nuts with the recording yep yeah, the best part right there yeah. If you want to go back and watch it jeez that was nuts jeez dude, i thought he was a little yeah. I thought he was too yeah lets see. Oh no hes, definitely my personal best about 24.

, not bad dude personal, best ride right there that was so sick Music, sick, dude, hell yeah appreciate that Music, all right. So after that, first fish of the day on top water, we ended up not getting any more top water bites, so we decided to go and catch some live bait and try fishing those around some different areas. Didnt really have much luck doing that, and so we ended up going into this creek where blake thought he knew where a school of fish were. There ended up being some people at the spot he wanted to go to, and so we decided to throw up the drone to see if we can find some fish and uh sure enough. We ended up finding some oh see that one fish yep look at that. Go down on him lets. Look at him, thats cool! Oh, wait! What theres a couple where right here i was looking at one down here! Damn there might be more than that! Oh yeah! Look! You see him in the corner, oh yeah! Oh he just ate something. Look at him those reds yeah, oh yeah, hell yeah, dude theres, two of them should we go try to find them. Wait lets see real quick theres got ta, be more. Oh yeah theres another one. Oh my god, dude hey! Oh! This is gon na, be sick. Hell yeah theres another one too theres, four at least four right there, oh theres another one, yeah dude.

We got it. Where is that at wheres, your drone? They were up on the surface, doing good yeah wed, probably catch them. On top. I bet you theres. One up in there, probably yeah those were really obvious yeah. I thought it was gon na be harder to find him theres something a few something its not right. There theres more fish right, yeah, thats, a fish thats. Definitely a red drum yeah! Look at him! He is fit hes hunting right now, hes hungry, he wants it. Hes hes involved with two of them. Look at him! Oh, oh! No! No! Look! What dude oh shut up! Dude! Look at all them! Are you recording this? Yes, dude! Look at all them! Oh, my god, dude lets go get on those fish. All right lets go, get him dude holy wheres that one thats it like more towards the mouth of it. Oh, my god, dude those are those arent little ones either. Oh, my god, dude dude look at them! Oh, they are hungry and want food. They need food. Look at them, dude they need food lets, go, give them food – oh my god: okay, yeah, thats, so badass, so badass all right! So after seeing some fish in the drone, we decided to start making our way back into that creek that we saw them at, and i will say that we werent really sure exactly what we were seeing. We thought that they are redfish, but after taking a closer look at them after we downloaded the drone clips, i think a few of the schools of fish that we were seeing were actually just big mullet.

You know its just kind of hard to pick out and decide exactly what kind of fish youre seeing you know were definitely seeing some fish and they werent small fish. You know they were pretty big sized mullet, but it was kind of hard to determine them from redfish. You know just looking through my phone screen with the drone, its kind of hard to tell you know what we were seeing wasnt as clear as probably what youre seeing right now. So it was kind of hard for us to tell exactly what was and what wasnt, redfish and so after getting further back into that creek, where we saw some of these fish we casted at them a few times. We had the drone up and i was telling blake where to cast to see if we can get some fish and we never ended up hooking up with any of the fish in that spot, that we were seeing that big school at and so what we ended Up doing was we just went further back up into this creek. I put the drone away and we were just kind of fishing and then blake ended up catching his first redfish of the day pond or something somewhere thats, just the fishings just insane its just easy good lets go. It did look like a trout for a second. I thought there ought to be one up here: Music, that was a good release. So after catching that fish we decided to post up in that spot and uh, throw up the drone to see if theres any more fish in the area and sure enough.

We started seeing some fish on the drone we were casting at them. We threw a bunch of different artificials at them, but didnt get any bites and so blake ended up picking up a carolina rig with a dead mullet on it. You know all the live mullet that we caught earlier on in the morning ended up dying, and so we just had some dead mullet and he threw it on a carolina rig and just tossed it out and sure enough within. Like 10 minutes of that, we ended up getting our third fish of the day, and so after throwing some more artificial baits at them, we kind of figured that these fish just arent in a feeding mood and theyre, not really going to be wanting to bite any Artificial baits, and so we ended up tying on a few different carolina rigs, putting some dead mullet on it and just casting out and waiting and sure enough. We ended up getting a few bites doing that, its all the way up in there Music pretty lets go here in north carolina Music that sticks out yep, oh god, oh yeah. Finally, lets go Music get out of there wrapped up in your line. Oh man, Music looks like a pretty good one. He hooked by both of them. That was even better. This is what that 50 pound braid is for. Imagine picked up both of them both the baits im. Glad that happened. Really, it might just be Music.

Is it out like that, or is it still stuck a little bit bigger than that in the first couple, yeah thats for sure one, my second one of the day? Oh god, i just dropped him, not a bad one. Pretty sick, Music, hell, yeah yeah! The first time we came out with the gopros he had it all the way up. Every time we netted the fish. Oh yeah thats a good one: oh yeah, thats, sweet Music, Music, oh yeah, Music, so after fishing at that spot for about an hour and catching a few fish, i always decided that the tide was starting to get a little low and we didnt want to get Stuck back there, and so we made our way out of there fished around some other spots, but didnt really get any more fish throughout the rest of the day. So i really hope you guys enjoyed todays video yall. It was the first time ive ever used. My drone to find fish, you know ive seen some crazy footage of people actually catching them on the drone and stuff and thats what we were hoping we could do, but it just didnt seem like those fish that we found were feeding that hard, and so we Ended up just casting out some bait, leaving it there and sure enough. We ended up catching some fish, doing that and still had a really great time, and so yeah this day was a whole lot of fun and theres definitely more to come.

Yall, if you guys enjoyed the saltwater videos, definitely stick around because theres going to be a lot more coming. Im, probably gon na, be spending a lot more time down here throughout the fall just because up in raleigh, where im normally fishing for bass, it gets pretty tough. So since i dont really post a whole lot of saltwater stuff, im guessing im, probably gon na get some newer viewers from this. So if you are a new viewer whats going on, my name is jamie im from north carolina and i primarily do bass fishing. But i also do a little bit of salt water fishing here and there, and so with all that being said, yall. I really hope you guys enjoyed todays video if you did be sure to leave a like, and if you want to see more make sure to subscribe, share this video with a friend if you think they might enjoy it and ill catch.