My name is alex abrahams. If this is your first time to my channel, welcome uh, i do a variety of different unboxing videos, tech reviews, uh. You will find videos from a variety of different things that i do so uh. Thanks, i figured i would thanks for stopping by, i figured i would unbox the brand new dji fpv drone. This is a first person view drone, pretty sure that’s. What fpv stands for i’ve had some gti drones in the past. I still have one and uh they make some great drones. They really do so. I figured i would unbox this so that you guys have the same exact experience that i do and then you can see and determine whether uh. This is something that you might want to pick up. I’Ve seen some videos on it and it seems pretty cool i’m really excited to try it out, really excited to uh, fly it and see what it’s, like especially goggles. Sorry, i have a hair sticking up this morning, uh so we’re gon na use my uh trusty thunder cats uh blade of thunder. I guess you would say and let’s get into this bad boy, shall we let’s do it. So what really got me excited about this drone is the the goggles. I think the goggles are really going to make it fun to be able to um to fly the drone and not necessarily use my phone all the time, which was actually one of my biggest gripes uh about drone flying it’s just having to connect a phone, because The phone’s big and it never really truly fits in the controller properly.

So you know it is what it is. You can still use the phone, but you don’t need it now, which is a great thing, so we’ll just throw over that to the side. You can either way put that down here: hi steffi, how you doing today we are uh unboxing, the brand new dji, fpv, drone and let’s see. How do we open this? Oh it’s got a little uh all right, that’s open there. Oh, they put little uh stickers here, which is great, so let’s. Do that all right and let’s get this bad boy out of the box. I heard that it’s a very heavy draw, so we uh we shall see. What am i missing here? Is it bad that i need an instruction manual to open up the box? Uh let’s see what’s going on here. Oh okay, all right! Maybe down here there we go! That must be it all right. So um, some of the things i’ve read about this drone and seen in some other videos, is that it’s got really great uh. The battery life is 20 minutes, so that’s subjective, right i’m used to uh drones to have a little bit larger battery life, but for a racing drone i’ve been told that that’s a pretty good battery life. There we go now. We got it also. The range on this is really good spades. How are you it’s good to see you all right here? We go you guys.

This is exciting. Let’S see what’s inside the box. Obviously a drone, but we’ll see what else. Oh wow, okay, this is cool. First thing is man, the goggles. They look like something out of batman out of the dark knight, so they got a good weight to. It could be pretty comfortable, so that’s uh interesting. It looks like i don’t know. I know if these could possibly be speakers, but they look like speaker, girls, but man. This definitely looks like something out of the dark knight which is really cool. So i know this allows you to adjust how the lenses look on the inside and then this lights up. This is digital, which is really cool. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the battery life, but i have seen it in videos where uh, where it does um it does light up and it’s got an up and down which i’m not really sure what set what that is for, but I’M sure that i will figure it out soon enough um power input down here and what looks to be a headphone jack, so we’ve got a headphone jack there and obviously the strap should be in here somewhere, so i can put it on uh. So this is really cool. Uh looks like a weird alien that does doesn’t it yeah well, i’ll. Tell them i’m gon na go to work next time wearing this thing, so this is pretty cool i’m really excited about it.

This is one of the things that really got me most excited about this particular drone. The fact that i can just put this on and then see what the camera is all right. So here we go here’s. The drone put that over here and let’s see if it’s as heavy as everyone says it is yeah. It’S definitely got some weight to it. Doesn’T. This look like something out of uh like predator or some type of of uh alien movie. So it’s interesting because you see the propellers will go up here and then down here where traditional drones, it’s kind of flat – not this case here and it looks like the battery is already included. So the battery gives you about 20 minutes of flight time. Is everything i’ve read um, so obviously i got to charge the battery and then second take this off here. This is the little plastic cover that covers up the camera, which is in there and, unlike other um, like the mavic, for example, that has a three axis. Gimbal, this only has one which really kind of concerns me, because i like cinematic footage, uh so i’m i’m, hoping that i can get that with this. So let’s um let’s put it over to the side and see what else in here boy it is. It feels really solid, which is pretty cool. I know it’s plastic, but it feels pretty solid. Okay, cool. So take a look at this here’s, the controller which is exciting because the controller yeah it feels like like an xbox controller, which is great.

