Oh, the skin is actually crispy. You dont see that a lot on the buffet anyway flying cathay pacific business class today, i havent done that in a long long time, but i do remember the food being really really good see on board Music. So this will be a four hour flight to hong kong, pretty cozy seat. You get a little mirror to check yourself out headphones screen, just pops right out good amount of movie selection. There is going to be a dinner of seasonal fruit, crab meat with apple pomegranate, salad. The main dish is either going to be wok fried prawns and sugar, snap peas or korean bulgogi beef rib finger or roast chicken breast with black truffle port wine. Sauce lets go for this. A selection of ice cream meal is served a stir, fried prawns with snow peas, some carrots cabbage over rice. I think this is a crab salad. Oh, this looks good slices of almonds. This is all giant pieces of crap. Oh, the salad is like 95 crab meat. This is great. I dont think ive ever seen a crab salad where theres just much crab sweet pop from the pomegranate chinese food. For such a long time, carrots and the snow peas are really really sweet. The prawns are nice and snappy. I feel like itd be better, though i feel like it needs a little flavor like just this is some soy sauce im gon na drizzle, the gravy over the rice, its an okay dish, questioning on this plate, 100 of crab.

I got a wish option for the truffle chicken. So do you have a little bit of food regret, so i feel like airlines, you just offer a buffet thats just way to do it just arrived in hong kong and even the escalators are, on the other side, its about 11 oclock at night, and hopefully this Lounge is still, ah, the lounge is open, theres, just no food. Oh no, this all used to be food. This is a beautiful lounge, though its so elegant, theres, a bar right there, wow, so pretty. I bet the food would have been great theres. Also showers here. Theres, a tea house interesting, so the needle area is still open. Oh theres, a lot of noodles. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. This is a brand new lounge and it is just so pretty its probably one of the most prettiest lounges ive ever been in. I wish the buffet was open, so i could see whats what they are offering over there, but im excited we pretty much ordered everything on the menu youre hungry yeah we water – everything like we were up at that bar for, like 10 minutes watering, pretty much everything And then they have a tea room, so were gon na go hit the tea room after this, this is so cool its ready. This is so nice. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much all right grab the noodle soup. You get the dim sum.

Look at this a little baskets too, so we got again all the noodles on the menu. So this is um mala beef wonton noodles got dunder mill, heart bone soup. Oh cha, chao ball the barbecue pork bun, the shomai. What is that? Oh thats, the custard bun? We each got one: we got ta eat this first, when the lava is flowing, delicious, very peanutty, but very mala tangible soup. Fantastic got the floating bits of scallions right here, thats very authentic wonton bouncing a shrimpy, not bad at all. Music noodles are springy and delicious syrup theres the mala beef and mushroom over rice. This tastes like a water, braised beef, look at that chicken dish very spicy, and finally, pork bone soup should be very healthy. That is very herby, everythings, good, sean mice delicious too bad. Nothing i dont like here. I might just be really overly excited about all this, but everything tastes. Good again. I wish that buffet was open. I bet you there would have been so much good food over there next time, all right, so you can look at the tea and choose one. Oh theres, a lot! Hmm! Oh! I like a little pour so you make so you order it and they make it for you got a chrysanthemum tea and a pure tea. This is the poor tea delicious. Ah, they even give me give it to me in a hot cup, delicious delicious, delicious chrysanthemum fluorine, like the pores, are more heavy, more fermented more full bodied, its a two hour, layover its just flying by right now between the food and the tea lounge.

This is such a great airport, lounge, so cool, so the same flight were on last time. This is interesting. Cafe, delight look at minty, yogurt toothpaste. I get really excited for a big tube toothpaste. I really do face mist and lotion put this in here. Everything else is pretty much the same layout as the last flight. There is a blanket set and slippers which is really exciting, see whats on the menu, a large bowl of pea soup with minted cream and croutons braised beef, brisket and tinted noodle soup, zucchini and green asparagus risotto, chicken random, with nasi lemak wok, fried pork ribs with Honey and chinese olive sauce theres a cheese selection then dessert. I like this. This is the all day: food, so braised, beef, brisket and tender noodle soup. You can have that all day, so thats also the main dish. So oh, this is perfect. I can have that soup, whatever i want so then ill just go for the nasi lemak or the pork ribs, pork and prom bao and then just random snacks. Theres, a breakfast as well looks good Music dinner is served. This is a really simple layout for cathay standards, just a simple nasi lemak and a piece of rye bread, nasi lemak, one of my favorite dishes. This thing is curry chicken little try fish with peanuts. Cucumbers, thats, pretty delicious yeah turbulence is pretty crazy. Right now, im happy. I did not order a boiling hot bowl of beef.

