Maybe some still shots. Um. A video raw video so well have less of the uh youtube processing as possible, so thats. Why i do that? I up try to upload some raw footage of it and so lets get this guy up in the air. So we got to do a calibration of this guy, i believe so were going to lift it up spin it around, and it gave me a flash so were going to turn it this way and spin it around its flashing im guessing its ready guys. So now were going to try to take off with this guy god wont take off whats going on okay dude, i turn gp. I guess it. Doesnt have any gps lock or anything and not having the phone hooked up to the wi fi. You cant really tell if it has a gps, lock or not. You turn gps on this kind of toilet bowling and im guessing because it doesnt have a gps lock. Yet lets see lets bring this guy back were going to land it. Maybe it doesnt have a gps now and thats the thing i cant really tell if the gps is locking, how many satellites or anything, because i dont have a a phone to link it to, but we have all four lights down here. Lit up. Lets try to take off again it doesnt thats, the thing it doesnt. Let me take off with it with the gps on so im guessing it doesnt have any satellites locked on, and so i can only take off when im in altitude mode.

So in the meanwhile lets just fly it in addie mode because im getting tired of waiting for it to get a gps lock so were going to addie mode. Okay, so lets twist the speed it only has two rates so lets go, and this is the low rate here lets. Look at the yaw slow yall, with it Applause forward flying here side flying to the left side flying to the right side flying straight forward flight. The lights look pretty cool, it has red in the front, though, and green in the rear, and this is a brushed drone, so it doesnt have brushless power, but its going pretty good for a brushed quad here nice visible light lets see, i dont know if we Have i dont know if we have a dps lock, let me switch the gps on see what happens and look. I dont think it has a gps lock right now were going back into addy mode Applause. So lets see i dont know if you can fly in gps mode without the uh, without a phone, because its taking pretty long to get some satellites locked in its still flashing, still waiting for a gps, lock, okay, im not going to just sit here and watch It pick it up and do some flying doesnt have a lot of pitch in the third rate. Well, in the second rate, which is the highest rate, theres no third rate on this one, but it can get going though nice lights on it its kind of cold out.

Here too guys, not stopping me from having my fun now lets try to land this guy. I really want to see what the gps is like lets, switch it back into gps mode, still not locked in with the gps, see if i turn the gps on its not gon na. Let me take off because its not locking in to any satellites lets take it off some more. I wish the uh, the yall was a little faster, yalls, pretty slow, but then again this is a camera bird. So the yard isnt supposed to be too fast for a camera buried. It makes the footage not look as good. It looks better when it came slow, look at it up close its pretty stable when its just flying in altitude mode check it out drifting to the side. A little Applause. I guess im gon na have to borrow my wifes phone and get back out here with this guy and see, if that have anything to do with it, not locking in on the satellites but for now were just having fun in altitude hold mode Applause, okay, so Its flashing shes, ready to come in for amanda, bring it down all right yall. So this is the uran hub gps, foldable drone with 2k camera. We were only able to fly it in altitude hold mode because i dont have a camera to hook it up. For the wi fi fpv and we couldnt really get a lock on any satellites or anything, and i didnt have a phone to be able to tell me if its locked in on any satellites but the flashing lights slowly, the slow, pulsing flashing of the lights usually Indicates that its not locked in on any satellites so thats, why we flew it in altitude, hold mode next, video well, have it in gps mode with a phone hooked up to it.