Follow me that the mini also does not have at this time it costs more than the mini, but less than mavic air. I found it easy to learn using the beginner mode while it records in full hd and not 4k resolution. I find the quality of the photos and video to be excellent. The only comment would be batteries that last a little longer, but all drones seem to have that issue. Music. The fly more package is a great deal and gets you quickly started. Vancity uav drones was my seller. First rate 10 star service. This is not a beginner’s throne Music. I don’t recommend it for kids. There is an awful lot to absorb in just learning about this particular drone that if you don’t do diligent homework, you’re going to lose it because you didn’t study the manual to learn what each setting parameter does in real life your best source after reading. The manual are the many great youtube tutorials that cover things: the manual doesn’t. I am not a novice drone flyer, but not a pro either, and i would recommend you start with a much simpler drone before considering this one. I first learned on an indoor 30 drone. All manual controls it takes time to develop muscle memory that you will need to have handy in an emergency recover situation. Next, i got a shark spark beetle with altitude hold and a fairly decent camera. These crotches are great, but you need to truly learn how to fly manual.

First, then, i went to bugs 3 with brushless motors a fantastically great drone, but all manual controls, more good training experience. A simple second of inattention and your drone is 100 feet over your head or crashing. The bugs 3 is extremely responsive to controls. The spark is a joy to fly. The gps and bottom sensors make it hover precisely at any spot in the air you choose it’s like having a tripod in the sky. The video quality is very, very good. The photo quality of the camera is 4k in photo mode anyway. Do your homework and watch a lot of spark videos to see what you are getting into? This is a semi professional piece of gear and you need to study every inch of the manual and expert tutorials online to keep yourself and others safe. Now these renewed sellers are kind of a gamble. I read reviews of some renewed dji drones and it’s clear that some of them should not be certified to sell renewed drones. This was not the case with my cellar van city uav. My fly more spark package showed up with a completely dead controller. This was a huge disappointment because i couldn’t fly the drone. Yes, you can fly by phone, but it’s not safe to do that, especially with an expensive drone easy to lose. If you don’t know how it works, yet, vancity uav quickly responded to my problem made sure my controller was actually non functional and within a week i had a brand new controller with the plastic protection on it.

The bad ones battery was completely used up, but the replacement is brand new. So if you see a renewed dji drone being sold by vancity uav, you know you’re not going to be hassled or cheated. Like i see some other rave from sellers are doing. The spark is the best bang for the buck. You can get, especially at renewed pricing, it’s, not a toy. If you are one of those people who don’t read manuals, don’t buy this drone you’ll lose it, it will fly away because you didn’t set it up right or you’ll crash it into someone’s, car or house window. The only complaint i have is that you only get about 12 to 13 minutes of flight time. You don’t want to fly it too far, because if you do, the battery will run out before you get it home.