I think thats just a game. It is just a game: okay, uh huh. Okay, so we just do this real, i think the game is actually on my shelf, so maybe i can just take a photo in here. No, the games are right. There come on okay, i cant take it in here. Lets go run to the place and well go fi, try and take a photo um anyways. We last episode. We met crainer, which went very well. We got that done. I do need to edit that video there is a free ticket to play con challenge on right. Now really dont care about it. To be honest, i need to try and hit that was so loud uh. I need to hit 10k subs by like a couple days or something so im gon na try and do that potentially wait. What you need to drop wait did my drone break. It was that the noise wait. What wheres my drone it broke. Wait. What i dont even know, drones could break, runs league uh, water, er tech, uh, waterproof function, oh okay, uh, okay, were gon na go to water. Okay, i cant believe were still in tutorial. Okay, so fixing my drone, so er tech, yep, okay, i thought so lets. Move, oh crashed. Oh, were also supposed to start going to the gym so important thing about the gym. Is it gains you energy? If you work out so like, if you come to the gym, just like interact and work out like run, i guess if you work out regularly, you can.

Luckily i got a couple. Oh you know my burgers already thats not like me. I think that machine is also free energy as well. Oh heres, energy um. Wait i just ate a burger. Does that mean i cant work out anymore? I think that means i cant work out anymore. No, i cant. Okay, oh it set my working out back. Oh thats, weird, okay, um thats, okay were gon na eat some eat water. Yeah now eat your water. I wan na try and get it maxed out and see if that does anything, because its supposed to, i think lets lets go, get other energy drink. I have so much money lets just get this done. Look at the time, never mind i got ta go nevermind. I got ta go run to that store, quick wow time flies when you work out what hello i dont know when that store closes its at 25. Okay, so i made a mistake: i dont think ill be able to get waterproof today, its always six im, assuming that place closes at five. Usually, usually, this place is closed. Pretty early um whoops a days i could have checked the map but like oh, its still open, all right cool all right lets get this lets get this done here. So working out requires so much oh geez! Now we got a tutorial. I see your drone wasnt getting ready to get wet, go to the er drone workshop and buy the waterproof function.

That was wacky. That was a good screen, but i think er, drone station this one, oh and by the waterproof function, bought it night vision, nah, uh, anti, freeze, nope, okay, nice thanks buddy wan na get a photo with me. This is true. Oh, i was gon na say i thought we just fixed it. We did but um good enough for me. I guess we just go back to our house and finish. I wanted to keep working out. I i mean i could finish working workout tomorrow. It doesnt need to be done today. I dont think so lets just work out tomorrow. I did get some additional food, so, like lets go finish, editing a video, quick um, i dont know whats trending so well have to check out about that. Lets. Go ahead over when does player one close, oh its closed. Darn thanks, i didnt really do much today. I want to get the working out done, but i think uh, the eating of a snack really ruined my uh. My thing: okay, uh! No edit video, i dont, know video. I want to edit the video with wow. Just chatting is trending dude just chatting, i guess cool uh randomize it its just chatting but lets just add additional hashtag somewhere in here uh hashtag spider boy in the flesh hashtag. Just chatting cool done, thats gon na be a killer, video that was so good and it hit some of the trends not all of them, but it hit some thats.

A good video, nice im, exhausted so well go to sleep and in the morning i guess well finish. Working out. I want to see how that working out works and i need to get a photo of spider boy. I guess youre almost 10k baby lets lets hope we can get the spider boy thing done here: uh bomb raider, moon, bound, comics, green cars, interview site, spider, boy, still, trending, um, okay, real quick lets see what the other commissions are. Is that my current commission? It is right now i have two spider boy missions that is right: thats, thats, whats, going on yeah, okay lets go see if we got spider boy, video photo intriguing, i dont even know if i can still get a photo in here with spider boy, because sport, It, yes, you can look at all these people, man, that is check me out and hashtag spider, bro, hashtag friends, hashtag player, one look at how many likes. Oh, it only got seven thousand it doesnt even count. How do i get more likes than that? Oh wait. It says it counted, wait did it count. I only got seven thousand. Oh, yes, it doesnt matter, okay, cool. For some reason: it counted. Okay, hey raven! What do you want that? Wasnt, very nice? But now you love me. I have everything blair, uh trash bag for blair. To me. Oh okay, maybe ill help. You i dont know wait. You already gave me it wheres, whos blair.

Are you blair youre? Not blair right? Are you? Oh you are here you go. Do you think it that bothers me? Its obvious youve seen my room, its a dump im not going to anywhere the pain. Wait. Did that hurt her feelings? That was mean if she actually just did me. Did me dirty like that to hurt her feelings. Oh, that would have been really mean. I hope she that wasnt the purpose of that oh shes, a horrible human being. Okay, now that were on the same page, all right all right. I actually just did that to insult her very nice of me. Why the heck? Would you do that? Why why? Why would they have me? It hurt someones feelings, its so hey youre on my machine that permanent increase im still trying to figure that out. It does seem to be a permanent increase if thats the case, then i dont mind the energy as much anymore. I just can go. Do all these side projects, i really just want to focus on making videos. It kind of irks me thats, not the main purpose of this game. Right now, i know hope raven with her agency give a trash bag, so she moves out. Then raven can create her own youtuber agency when its done oh youre, supposed to go talk to her again, no well, im gon na go, try and break the the the subs thing id much rather go focus on that this other stuff.