I know this flips up there’s the antenna there, so you can see. You’Ve got your triggers here, which is nice. Uh you’ve got your uh wheel here, which i think this probably controls the gimbal goes up or down. Then you’ve got a variety of different modes. You’Ve got a manual mode, you’ve got a sport mode and then you’ve got uh, let’s, see manual, sport and then i’m, not sure what n is i can’t quite remember. I don’t know if it just means everything is uh completely manual um. This is cool. I think this is like there’s a break, so if you are about to hit something you can hit the button and it just completely stops hovers in the air, so that’s pretty cool um, then you’ve got right here. Obviously, i’ve got to find out the sixer, probably in the next box, which i’ll take out here in just a moment: um so um i’m not sure what this is here: that’s kind of fascinating power button and then c1 – i don’t know what c1 is yet i’ll Have to read the instructions, but it might be something that um i can map so that’ll. Be cool. Oh up. Here, too, is the camera button, so i can use it to take pictures record video, so that’s helpful, um, so yeah it has a bit of weight to it, but man it feels so good. It feels like i’m about to play xbox, so very cool, very cool.

All right, let’s, uh, let’s, move on to the rest of the stuff. Okay, i got my propellers here, that’s pretty easy and i think that they’re labeled so let’s take a look yep pair here’s b and, of course, there’s. A so let’s see are these labeled here. They should be: oh yeah, take a look guys: they’re labeled right there, a and b. So you know which propeller goes where that’s very helpful. Thank you. Dji all right, let’s see what else we got here. Okay, we have our power adapter and our battery, so let’s go and take a look at this let’s see here, whoops all right, so here’s our battery for let’s see this is the battery for the drone. I thought the battery for the drone was in there. Oh, i think i actually turned it off. This is the uh i think yeah, i don’t know. Unless it came with an extra battery, i mean it’s called let’s open this up. Huh i don’t know actually that’s weird, i think, there’s an eject button here, but it should be. Oh wait. I think i got ta pull these. Oh, i got ta, take this off and then pull it out. I think it’s a little uh let’s see it’s a little challenging, but it will eventually come off and there we go so you got to take this off and then i know that there’s something that goes in there and then, if i pull this in yeah there, We go so that comes out um, oh done! This is the way that you charge it.

This is how so this is a battery uh. I believe yeah i’ve got a little uh battery button there, so absolutely that’s what that is. Okay, so very cool, so we’ll just keep that back in there. I guess for now and then we’ll figure out uh that other battery might just be for the goggles, because clearly the goggle needs some juice as well. So we’ll put that back in there hey there. We go very cool all right. I have to take a look and see how long it takes to charge, but i do know that it gives you roughly 20 minutes of charge time. Okay, speaking of charge, there’s the power brick that comes along with it. Well, hello vans good to see you thanks for joining the uh, the unboxing. Here i got a busy night of of unboxing and uh good to see you paul. Oh hey looney holy cow it’s like uh i’m, seeing you guys uh out of your uh, your twitch characters out of your twitch personas, i mean so uh. This is cool all right, so it’s got two usbs all right. That’S good we’ll put that over to the side lots of stuff in here you guys this is uh. This is a lot, but there is a lot to this drone. I cannot wait to fly it. My hope is to fly it tomorrow and uh let’s see here. All right, let’s see what this is here. I think these are just some more cables.

