I think thats urine hub, i think, thats, how you pronounce that s5c four axis drone and its in this very nice box, its very apple esque, the box. It is a drone that has no gps, which makes me very excited to actually try it out. Okay, so lets get this sucker out of here and check it out all right guys. There you go out of the box and there is some assembly required with it. Its nothing major you just have to attach the legs which i will do before we go out and fly it, but the legs just go right in here and then they just give you a bag of screws which is right there to attach those, and they give You some extras, as fact they give you a lot of extras, because i guess theres some for the props. Also, they give you some spare props and a couple of spare beauty caps for the props. They give you four prop guards which were not going to get into they. They use screws. Also, so im not going to be using them. Then you get um two batteries and they are, i think, theyre one thousands hold on yeah three point: seven, one thousand milliamp hour theres a close up on that theres two of those theres the charger. The other battery is inside the unit itself, its very easy to get that in and out so its not a hard one, its an easy one.

Some of these it can be difficult, but this one is not and thats all you do. Is you just pull the camera back? You hear it snap and lift up, and when you put the battery in there and it closes, you push it that down and push forward till it snaps heres your wi fi antenna heres your camera itself. You can move it up and down if you wish it doesnt have any optical flow sensor or anything like that. So it just uses a you know: electronic barometer. In there you know thats what its going to use got. The brush motors theres a slot right there for the sd card, which im going to put one in there heres the transmitter and the transmitter is all laid out for you, heres your rates, heres, your flips, um, im. Sure this is your trim here then heres. Your sticks, heres your power thats, going to turn it on and off like that. Then heres your flips here heres, where youre going to hold the phone right there so were going to test it on and try out the app and the app is going to be called this right. There be pilot a1. Now i had a trouble downloading it. Just now from the app store it just wouldnt download, but i had already downloaded it when i knew it was coming. I already pre downloaded it on this other phone, so yeah. Thank goodness. I did that.

Okay, because i cant get it to download. Now it wont download for nothing, so i dont know whats going on with that. Maybe theres some issue going on so lets just turn it on, and then we can look at the uh, the wi fi setup so im. Turning that on turn on the transmitter bind that up now lets see the level calibration – okay, so thats down and to the right now. You know you could fly this thing without the legs. You dont need the legs on. As a matter of fact, i might not use them, they would fly fine with that, its flat its level yeah. You could just fly it like that, which is actually what i might do so lets turn on. The app were going to go to the settings first and find the wi fi setting okay. So its going to be one of these here it is drone s5c right there boink all right, so we got that in there now as soon as that throws the check on there, which it did were going to go to the app which is going to be This b pilot and there it shows the s5c im just going to hit start for right now. It has tutorial videos and all that, but i dont need that. Well, maybe i do who knows right? Okay, so there you see it theres, the flowers yeah lets see. Theres me yeah uh huh its looking good look at the lights on there.

They look sharp. I didnt even notice that before yeah its got some nice lights on the front there. It is wow pretty cool, pretty cool, so yeah. I dont think im going to put the legs on. I might just leave it like that yeah, because its perfectly level like that legs not needed. So i think im just going to fly it like that without the weight of the legs. So there you go so you know what lets go fly. It were out here with the fs5c, and here it is its a gem, its a beauty there right there. So were going to come out here and see how it flies right, thats. What we do we check things lets check the uh level calibration, and then we just did that now. I did not put the landing gear on okay, so i want to try to do it without the landing gear. Let me uh start some video up im gon na put the video in. Let me stop it now: im gon na start it again: okay, guys, im gon na put the video in on the end, lets take off see how it flies: Music, theres, the third right there, its pretty stable its only drifting around a little bit, wow wow thats, A screamer lets try a flip out. Flip looks good wow, pretty nice. Let me bring the rate down to the second rate. Doesnt seem to be any slower, actually, oh, its very its very nimble and very maneuverable.

It flies very nice, steers very nice, so yeah. This is a good one here, wow now im gon na try this uh gesture thing out, which you know im not a real big fan of this stuff, but im gon na do it to see if it even does anything, because sometimes it wont do it on These quadcopters here, let me try it. I dont know if its doing anything or not, let me stop the video and try it. Maybe if the video is going it wont, do it see the problem with doing this stuff is the the quadcopter has to stay still? You know i mean so lets. Try it again there. I guess it took a photo. Okay, all right. I guess that works, yeah im, just not a big fan of having who cares right, but some people do. I guess im gon na put the flight time in there and ill put some of the sd card video at the back end. Why it didnt work at first was because i didnt hit the button i just went up. There put my peace sign up, but i didnt do any. I didnt do any uh. I didnt hit the button up there. The little peace sign button on the controller thats. Why i didnt work at first, so there you go. You got to hit. You got to tap the button. Okay, let me bring it down to the first rate, lets see how it steers with that okay, so there you go with a nice casual flying speed.

The second and third rate are a little bit on the twitchy side, which is fine. You know for me. I dont mind that at all, but somebody new to doing this, it might get away from them. I think im catching me a little cold but yeah. So this yeah this thing here, wow it really flies nice steers very see. This is what you want with these toy quadcopters. You know it flies great. No problem doesnt need gps. It doesnt need all that mumbo jumbo its flying great wow im impressed now its starting to walk away from me a little bit. So maybe the trim is getting a little out of whack. Let me bring it back here, yeah, okay, so now i got it back. Steady because theres no wind right now so there it is its steady, as can be right now and its still in that first rate. So now the battery, i think, is about half half gone. Oh yeah! This is a great backyard flyer park. Flyer parking lot flyer what im doing now. This is spectacular. You know this is great for doing this. Okay, so the battery went down into the red, so its gon na be crapping out, but dont forget they give you two batteries, but im only gon na fly. One i brought the other one just in case this one didnt didnt work out or something went wrong with the video i bring the extra battery in case i have to redo the video, but you know i didnt have to so im going to cut the video.

Now so i dont lose it because i dont know what the uh i dont know what the low battery warning and all that crap is. You know Music. I dont know what its going to do to be honest with you, so were going to just sit here. Ride it out its on the last bar so well see right now it does have that thousand milliamp hour battery. Now i dont want to get too far away from me here, because you know toy quadcopters. Whenever the battery gets real low, the the bind youll lose. The buying quicker, you know say, say the thing: had a 100 foot range well. If the battery only has 10 percent left, the range will only be like 20 feet, then after it gets out of. If it gets past the 20 feet or so well lose to lose the bind you know so, okay, so its still flipping, believe it or not. So now i dont know how accurate the the gauge is on the screen, because you guys can see the gauge right, because i have the screen recording going. So you can see that the gauge is uh is the red its got one red bar left so well. Just slide around here until it drops thats all so: oh somethings flashing there, okay, its signal is weak. I see something flashing there on the screen or on the the little light there. I did see something flash there on the screen.

It said signal is weak or something yeah theyre flashing right there underneath there, the red, batter the red lights, are coming on so thats. Probably the low battery warning so were going to cut it off right now, land it up because its starting to steer a little funky, actually wheres that land button at here it is hold on hold on great shot all right there. It is the s5c youre in a hub, but hey you know what it flew great. I mean yeah great toy, great toy for the christmas kitties. You want to get something probably pretty much indestructible. You could probably crash this a lot it was. It doesnt weigh anything. So any inertia hitting a wall or not its not going to do no damage so yeah, good stuff.