Would you like me to that is what im telling you would you like me to prove? Otherwise, if you carry on flying, it will be seized. Okay, so welcome back to the channel guys today were at catford police base in london, its just down there. So were not going to get too far on this one and were just going to take the drone up from far away and see how it goes see what people say to us when were just flying the drone away from the police station minding our own business. Will they like it lets find out so theres a few um overhead cables up there? So weve come to the end of this path here, still quite a distance away from the gate. No more near this entrance of this uh b m store, if anything, so nothing to do with the police. Im gon na. Take the drone up and see what we can find: Music: two: more Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, so Music, Music, Music, one Music, Music, so Music, you close to a police building. So have you identifies that well, im in full, uniform ive got my shoulder number on. I can see filming as well just be nice if you could answer some questions, because there is legislation under the civil aviation act regarding whereabouts who fly the drones. Are you aware of that? Yeah weve done objects. Okay? Is there any particular reason youve chosen this location? I just thought it was a good place to do it.

Just random randomly chosen. Are you police staff or are you a police officer, colleagues play soft sound play stuff? Would you identify self appointed auditor, so theres people who like to come to the police stations to film things and put them on youtube, but in terms of drones, as my colleague said, that is that that goes against the legislation which legislation is that youve got to Remember as well, it can come. It can look like a terrorist thing recorded in buildings such as this. So if you could tell us what it is youre doing, that would be really helpful. We dont want to talk over each other so ill. Just let my colleague continue for now. You repeat what you said: wed have to check, take two of the legislation which you guys may or may not have checked. I know there are quite stringent regulations under civil aviation act. I dont know the specifics. We would have to check it out yeah. So of course, youll mention that you dont know the legislation. You dont know the specifics, no okay, but would you assume that we do because weve come here to do the activity? Well, id assume yeah. Well. Thank you. Thank you for that, because thats given me a little bit of respect back that you started to take away when you first approached saying theres legislation against what youre doing so i cant remember my exact words. Yeah obviously were curious to see what youre doing here just get an explanation from yourselves to satisfy your curiosity.

We can then look at the specifics. Do you know when you say police staff? Are you a pcso, oh yeah, okay, im sure somewhere, it does have to say pcso. Does it say anywhere at all, because at the minute you are youre impersonating, a police officer. Well, ive got police stuff yeah. Could you show me where it says pcso? Oh, it doesnt im, not im, not comfortable with that thats fine. So could you just speak to my colleague, weve started so were gon na have to finish? Have you got your designation card to do anything anything with you? Have you got your designation card to do anything with you? You are police ordered. Excuse me that is very rude. Have you got your designation card? Please wow. That is very unusual. To have behavior like that, we will go and check the legislation. You should have done that anyway. How rude is that hey? It starts coming up telling us that were doing something wrong. Doesnt know the legislation hasnt got the word pcso written anywhere at all on his uniform. So, in my opinion, hes impersonating, a police officer, hes, got no powers. Hes got no idea what hes talking about. So i think we just need to start again with somebody that knows what theyre talking about. I think for now im just gon na land this. So i can point my camera in a suitable position landing so guys that was a little bit awkward because i was trying to fly and having a conversation with somebody who you saw.

He did not have pcso in his uniform. He had police staff on his uniform. It doesnt need to specifically state pcso, i dont know where it is youve got that from. But at least you can hear me out because at the time of when he arrived, it did say police staff. But then we he had a number of a collar number dinner and for me i says i think youre impersonating, a police officer. Could i see your designation card just to show me that you are a pcso, because anyone could put the uniform piece theyre. So on yeah, but it doesnt look normal to me so hes questioning my lawful activity of dr flying a drone once i question him being a what he is claiming to be. He walks off hes gone to speak to the sergeant. I do if he comes back, because i will need to see it. I believe he is coming back. Yeah, obviously youre playing clothes as well. Weve not asked you for id, but youve not really questioned what were doing so. My id is here youve not asked me. I mean: are you okay, with what were doing i mean if its? So, if your drawing is filming for tdp yeah, you cant do that. Of course you can. Okay, no you cant ill. Let my colleague talk. They should yeah. You cant do that because, for example, ill give you something if you want to cross that line right now: thats, not public policy, okay and theres; a risk for us theres, theres, no problem! You were calling me here right now: theres, no problem, okay, but when youre thats the police station, okay, theres, you cant fly a drone over it as well b, if its private property and that drone is filming pnm, you cant do that.

