If anything goes wrong, this is going in the water, so it has to work perfect the first time. So this is a new drone by gab rc it’s, very small it’s under 250 grams. The one they sent me is entirely digital, so i have a cadex vista on it and a nebula nano. I believe in the front. Props are 3.5 inch that’s why they call it the smart 35. It is made not to break. If you look, i don’t know if you can see the frame and the light here, the frame is super thick carbon fiber like four mil carbon fiber on the bottom. It would take an awful lot to break these arms, so you’re not going to break those uh. The flight controller on here is an f4 flight controller and i think the motors i can’t see it in the light they look like they’re about uh 3 800 kv. I may or may not have that correct. Looking with my little squinty eyeballs here, so what i’m going to do now is i’m going to go. Fly it now i’m, going to show you the video coming from the little nebula in the front which takes pretty good video and since it’s so tiny. I stuck a little insta go on it, you know, like um, yeah insta360 go camera that’s going to go on the front. I have a little mount i’ve zip tied to the top. It does say you can put.

If you want, you can put an smo4k. You know like that’s, a full 4k 60 or a naked gopro up front, and it will fly with that or of course you can put an insta 360 go to. I don’t have a mount for insta360 go to for this tiny little thing, so i could use that so i’m, back to the little the old age, insta 360 go anyways enough of me. Chatting let’s go fly this now, since our drone is a digital system. I’M gon na have to use a digital radio, the dji fpv radio right here and i’m gon na use the dji fpv goggles i’m gon na try a large battery on here. I’M gon na use a 1100 milliamp hour battery and i stick the little drone up here. All right we’ve got people bird watching over there, so i can’t fly that way or they’re going to be really upset with me. Oh, my god, what an image looks really good i’m looking out over the water. Where is my controller here? We are i’m going to put an acro mode and fly away from those people, so i don’t disturb them lots of people out here this morning. Very weird. Okay, so let’s arm this let’s go good thing. This is very quiet, so flying out over the water, you probably see the props on the sides in the frame. I noticed that i can see that so that’s just the way the camera is with this tiny little uh drone, but here i am i’m going into the wind early morning.

How does that look just checking out uh items here over the water wow that’s, pretty good. All right so let’s come back. This way. Take a nice little turn into the light. Now we have the sunlight behind us, so things should look a little bit different we’re, not shooting into the sun as much it’s a very smooth flying drone. I think it was designed like that, because it’s not very loud and yeah it just hums along at a nice easy pace. You could do a lot of cool things with this, so in the winter time i might as well mention this, because people are probably noticing it. This here is the beginning of the ice huts in the winter time. This was never here before. This is a structure since icesats and ice fishing is such good business. I guess the company that’s here has designed a system so that these ice sets are here permanently so in the summertime. They use them for something else and in the winter time, when the ice and everything else builds around it well, it becomes the start of the all the ice huts that many people use. So enough about this. Let me tell you about this drone let’s just say this. Drone here flies so smooth as you’re, probably seeing it in the image as i’m. Switching between the cameras, if both cameras are working, that you can see that it’s it’s an easy drone flyer, nothing, nothing, nothing that a beginner couldn’t fly like it’s such a smooth flyer.

I think this might end up being one of my favorite drones, because just the way i’m cruising around here, i can’t even hear it it’s so quiet. I could be like a secret spy going around this guy’s property um and nobody would ever notice that i’m. Even here, this is how quiet this thing is. It is pretty impressive, to say the least, oh there’s, something down there. What is that? Did you see it land right? There let’s come down something you see the water there. It is right there it’s a duck. Hey ducky, i don’t want to go and blend in the water with the duck, but there is look at that i’m, so quiet he’s sitting there feeding. Hopefully you can see that on the camera let’s bring it back this way. So i have the sun behind me. There he is right down here coming right at him, hey duck if you would have flown away while i would have got whacked all right, so here i’ll show you where i am i’m over here right over here on the edge and if i bring this up, You’Ll see the people bird watching there’s a car over there see that car those people are bird watching all right. I’M gon na go fly at a different place because there’s too many people here, so let me go fly somewhere else. Let me just bring it down for a landing. Oh, i almost went in the water there i’m so used to coming down so low to the ground for landings.

Here we go let’s bring it over to me there. I am over there, so i’ll land it right over. Here there we go here. We go just to show you how many people have shown up since i started flying check this out so i’m. Here, i’ve got the water all to myself, but i’ve got the car over here and i have a bunch of bird watchers all over there and down there. Look at people are showing up everywhere, so i got ta go, find a new place to fly okay i’m. At a second location, now we’re gon na fly this one more time. I don’t know if you can see it, but since i’m, at the beach right now, it’s pretty windy, there’s a lot of wind uh, but this thing seems powerful enough. I think it can fly in the wind, no problem i’m gon na. Stick it right on the edge of my jeep and fly it right off that i’m. Just gon na sit beside it. It seems to be pretty safe to me. Let’S put an acro mode arm. It and go there: it is going into the wind. I can hear a car pulling up next to me, let’s see. Is there a car there? Oh there’s, right there all right now i have a gopro on my jeep, so you can see this thing fly by let’s, see right over here so i’m coming into the wind right now, but look at the gopro should be picking it up.