Noodle soup sambal is delicious. I wish it was more spicy, but chicken has tons of flavor. The curry is sweet and coconutty. While im eating watching this uh documentary on anthony bourdains life feeling a little emotional, i mean i probably watch everything this mans ever made and hes such a food hero to me anyway, the little fish and crunchy peanuts. Probably my favorite part of the whole nasi lemak experience and its really hard balancing will peanuts on the fork with this crazy turbulence. Im gon na do a little less filming and concentrate on balancing the food on my fork good morning about six more hours to the uk. I am starving. Lets get that potato soup, its the beef noodle soup with really thin noodles. That broth is really nice. Some hot sauce Music – this is definitely better than some instant noodles – that a lot of airlines give you. This is delicious. Noodles are extremely chewy. Oh, you got a whole piece of tender right here, giant chunks of beef. This is a really delicious beef, noodle soup being able to get this anytime. You want as much as you want as a snack that should tie me over at this time some dim summer fruit, even kanji chicken kanji. Oh con shes, not my favorite food in the world, especially savory coffee being in northern chinese im, really used to it every time i eat it. Its pretty good dim sum is really good actually right before breakfast try to get another bowl of beet noodle soup and they have a bun, i didnt get they both right now, no surprise.

Noodle soup was amazing. Alright, two more hours till we land ill see you in london, Music just got to london, um, actually didnt realize the first stop we were making in the uk was manchester and then the airport walked from terminal one to terminal three in manchester i felt like we Were actually walking to london, but here we are and its raining. I like that this hotel definitely looks haunted, though cozy little room, but look at this view. Amazing, just falling leaves all day long bathroom that was pretty nice shower stall. Towels hotels in the uk are so extremely expensive. This is the only sort of affordable one that we could find in london. Thats not creepy at all. Oh, this place looks good flat iron, so this apparently is a change steak chain, thats really popular and it looks awesome so, first of all any place that gives you a little mini butcher knife im, a fan of them, so you get steaks. Homemade beef dripping chips that sounds so freaking delicious bunch of sauces wild mushroom, peppercorn, chili mail, beef special. It was a burger yeah. Some good eating is about to happen apple and parrot. They also give you popcorn rendered in beef fat. I love this place. Food is here: this is the flat iron steak. This is the bavette steak, so um. What theyre saying is the bavesta is a little more chewy, but got a bit of a more intense flavor and the flat iron is just melty cooked medium rare.

Oh, this just feels so tender just kind of prodding. It with my fork also got creamed spinach two different sauces, and these are the beef dripping chips. I think these are fried and beef fat. These are so good wow. These might be some of the crunchiest chips. Ever i mean listen flat iron steak. Just for the sake of using this im going to cut this in half the flat iron steak is tender dip it in some of the sauce. This is the mushroom sauce. Oh wow. I would highly recommend the sauce. The mushroom sauce is so earthy ton of mushroom flavor, and this is the peppercorn sauce wow thats fantastic as well. This is the scottish above that steak. They said its gon na be less tender for more flavor. Oh i like that. More way, more deep, flavor im pretty tender as well. This place is so nice cream. Spinach is good like they made this with fresh spinach. Also delicious the fries everything sauce, the steaks i just overheard, they got up uh. They may have a rib eye if they do im getting that too. I love this place. Sold out of the ribeye too bad ill. Definitely come back to this place. This is really cool. At the end, you get a little mini cleaver that you can exchange for some ice cream or just keep it its pretty cool. I like this, we just put it in here, yeah, okay, there you go.

Thank you so much wow, look at that! This is really really good. Thank you, so much thats a really good deal. So a steak is about 15 bucks and thats, of course, including tax, including gratuity, and the steak is amazing and ice cream alone. This is delicious ice cream. Just get this for free im. Gon na go back there again like in like two hours three hours, all right, its about 5 p.m, took shower and uh. Its bedtime first night is always the hardest. Anyway, like i mentioned in the beginning, this video is sponsored by hellofresh, guys, ive been talking about hellofresh for many many many years now, theyre one of my first sponsors, its still something i highly recommend to people if youre looking into getting a meal kit, if you Just want to simplify your cooking life, you dont want to go to the grocery store as much. You got to give hello fresh, a try, first of all, its just delicious, and that makes sense because hello, fresh recipes features produce that goes from the farm to your front door in under a week, which means their spring menu features. The seasons freshest flavors also is so quick to prepare. Hellofresh offers a wide variety of quick and easy recipes that really minimizes your prep time and makes cleanup a breeze. Also, if you want to eat healthier, hellofresh has fit and wholesome recipes, but it makes it so easy to eat well without sacrificing flavor.

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