Today we are taking a look at the uran hubs: gps drone. Now it is a foldable 5g wi fi fpv built in dvr 2k ultra high definition, camera gps, actually clock up to ready to fly so here it is guys the uran hubs, gps drone. Now immediately you will notice. The motors are brushed motors with gears kind of reminiscent of the tian q visual xs 809 family of styling, such as the half tuck fold out arm design and the led light and the whole motor pod designing, including the placement holders for the prop guards and the Soft foam pad on the landing protrusions on the bottom. The camera module is different. However, it has double antennas on the bottom. It has a built in dvr, and here is the micro sd card slot. Now it will record 2048 by 11 52 pixel photos and videos to the micro sd card and 1280 by 720 pixel photos and videos to the phone app and thus into your camera, roll of your phone or device. Now you can remove the module by these two screws here and the whole camera wi fi module can be changed out just in case you break the lens or something now theres. What looks to be a placement holder for the optical flow sensor camera, but it now has a 5g sticker covering up the hole the camera can be manually tilted to about 45 degrees angle down and back up to zero degrees.

The drones wi fi network, it emits, is actually a wi fi for 802.11n network protocol in the 5 gigahertz band and the network channel is 149.. The transmit and receive speeds are 72 megabytes per second, so there is the push button power on and off switch on. The top of the canopy and the battery bay is in the rear. Now the battery is a 7.4 volt, 1000 milliamp size battery, and it is set to be good for about 15 minutes of fly time. Now it will come with two of these batteries. For a total combined flight time of 30 minutes charge it up using the provided charge, cable via the 2 cell balance port slide it back in and it will click back into place, alright guys. So here is the remote controller and the remote controller has a flip out spring loaded phone holder and it will fit a five and a half inch phone comfortably with the case, and it also has the flip out hand grips and it feels really good in the Hands now on the left, shoulder theres the speed button speeds one and two can be had and on. The right shoulder is the photo button short press for photos and long press for videos. In the front we have the dedicated gyro calibration button and the dedicated compass calibration button. We have the one key to take off and lan button with a short press and long press that button for emergency.

Stop. We have the gps on and off button. We have the power push button on and off switch, led light indicators, headless mode button and the smart return to home button both sticks to the bottom and out will arm and disarm the motors of the quadcopter. You can charge up the built in 350 milliamp battery via the micro usb port, using the provided charge – cable, all right guys. So here we go with the test flight of the uran hubs: gps quadcopter. I have a micro sd card inserted formatted and the battery is fully charged inserted. So lets power up the quad, long press, the power button until the lights come on and we do have red lights in the front and green lights in the rear, and they are both blinking at the moment. Lets go ahead and power up the remote automatically binds. Now what you want to do with every gps quadcopter before you fly, is calibrate the compass and also calibrate the gyro. So on this quadcopter there is a dedicated compass calibration button. So lets go ahead and press that okay, now, what you want to do is rotate. It until the front led lights come red. Now it already turned red, as you can see, im going to give it a couple more spins and then, after that, what you want to do is nose upper nose down and rotate it until the rear, led lights. Turn green im gon na nose down and there you go, the rear, led lights have turned green and they are blinking at the moment now.

The reason why they are blinking is because they havent acquired all of the necessary gps satellites. Also, the front led lights. The two led lights looking like eyes: they are blinking as well and once they go solid, that means that all of the necessary gps has been acquired and you are able to fly all right, but right now, what you can do is turn the gps off and Fly in the addi mode, without gps position hold and later on, when you get it, you can land the quadcopter turn on gps and you will have return to home position on the home point where you take off from all right but in the meantime, were waiting For the gps to have lock – and i think we might have gps lock, nope its still blinking so well start the wi fi phone app and im going to go into the settings into the wi fi section of the settings, and i am already connected to the Drone sp 500 wi fi network, and here is the wi fi phone app. It is called the b pilot a2 phone app free downloadable, app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out. Let me go ahead and hit it, and that is how it looks like screen record three two one boom right screen is recording, and that is how it looks like im gon na hit, play and hit next and hit hit. I know – and here is the wi fi fpv interface and we got wi fi fpv theres a slight delay, but that is good.

