I was pleasantly surprised that it worked with an iphone 7. just do the following one turn on remote 2. turn on telo 3 turn on bluetooth. On phone 4. turn on wireless connect to tele wireless connection, 5. go into telo app settings greater than bluetooth controller settings greater than pair with bluetooth, remote control. The picture quality is actually decent controlling. It is pretty easy tips. One get extra batteries too, get extra, propellers and guards three get a battery hub for get micro. Usb cables for telo and bluetooth remote does not come with the m5 Music avoid flying in the dark vision system stops working, have not tried to program it by a scratch, yet i’ll update the post after i do so. I love the tello drone. This drone is extremely fun to fly, buy extra batteries. You get about 10 minutes of flight time. I like to fly this more than my phantom. It is quick and easy to set up. It is a great selfie drone when you set up the controller, just go to the telo app and follow the directions in the app the drone flies easily, using just the app too. I actually like the phone better than the controller. My grandkids, like the controller, my dogs, don’t, know what to think of the drone attached is an actual photo taken with my telo drone. The video is acceptable. I found the video works better, flying with just the app the video broadcasts live to your phone.

There is no micro sd card, so your resolution is based on the quality of signal your phone receives, the drone seems great easy to operate and the app is quite intuitive. The picture quality for stills is decent in daylight.