You dont know that drone can be only in public spaces unless youve got permission. This is all a public space for tv. You cannot go in unless youre, a police officer or police staff. You cant go into pop the cat for tdp. Can you do you know how it works? You can you want to give it a go? Youll get arrested, you might identify yourself. Are you here like giving directors in that im, not giving directions? Ive answered your question. We had no one asked you a question. He did he just came over yeah. I was just about to say to you: do you actually know how the airspace works? Okay, youre telling us that we cant do it? Would you like me to tell you why youre wrong, but im going to tell you you cant, put your journal. Of course we can yeah. Would you like me to explain what makes your statement incorrect whats? Your name, sorry, i havent said it: okay, whats your name! Danny nice to meet you danny, you seem a bit nervous. Theres no need to be were having a conversation with both human beings. Theres no need for you to be antagonizing, because, if youre antagonizing towards me its gon na its vitaris books, the way you speak to me, im gon na speak the same way to you. Hopefully we can end this conversation with a bit of education for yourself. Yeah. Do you want to step out no im, okay, youre? Okay? Hopefully you dont take that the wrong way, no, no, its fine! I have no problem with you yeah its talking to you its just.

At the same time, i theres no reason to give me attitude or be rude because im making comments, youre saying you can agree with that, though he is making comments. You see youre smiling hes, making comments which im not necessarily like, because at the end of the day, im being respectful and listening to you mean youre not going to agree on everything about your responsibility, see its rude were trying to do something youre telling us. We cant do it so when you fly a drone, it all depends on where youre standing yeah. So if youre standing on public property, you can fly over private property as long as theres, not a flight restriction in place. Ive got the app ive checked that theres. No flight restriction: there is a flight restriction over prisons and over airports, but theres not over this building here so were sort of doing a video to promote the rights of drone users. We can fly anywhere that we like, regardless of whether its a police station or or a court building, some places that youre not normally allowed to go into with the camera, and i know going past your boundary would be a big. No. No. I understand why a police officer would question that we do, but hopefully we can all end this with a bit of education. Knowing that i can take my drone over there and i can admire all your tactical vehicles and your dog vehicles that ive seen at the back well youre doing that okay youre putting it out to them its public everyday police, do deal with a lot of criminal Stuff dont: they we do.

We deal with criminality, youre revealing okay. There might be stuff that doesnt have to be all day thats. Why you cant go there as police as a member of public yeah, you can go to a front office and you could go to lewiston right now and go to front count. So you one would say: thats a good point restricted to members of the public, its restricted to members of the public, because theyre not its, not a front its, not a front counter there for you to go in there, for example, thats what i said to you. If you used to cross that line, that is private property, yeah, okay, so youve decided to put your vehicles at the back, where no one can see for a reason. You dont want the members of the public to see that right, but unfortunately, the drone rules are the rules yeah. Maybe if the drone im not denying that to you but im saying to you thats what a police thats our police. I just want us to end on a good note: thats all thats, not good, though or a bad note, but if youre going to fly a drone on a police station, you will be questioned about it. It is my duty to question. Why are you doing this? Yes, as a normal person would do, but the thing is at the end of the conversation thats a little personal thats, a little personal and it is it youve asked me questions than ive asked: no, nothing.

Personally the attitude i dont know why you get so ugly. Its its no reason to just have so much attitude, youve asked me youve asked me my name, youve asked me quick things. Ive said to you: i dont know the poll yeah okay, so hopefully our little conversation has led you to the end point, which means i can take my drone over. So we have got to continue this until we get to a point where you leave us alone. No, we were only here to do a social experiment about drone use. We cannot be told that we cant do something when the drone rules say we can and thats all so. Hopefully, weve reached that point where you can understand what im saying theres, nothing illegal about it, its a social examination. You can have like a youtube site, then theres too much personal questions, but youve just asked me its not perfect, im just going to hand over to because i cant take too much time. Thank you for your time were not doing anything illegal, so we would prefer yeah wed prefer if you wouldnt interfere with us. Yeah weve asked weve answered enough questions. Okay, wed like to be left wed like to be left alone now were gon na. Take the drone back up, we dont want to be interfered with. Is that okay, good, all right yeah? Thank you. You can see that were no threat, i mean noahs is. Is we mean you have just had a conversation? He hasnt been ruined hes talking about rudeness like you youre talking about me, whilst youre facing him, but youre always making little time.

