Simple instructions, give wonderful, fpv flight experience Music. I so love this. It have the everything you’ll need. Music. Your browser does not support html5 Music video. I have already got it last week, no problem on it and it’s very interesting. Thank you, Music, great drone, just wish they still made them or a bigger version. Music. I don’t usually review, but i think this product is being reviewed badly and i think it’s not fair. I love this drone. It is by far the most fun i’ve had in flying drones. I think the people who had problems didn’t really do things correctly, but this drone is actually hard to fly. It’S, not your usual drone quadcopter. But overall, if you get a hang of it, you’ll surely enjoy it. I’Ve had a ton of crashes with this drone, but amazingly it still works. Superb. I just wish there are wheels for landing smile for the record. I bought this at 499 and because i loved it, i bought another one for ‘9 dollars, so i feel it’s worth it. This might have been a different review if i bought this for dollar 1000 plus i used to fly radio control planes when i was younger but got disenchanted after going through the building crash it cycle too many times. I was very intrigued by the disco. It is a very different take on the consumer drone concept. I was very concerned, however, about all the poor reviews on amazon and elsewhere.

My concerns were unfounded, though the disco has performed better than i hoped. A few caveats, though, i knew from my previous rc airplane experience that a lot of space is needed. Don’T expect to fly this in your backyard or even in a small field like you might a normal helicopter drone. I fly mine around a large ranch and it works great. In that scenario, i did carefully read the manual, which is very basic, as the critics have mentioned. I also watched the parrot tutorial videos launching was easy once i saw the technique and i never had any problem once in the air it climbs to 150 feet in circles, giving plenty of time to get settle, drive controller landing worked well too, but just like an Rc plane, it is important to line up properly and the more space available the easier it is. I did have problems viewing the instruments displayed on my iphone it’s really too bright outside to see the display. The fpv goggles, on the other hand, have been really fun once the plane has been launched. I can load the phone into the goggles and get them over my eyes, while the plane is loitering.