Enough looks pretty nice all right. So this thing is almost exactly identical to the uh snap chain: sp 500 – that ive done a review on some time ago, but this one is slightly different, its kind of upgraded it now has the 2k camera instead of the 1080p camera that came with the sp 500, so maybe the flying characteristics might be the same, but some of the electronics are a little different, so were going to be checking it out so lets go ahead and take a photo here, make our rounds and take a photo and see what kind of quality We get there, you go pretty quick and towards the sun theres, no solar eclipse, which is good, that black dot in the middle of the sun, okay, table landing gear and one more this way. Nice very fast lets see if it takes a photo with the hard remote there. You go all right, nice, okay, so what we want to do before we take off is do the gyro calibration and theres a dedicated gyro calibration button as well, so press it. It goes flashing and the lights come back kind of solid and i still dont have gps position lock. It is still blinking yeah, no gps, its supposed to go solid, so we are still waiting in it thats taking a very long time. I did it back home and it did really uh get the gps lock, really quick, but out here.

Its a different story so were gon na have to wait until gps position lock. But in the meantime you know what im going to do is im going to fly it in the atti mode, with the gps turned off so hit the gps button right here this button right here there you go. Gps has been turned off, so theres no light in the front blinking at all, so we are able to take off so lets, go ahead and start the video there you go. Video has started recording im gon na leave. My ipad right here well come back to that, so lets go and check it out. Both sticks at the bottom and out arms, the motors and hitting the one key to take off, or you can also hit the one key to take off button to arm the motors as well. So lets go, disarm the motors you can go ahead and hit the one key to take off to arm the motors and hit it again to take off. So, as you can see, it is drifting away because we do not have gps position hold. We turn the gps off. Okay, so lets just check out the flying characteristics here. I believe this will be speed number one. Let me make sure yep now its speed number two back down on speed number one full pitch: full yaw, okay, thats, pretty tight of a radius speed number two, a little bit more pitch a little bit more speed still slightly on the slow side; okay, full pitch.

Full yaw, basically the same yaw speed, but if they get a little bit faster on speed number two all right so lets go ahead and check this thing out. One more time here and what im going to do is turn the gps on you go now. We have acquired gps position, so it is holding its position. Nice youre, in place, yes, itll yaw in place. So if you dont want to wait until the gps lock to happen, you can go ahead and fly it in the addi mode. So now you can see that the headlights are completely on the lights that looks like eyes and lets check out and see if it holds position really good lets get it angry, let go yeah its holding. This position goes right back to where it was holding position. Now were gon na check out the one key to land by hitting the one kid will take off and land button, and it comes to a nice soft landing and the motors turn off all right. So now were going to take off in the middle of the landing pad, because earlier we took off from the table and it didnt have. If gps turned on now, we have the gps turned on and were taking off from the landing pad. So this is the new home point, so lets go ahead and arm the motors and im going to just manually take off all right and let go of the sticks comes to a nice hover holes position its very nice actually now when you fly and let go Of the sticks, it will come to a halt.

So if you turn gps off and let go of the sticks, it will glide. So you might want to do this if you want to take smoother videos and let go and its still gliding, but if you want to hold position, turn the gps back on. Did you see that abrupt? Stop nice huh all right? Let me just quickly check out and see how the video looks like the video looks, pretty good. All right and lets see here come towards me Applause. Turning around, i think we are in speed number two, so its a little bit faster than i would want so im gon na go back down to speed one there. You go now its a little bit easier to fpv. But if you want to fly this thing a little bit, sportier yeah speed, number two: is it so there you go making that turn stopping, but it kind of over rotates a little bit. So you got to be careful with the yaw input. Theres, a slight delay! Sort of letting go and there you go now its behaving more accurately there there you go im, stopped dead on track right there, stopping my yaw spin right here. There you go nice, oh yeah, pretty nice! All right so lets go ahead and check out some of his functions here. Uh we did the gps and lets take. Take a look at the headless mode here, so we are in headless mode and check it out.