If you want to have a conversation with me or not because each time i come over there, you wont even look at me. You wont even look at me, but so am i when i take this uniform and you dont have to be rude to me, because ive ive not been rude to you, so those people. Why are you such a snowflake youre, a police officer? I am a police officer. Have i been disrespectful to you, i like how you do pick up on little bits: well, thats, thats, quality of your job, its a quality that you have to have in your job im, not im, just saying, if im being polite to you and im, actually answering Your questions, okay, lets just any reason for you to be antagonized. Is there exactly? I am a police officer. Have you had some instruction from comms lets, hear it come on? Okay, so because theres a camera on it, thats the bit that were youre not allowed to do. Okay, so, under the civil aviation act you arent allowed to fly that within 150 meters of congested area youre in london, its a congested area, therefore youre not able to fly with the camera thats, your side of things. Would you like me to that is what im telling you would you like me to prove? Otherwise, if you carry on flying, it will be seized. Okay, i would like to prove otherwise, because what youve said is incorrect, so, unfortunately, just to continue the experiment, it will go up just to prove my point, no hard feelings, no hard feelings, all right! Well, shes just said to you: you can do your experiment, but shes just told you yeah.

What she said is wrong its wrong, so police. If you choose to not listen to what police officers told you okay, yeah and then, if someone asks shes driving off shes driving off shes driving off well see in a minute right. The drones got to go up guys because what shes just said is wrong and we know its wrong because its a 249 gram drone, which doesnt have the same rules as one thats heavier, so its got to go back up. So we dont like people, bullying us around and telling us we cant, do something when we know we can do it. Weve already got our footage of the place, but shes telling me. I cannot fly the drone in this area and i know i can so guess what were back up Music. So, as you saw there, the drone went back up and so far nobody has come to talk to us. So you you cant, bully people into you. Cant do this, because if you do you will seize the drone or youll be arrested, or you know the legislation is there for 249 gram drones to be able to fly over anywhere. They want any building any people with no minimum distances thats. Why its such a popular drone, the dji mini 2.? So when youve got people like her trying to put our category of drone into much heavier weight drone rules, then you must be given the chance to put a right and to show the web page on the civil aviation website which im showing you just there, which Clearly shows that the small aircraft, the 249 grams, can go as close to people and buildings as you like, but if they dont give you a chance to explain it and just say, if you do it again, therell be trouble and drive off.

That sort of leaves the member of the public thinking. Oh no im going to be in trouble, but no we didnt walk away. We took it back up and now were standing at the front gate on the line of where their private property starts to see. If they want to come and play games because to me, thats, bully tactics, bully boy tactics and threatening you with um their power thats, the abuse of their power say watch what will happen if you do this? No, i dont think so so, as shown on the screen just there, it says small drones and model aircraft below 250 grams. You can fly small drones and model aircraft that are lighter than 250 grams or c0 or c1 class in residential recreational, commercial and industrial areas. Remember you must fly safely so line of sight. Example of residential recreation, commercial and industrial areas are well residential areas include cities and towns, villages, housing estates, schools, recreational areas include tourist attractions, sports facilities, beaches parks, theme parks, commercial areas include shopping, centers, warehouses, business parks. Now this is more like a business park area where we are because youve got b m over there, and so i would class this as a commercial area or it could even be an industrial area to include a factory type of building. But whatever it is. We are allowed to fly over it as long as its not in a flight restriction zone and as shown on the screen just there.

This clearly is not in an frz, so theres no reason at all. The dji mini 2, which we fly, cannot go home over here. So with all that proven, and nobody else come out to give us any hassle, i think were going to leave that one there from the tactical support group. You know we saw all the vehicles at the back there with all the dog sections in the back, the dog vans. We saw all the the riot vans and all the carriers for mass amount of uh constables to attend large events. So this is where they do, that sort of thing from and youd have the firearms based here we even saw the hgv vehicle that they send onto the motorway, so they can see inside other hdv windows, so all the sort of specialist vehicles and the specialist teams – All have their vehicles based here and theyve, even got their own fuel pump. So quite a very important base for uh to support the whole of the met.