Thats right were gon na see. If this little puppy can clean the gutters. uh, oh got: ta leaf got ta leaf.. One of the things about having a DJI FPV like this. Is you have to kind of push the drone to its limits all the time, and that means practicing with this thing a fair amount.. I try and take this thing out in my yard, fairly often to shoot. Now, Im in Georgia were here at the end of fall, and that means there are tons of leaves everywhere on the ground. Now I was doing some tests the other day and I got destroyed by blowing leaves when I brought this down, and I looked at my house as I was walking in and I realized huh. Could this little puppy help me clear out some gutters So today what I want to do is take you with me on by far the stupidest thing, Ive ever done with a drone in my life Im going to fly this thing above my house and see if I can use the prop wash from this to actually get some of the stuff out of my gutters.. We havent had a heavy rain, yet everythings pretty dry and Im thinking this might work but um. I guess theres only a way to find out so lets. Go ahead, put this sucker up and see exactly what happens here. We go and, as you can see, we have a beautiful day, but man look at my roof.

It is completely covered with leaves and debris now. I do have propeller guards on here. Just to add a little bit of help, but lets go ahead and see if we can do here now. One note about the image from my drone: if you can see here its really dirty Ill, try and bring this right up here there we go. Oh look at that, give it a little bit of kick and just so you know the reason why my drone, oh man, that did a great job look at that. You know Im going to land this real, quick and try and clean this off, because this looks terrible. Oh that looks a little less dirty now I mean thats the thing when you put a lens cap on there. It definitely does this way, but I just want to see if I can get some of this blow these things off. Oh yeah, look at that! Look at that. That is incredible! Oh yeah blow blow it away blow it away, throw it away there you go! That is awesome. Oh man, success get it. Oh, oh man. That is awesome. I am so pumped by this. Get out of here. Get out of here. Oh got. Ta leaf got ta leaf. That was awesome. Oh man, Im just totally digging this guys. Im not gon na lie to you, oh thats, looking so much better lets see how this does on the front of my house.

Oh we got it, we got it, we got it there, you go. Oh yeah, look I love it. I love it and theres. Actually, a second benefit to it, its actually even better than cleaning the roof, and that is if you dont, have a leaf blower, but you have a drone check this out all right, so you can see here that I have a pretty leafy walkway lets go ahead And fix that hello, amazon, prime, I think I just think look at that. Okay, probably not the most efficient way to clean your gutters, but man that was by far the funnest way, Ive ever done that before so yeah. In case any of you are bored, you actually can use this as sort of a de facto leaf blower, if youre more interested in having fun than actually being effective at it. But I just figured its one of those things.