That way is northbound. If i press it forward, itll go that way. If i pull it, itll come back this way and to the right and to the left. Now the quadcopter is facing that way, but even if you face it that way, if i push it forward, itll still go that way. That would be headless mode for you, so no matter which way the quadcopter is facing the northbound. Is that way? Southbound is this way and itll also do the same while in a spin look at that pretty cool huh headless mode, very useful. If you lost orientation – and you want to bring it back towards you – im going to turn it off and we are back to regular mode all right, nice and lets see so far. The video hasnt stopped theres no freeze frames. So hopefully it is in sync with real time. Videos like the one on my visor all right, so lets check out the return of home now. So this is the smart return home button, so lets press it right turns around and comes back really quick beeping going on. Okay turns around again and descends: will it stop and hover? No, it will come straight down and wow lands almost in the center of the landing pad here where it took off from and its continuing to beep. So, im gon na hit the button again to cancel out all right, so arming them. Arming the motors and taking off once again and now lets go ahead and do that again, but while its coming back im going to hit the button and retake control of it so youre in trouble, you want the quadcopter to come back.

So you hit the return. The home button turns around and it comes back so its coming back. So now you want to retake control, hit the return to home button again and it stops its return home process and you are able to retake control of the clock out there. Nice, okay lets check out the fail, safe return home. So let the clock up the hover and what im going to do is turn off my remote control to simulate a fail, safe situation. Okay, the remote control has been turned off and the quadcopter looks like its turning around and it is heading its way back now. This is different as well. Um the snaptan sp 500 did not return home when this happened. What i needed to do with that quadcopter was turn up the wi fi phone app as well, in order for the return home to activate look at that lands, almost in the middle really good gps position. This thing has so that is one of the differences of this quadcopter and the sp 500 by snaptane, so that is nice. They fixed that problem. I didnt quite like how that worked out on the sp500, but now they have fixed this problem on the uran hubs. Gps, drone, okay automatic bind hopefully and yep retake control of it. So if youre coming back home from a fail, safe situation, you are able to read, connect and retake control of it. So really really nice yeah upgraded, so im gon na pay, my state farm insurance payment.

All right so lets check out how far we can go so lets go ahead and push it out this way on paper, it says 220, but i have a geo fencing and i know the reason why i have a geo fencing. What you need to do is turn off beginner mode lets, go to the settings and look at that beginner mode 30 meters, so im going to turn it off. Oh and flight distance is 500 meters. Flight altitude is 120 and return. Altitude is 25 im gon na hit save, and that is nice that it can save in mid flight. So lets go back and see how far we can go now in the non beginner mode. So there is a geo fencing for beginners, which is really nice. Oh look at that. I am not able to go so obviously it will not do that on the fly, so im going to go ahead and bring it down and land it and go back into the settings and reset okay. So i landed kind of on the side of the landing pad im going to put it back in the middle and lets go back into the settings and see it turned back on. So you got ta turn it off on the landed position and then lets go back out. Lets double check. No, it doesnt want to do that. Yeah whats, going on come on, buddy come on, beginner mode is turned off, wait a little bit go back in and its turned back on all right.

So obviously, maybe after i calibrate it and restart from us. When you first start off the quadcopter, you need to go into the settings and turn off beginner mode in order to turn it off and stay off, so im going to go ahead and do that guys right now and ill be right back all right guys. So here we go, ive turned off and turned that back on. Did my calibration and went into the app and reset it to non beginner mode and increase my distance all the way to 500 so lets go ahead and check it out, arming it and taking off. Okay, lets go to speed number two and start the video three two one and the video is off all right, so lets go ahead and push it out. So hopefully, we dont have a geo, fencing and looks like i have a geo, fencing huh. Ah, my battery is down to two bars remaining all that activity has depleted my battery and it is in the first phase of low voltage, which also has the 30 meter geo fencing. So you cannot go beyond 30 meters, oh, that is too bad alright. So let me just go ahead and finish it off here and check out the total flight time and ill stick in the other battery and then well go. Do the distance test right away before the battery gets depleted all right so, as i recall, the sp 500 by snaptane had a pretty long first phase into the critical phase which you cant do much except just fly around within the 30 meter radius.

So you know this quadcopter will be perfect for a beginner, so you are not able to go beyond that right there, where it bounced off from so, if youre flying in your backyard or something you know, youre not going to go into the other backyard of your Neighbors and stuff, so, even though you mess up, you can bring your clock out the back and it wont have a fly away situation. Hopefully, okay, so ill just fly around and do some fpv go back down to speed number one, which is a lot more smoother. If i dont hit the geo fencing that is there, you go now, this thing doesnt have an electronic image stabilization or anything like that, and guess what happened now? The quadcopter just came down and landed by itself all right and i do believe uh. It did hit the critical low voltage uh phase and i guess the first phase and the second phase wasnt that long now uh. If it was beyond 15 meters, it will come back and land, but it must have been within 15 meters away from me, so it decided to just land itself all right there. You go guys the flight time of the uran hubs, gps drone, all right guys. So here we go got a new battery in there did all the calibration stuff and lets check it out. There we go beginner mode is turned off check it again. There you go all right, so lets go ahead and check it out place it in the middle of the landing pad and ive already done.