I i uh too many like useless things. Interview or spider bro grant cars game too uh. I guess well just go – make a video with spider bro. I wan na try and get those 10k subs and were actually getting really close to playcon. Finally, i think its the 23rd uh lets check out our thing first and make sure we dont edit a video are any of these trendy, no, its, not bad. None of these connect holy crap. This video is gon na stink, just publish it. Okay pick one of them aggravate everyone. I know you guys are gon na be mad about it, but its okay did. Okay, i know thats not the way you should do it. But, oh now, my viewers are angry. Lets play with the grand prix game running out of energy. You know their protein bar okay lets lets record another video here i want to get this done uh. I want to still hit that 10k subs, but my gosh theyre not making it easy on me. Im gon na click this one, but i wan na know what that question is: oh thats, a really nice one too. All right lets click click, the question. Ah, three isnt bad. I i really accurate. I didnt get the first one wow five clips. I feel like a lot of clips. The trending wasnt great, but its good enough. Um well, do one without crazy things, so people dont get mad at me again.

Each last protein bar all right lets. Do it edit video now um, oh go for it. Cool well run with it. I was just taking something that i saw on one of the other ones. I dont think its going to be a great video, yeah thats a lot of dislikes, but is it still going to be like a happy face? Oh it is. I could not try and get my subs no longer angry with me. You know we could still do a photo outside which might be worth it. Get a couple extra likes here. Whats trending! Is there anything i can get now wait. This is the center all right. Just post it no likes, no one cares, but i think its still worth doing those posts. I really dont need to do all these meaningless tasks. I dont think i think, im earning so much money through just the dailies that the meaningless tasks are starting to become exactly that meaningless. Um. Well see, though, yeah look at that 8k views. 400 bucks for 8 000 views. I wish yo were part of the bronze badge in recognition of your 10k subscribers funny enough is, i think, when this video goes up ill, probably be getting 10 000 subscribers irl as well, which is just stupid to think about my gosh. That is unbelievable. Lets go baby. We still have time, for maybe one more day, im gon na go, try and get my energy wasted.

Anyways here, so we interview bomb, stretching acker room ultra soccer lets, try and get an interview in. I guess. Oh wait ring ring, xavier ive been watching your videos, i have to say you have to do something. This place: room decor, even the clothes you wear influence. Your followers react. Theyll, like your videos more. If you decorate your room in your own style, your companion bring. The party will install the amazing on app for you. You can buy a bunch of new decorations for your room. If you go to decoration mode, youll find a bunch of it. Cool beep, beep, amazing, app on you can open it in recognition of the youtube we honor you. What is this app? People will respond better. If i have a decorated room, oh i can now shop online, oh thats, kind of cool. I really like that. Actually, thats thats very convenient. Oh, what are my other options? Geektopia? Oh, oh, this is cool im gon na wear my stormtrooper helmet. You just order food to your house now thats sick dude. I cant wait till the day. They send me a freaking youtubers plaque. That is like my ultimate dream. Is it considered a mask? What are my current journal emissions? Oh, i have no active ones, oh cool, so right now, just kind of hang out. Uh we go. Do an interview were gon na go hit that i think uh lets check out what kamish is going on uh insta life with a silent raccoon? Okay, i think thats just wait what i dont think i can actually do the silent raccoon, i believe, thats an arcade game, come see me in the city hall its time we chatted by the way.

Oh, i guess were going to swing by the city hall. I just got a text saying come see me by the mayor today. An interview is very popular. If i see someone with a chance to interview ill try an interview, thats, not an interview spot here. Sometimes oh, you want to be interviewed. Oh nice interview. Okay, lets! Do it wow four on that thats, nice thats, actually, really nice for an interview is like sick and we got the interview trend, which is nice cool. So when we get back well finish, editing that excuse me, i know my viewers are mad. My viewers are mad. I get it, i get it, how many subscribers that single video made me im supposed to go talk to the mayor, but i also want to go pop in the center and see if i can get a photo. I dont know if theyre currently doing a. Where is this? Go over, one more might be uh. If they have a current yard sale thing, i can grab a photo in front of the oh. They are cool all right right over here, i think, is where you can grab a photo of those games might be worth doing. That might complete the thing. No okay, uh lets go, say hello to mayor mayors. Not in today, i guess well go say hello to him on another day. Lets hit the gym, quick, uh and then well kind of call it a day wrong direction wrong direction.

Again it was the right direction. Uh lets go at the gym, oh thats, actually a person. He looks like a default and we also need to edit the video we just recorded, which should be a good good step in the right direction. Back to the old grind up back to the old grind: hello: wait: whered, my energy go. I thought i had extra energy. Does it really go away after one day i want to die? Why is it not permanently enhanced? That is this? Okay um, you guys! I dont know: okay uh. We have to go anyways whats, that real, quick im just gon na post this dont mind me. I just went to the gym: hi, clara, hey hows, it going girl time to do this killer interview, and then we will call it a day. Thank you guys so much for liking, commenting and subscribing on these videos. Man, you guys know these have been kind of crazy, which i cant. Thank you all enough for all the support its been such a cool ride so far, and we have so many more so much more to come. You know fire um, interviewing hashtag hashtag interview of mr joe, i dont know who mr joe is at hashtag playcon yeah. I made up that name. I dont think his names. Actually, mr joe, my assumption is that thats not his name as i just took a name out of the sky, but people seem to love it and they really, like mr joe nice and bedtime lets, see what happens at the end of the day.

Five reasons to 7 000 views. There 8 000 views there interview with mr joe 8 000 views beautiful, but that is the end of this episode. Thank you guys. So much for liking commenting subscribing even a normal day. Afk tournament easter, easter. Ultra soccer commenting sketching board games or spider. Bro bombers are cool all right guys. I will catch you all in a future. Video make sure to like comment subscribe. Thank you, everyone. So much for all the support – and i will talk to you all later – enjoy the rest of your days.