The first upgrade is less than four bucks and its new propellers, decent props in their own will make the quad handle a lot better, reduce prop wash as well as the turbulence created by those horrible chunky props. There are a range of different upgrades that range from free all the way up to 24. The best thing is each of these upgrades compound the overall quality of the cheapest fpv drone. There are three stages of upgrades stage number one is under 25 stage number two under fifty dollars and stage number three under one hundred dollars as weve already upgraded the propellers. The thing to keep in mind is we want our props to be fresh as possible and when you crash theyll bend and break most of the time, you can bend them back into shape, but id be buying a minimum of two packets because youre always going to Need spare props next up is a battery pad to keep the battery stuck nice and snug, preventing it sliding all over the carbon fiber frame. This will help stop the battery ejecting when you crash, which also then pulls on the power leads speaking of power leads a free upgrade, we can do is use a cable tie. Some came in the packet to tie down the power leads to the frame. This stops. The leads pulling on the esc and braking in a crash, which means we can make our hardware more durable and last longer time for the free upgrades one free way to get the best out of the cheapest fpv drone is tuning.

It first were going to upgrade the esc firmware to bluej, which will allow the flight controller to filter out the motors rpm noise and make it much smoother to fly. Second, were going to update the flight controllers firmware to betaflight 4.3 and apply one of the preset tunes for this were going to be using the superfly 5 inch freestyle tune and also some rc smoothing between new props bluej esc firmware and a preset tune from betaflight 4.3, this should dramatically increase the performance of the cheapest fpv drone level 2 upgrades for under 50. One of the easiest ways to improve the video quality is using a decent antenna but which antenna we choose comes down to how we spend our money on our big ticket item for the big ticket. Upgrade you get to choose either a a new camera or b a new video transmitter. If youre going to choose to upgrade the camera, i go with the foxy razer, which has a 1200 tvl resolution, because this is an analog camera. It uses tv lines and not pixels. This would almost double the camera resolution and improve the quality of the videos in your goggles immediately 19 for the fox eraser. If you choose to upgrade the video transmitter, youll also have improved video quality, but that comes from having a higher power output, which means you shouldnt, get as much breakup when youre flying in and around objects now were going to go with the speedy b tx 800 Plus antenna combo for thirty dollars.

You could also get this for 24 bucks without the antenna. Now we need to make a decision on our vtx antenna. If you went with the fox ear camera upgrade, i would now purchase an sma to ufl cable for three dollars. This will open up a lot of choices for antennas and i go with the true rc ocp 5.8 sma antenna in right hand polarization for 13 bucks, bringing our total spend to 16. if you choose to upgrade the camera first. The shopping cart looks a little like this total spent 47.18. If you chose the speedy b vtx with the antenna combo, your total comes in at 42.18. level, 3 upgrades for under 100 bucks. This is where youre going to use both a new camera and a new video transmitter in your upgrades, a quick check in at the budget. So far now weve leveled up the cheapest fpv drone lets go see how it flies. One thing about the beta flight 4.3 chains is theyre meant to be a starting point for you to then go and adjust to your build. However, if you didnt want to go through and do any adjustments youre going to end up with a great performing quad, you can see as we do these punch out maneuvers and then we arrest into what would be the prop wash were not getting any prop wash At all its sitting in nice and lightly, also on these punch outs were not getting any bubbles as well, so it means that the pig controller is performing as it should.

Then, when we hit these tight turns its feeling. Nice and locked in snap rolls theres no bounce back its performing as it should its going to be a great performing quad straight off the bat, and you dont really need to do anything more to get a great flying. Fpv drone im also flying this with a full size gopro, so that, in a sense, should give you an idea of just how good the tune is. There would be some extra things that id also do to definitely level up your drone, two more bags of props, because you cant get enough of these. A 3d printed universal gopro mount for 10 upgraded battery straps for eight, and then the total comes in at 93.36.