The gyro calibration as well. So one kid will take off and all the lights are solid. Gps acquired so lets go and see how far i can push. This thing lets go up in altitude a little bit more and lets push it speed number two all right here we go no geo, fencing and battery level, even though its full, its showing three bars green bars, so thats, good. Okay, all right, the distance is showing at about 200 meters. Now i still have video. Oh spoke too soon frozen in time yep. I have lost video guys so im going to let go of my pitch stick and let it hover and nope im not getting video back now. Can i see it? Yes, i can see it a thought in the sky. Hey look at that. I got video back momentarily in and out okay, so we are at 285 meters, 20 meters in height and it is going in and out so not a very good distance quadcopter. So dont go too far, stay within 200 meters, less than 200 meters between 100 and 150 will be good. So what im going to do is im going to hit the return home button return to home and it turns around. I think i see it boogie in its way back, but my video has frozen in time and its trying to make it back yeah. I see it coming there we go and i got video back its coming towards me all right.

So there you go prime example of a gps quadcopter when youre lost connection or you dont have any wi fi video. It is going to come back to you. One button im going to get out of the return to home the smart return home by pressing the smart return home button and exiting the return to home process, and i have think and re i re taking control of it all right. There we go nice all right, so lets do uh lets do a little special feature. I believe it has circle me feature so lets hit. That circle me icon its a point of interest: input, point of interest radius 5 to 20.. So im going to put 20 done and confirm, lets see what happens. Oh, it just goes away from you. There you go and that will be 20 meters and it is starting to do the circle me, nice, hey, pretty good. Can i throttle up and increase altitude? Yes, i can there, you go its got me on its sides and its circling around me very nice. Now. Can i decrease altitude? Yes, i can look at that pretty good. I look pretty far away from the video, but the quadcopter is not that far away from me. This thing has a pretty wide angle, camera lens, which is nice. I dont, like those 90 degree or 100 degree, camera feel the view i like the 110 120, and i think this one is right about 120 thats.

What it looks like all right lets see if i pitch, can i make it come closer to me or go away from me change. The radius lets see letting go nope. I believe it has exited the circle me process yep. It has so lets see what happens if i roll 20 confirm and i believe its going to rotate around where it was anyways just for testing purposes. Oh speed number two. This is just for testing purposes, so it went away from this spot because this is now the point of interest because it was hovering over there all right, it is circling me im going to roll the opposite way and see if it goes the opposite way. Nope nope go this way again. No, so when you fool around with the pitch and roll stick, itll take you out of the circle me, so it has exited the circle me so either you can do that or you can depress the circle me icon once again. In the phone app all right guys, unfortunately, my ipad does not have cellular service, so i cant do the follow me. So i think thatll conclude this video im going to try and see if i can hook it up to my phone and see if it works to follow me. Where is it going all right, all right guys, so here we go one more time. I got my phone installed here connected, so lets check out. The follow me feature lets see if it works.

Follow me. It says im gon na slide and it kind of looks like it is following me. It has turned around positioned itself right on me, so let me walk away there. We go, it is following me: yeah yeah, oh looks like it lost me for a minute, but it is starting to follow me still. It hasnt got me directly in the center of the video of the frame, but it is following yeah all right and you know for a quadcopter that doesnt have electronic image stabilization or gimbal its not that bad. The camera quality is pretty nice. Okay, taking a walk on the wild side here, all right and there she is nice, oh its going back, and it has situated itself a little further away from me now. Maybe its thinking that my phone is over there and i think i might have lost connection to it. I think it has disengaged from my gps yep. I think so so lets see once again follow me. No hey! It worked pretty good earlier. Okay, so lets see if i can fly around yeah follow me has disengaged all right. I think thatll. Do it guys test it out to circle me now test it out to follow me and we tested out how far it can go and all that other stuff. So now i think itll be just about time to call it a day so bringing it down for landing now turn around and one key to land all right guys.

Thank you! So much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.