Nice. You can see me and everything else i’m going to go, fly right over the gopro right there. Oh, the wind is just a howl in here. Well, let’s, take it out let’s try some of this stuff, so try full speed, it’s going to be kind of hard out here, because we’ve got wind, beautiful scenery, though that’s for sure check this out. This is really nice. Scenery got boats out there on the water let’s go around and come around. This got people down below let’s come down low. Now you can see the wind blowing up the waves nicely. This thing has no problem flying in the wind. This is doing really well wow. Nice slow turn nice slow turn there very nice. Very nice really well made drone. Look at this they’re. Getting everything ready for swimming here. Let’S come down this way. This thing is under 250 grams, so the great thing in canada is i’m allowed to fly this wherever i wish, take the path yeah. The wind is just blowing at my face so it’s pushing this drone into the trees on the left hand, side but it’s doing well, i’m, just making sure i don’t see any people on the path i’m going through oh there’s, some over there. So i have to come over this way. Super nice drone yeah. This is definitely one of my favorites. Definitely one of my favorites let’s go over here. Come down to the water, nice and low let’s, go up over the trees and see what we have over here.

Well, there’s the roadway there’s, the entire world doesn’t that look so cool all right, let’s bring it up back. This thing here is definitely a winner it’s a winner. This is uh. Definitely a drone i’ll be using an awful lot. I’M, diving down now just seeing how well it dives look at this it’s just going down perfectly. It stays straight right in the wind crash into the ground, but no lift it up and bring it over to me. Sweet drone, hey there’s, a pathway here. Where does this go? Let’S check out this path goes this way. This way, this way sweet i’m right out to the road. So if i go this way, i can drive as if i was driving to go visit me so i’m, going down the road. Oh, this is so cool. This is so cool and then i’ll go into the parking lot. This is how i got here come in the parking lot. There we go and there i am over there at the end there i am, that is sweet, that’s, really cool. All right so let’s uh come down and look at me really close and then land this baby, Music bounced off the ground. There we go and i landed it upside down all right check out this landing it in beach. Sand is not the best thing for these little drones because they get in the motors everything. So next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box check this out? This would be the box.

Your drone comes in on the side of my box. You can see, i have the nebula nano plug and play. This is how the drone comes. It is vacuum packed right from the factory and if you tear off the plastic well then it’s shiny factory, new, now mine is the hd version. With the cadx vista. You can see it right here below the cadx vista. You can see the f4 flight controller at 35 amps and if we look at the camera up the front here’s the nebula nano that you saw the video from in my review and over here we have the antenna. This is for digital signal and it’s supposed to give you a range about two miles. If you buy batteries, for this drone make sure you get the xt30 connector for the batteries that you buy as well. The motors right here you can see the brushless motors are 3850 kv. I love that the frame is four millimeters of carbon fiber thickness you’re not going to break that check out the props. You actually get emax props the same as on the emax baby. Hawk 2. accessories in the box would be your battery strap. And then you have your support arms here we have a multitude of screws. You’Ll need some to put the props on. You also have a mini external camera, mount foot pads and a battery grip, other items included, would be an allen key plus receiver, antenna, wire protectors and stickers.

Of course, first thing: you’re going to want to do is remove the backing on the battery grip and attach it to the drone. Next, take your battery strap slide it underneath the frame and just wrap it around and velcro it together. Next, take the eight foot pads, remove the backing and attach four of them to each of the arms. This will help when you’re flying taking off and landing so that the drone remains above the ground. Now the rotation of the motors is important so that you know which way to install the props i’ve already checked here, and it is props in so that means the props will turn inward, so let’s get our props you’ll need two screws per prop, just install them And when you have all four props on it looks like this now you can see where gep rc got their inspiration for this drone. It is the emacs baby, hawk 2. The frame the props. A lot of things are very similar, both really good drones. All right final thoughts, here’s. What i learned about this drone it’s, very quiet, it flies buttery smooth. It has an awful lot of power for the size long flight time, and the last thing i learned has never land in beach sand. Look what i did to the motors. Can you hear that i don’t know? Can you hear it i’ll put it by the mic. I got ta go blow some compressed air in there because those motors are gon na, be toast all right, so don’t.

Let them beat sand and you’ll be golden. This is easily in my top well i’d, probably put in my top five fpv drones for having fun in an under 250 gram type of format. This one’s really good, like i have zero, zero complaints about it. It is really really good, so i’m gon na recommend it as definitely a buy if you’re looking for something small under 250 grams. This is definitely a buy it’s, really good. All right guys hope you enjoyed this video links to where you can find. This are below i’ll, put several links to different locations, check it out, find the best price for you and pick one up. If you have questions on this drone post them below, if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch you in the next video bye, Music.