Well, i don’t make it easy to open. Oh maybe they do and i’m just doing it wrong there. We go okay cool here we go all right. What do we got here? What do we got here? Um, not sure, yes, fans. Everyone knows that it’s you now, but it’s, okay, hello, sookie, good to see a long time, no see great to see uh my twitch, my fellow twitch uh cool kids in here, oh okay. So this aha! This is the strap for the goggles, so this will go here and that’s. How you put it on. It seems like it’s gon na be very comfortable seems like a nice, build nice quality, nice all right, move in on um, ah looney that’s, funny all right! So power chord easy enough. What else do we have here? Oh my goodness, you guys so many cables, so many cables um another power cord. I believe this. This one goes to the headset, because i know it has that jack and then this would be usbc to uh usb a so i think, that’s also i don’t know what that was for we’re gon na put that to the side. Actually that’s. Probably my guess is that’s, probably for the uh uh, the goggles. Okay, so we’ve got a usbc to usba connector. I love these dongles they’re, always great. If you never have enough those, then you’ve got what i believe must be. Oh, these are the antennas that go in the front of the uh right here.

Actually and you’ll look even more like an alien when you put them on, but this is what allows you to communicate with the drone when it’s flying so put that over here now we got some more stuff. What else do we have in here? Oh there’s, something else in there. I think oh there’s, actually a couple things wow there’s tons of stuff in here tons of stuff um. Okay. Here we go. Oh a little allen wrench. So if you want to change the way that the controllers feel in terms of the joysticks, you can do that using the allen, wrench and then in here. Oh, these are the little uh controller sticks. This is super important, so i hope that there’s a place to store them in here like in previous, oh yeah, take a look at this, so you can see they’re actually already in here. So it looks like those were extras, so you can see it right there right here, so that’s fantastic, so you can take them off when you want to and store them back in here, so you don’t lose them, so those might be extras which is great. Okay uh the book quick, start guide. We’Ll need to take a look at that and then uh safety disclaimer. All that fun stuff. I don’t know about you, but i love to just try to get rolling without reading too many instructions, not a good plan with a drone, so i probably will at least attempt to read the getting started guide all right.

This right here, i believe, is a cover for this. In some capacity i don’t really know it looks like uh it’s, like you want to change the identity or the look of the drone. I mean. Obviously he has some functionality, i don’t quite i’m, not quite sure but uh uh yeah, maybe it’s, so that you can see the drone better. I would think that might be it i’m, not quite sure, but we’ll figure it out. I’M gon na look at the instruction manual and figure that out – and that is the very last piece yep that’s. The very last piece of uh of this particular drone that’s a lot of moving parts. You guys, let me move the box out of the way and i’ll bring everything over, so you guys can see it all and then uh. I will charge it up and hopefully get to use it for the first time tomorrow. That’Ll be a lot of fun and then hope i don’t crash it, because that would be bad. So all right, let’s, uh let’s, recap everything kind of that. We got here all right, we got the goggles we’ve got obviously the drone which very sturdy. It feels good. It feels like, and it should be. This thing can go 60 or seven sixty or seventy miles per hour, and then it’s got a range. I think of. Like three or four miles so it’s pretty insane, what this thing can do, uh so that’s, pretty fantastic.

It has a great quality, build so we’ll put that over to the side here and then obviously the controller feels great. I do also have a controller which is not here but it’s a uh. It almost looks like a wii controller, a nintendo wii controller, and you can actually, instead of using this use, that particular controller. So when you go down, the drone will go down when you move up. It’S got like a, i guess. The gyroscope, when you go left it’ll start turning left when you turn it this way. The drone will turn this way, so that i’m really excited about, because i think that’s going to give it more of uh, like a video game, feel so um yeah i’m, looking forward to uh to unboxing that. But i will probably first try it with the regular controller to see what it’s like and make sure that um. I don’t crash the drone that’s like number one um, so very cool, so uh that’s, every that’s, everything in the box, including a ton of little things, all these cables, which i’m going to have to keep track of. I think i’m going to put them all in a box, so i don’t lose them um and then obviously the propellers, so uh yeah that’s everything that comes with the dji drone uh. If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below and i’ll do my best to answer it and uh. I will also feel free to answer any questions about what my impression is after i have a chance to use it and really kind of put put it through the paces see what the quality is like the quality, it obviously shoots 4k, so it should be pretty Fantastic, i plan to use that footage for a variety of different things, so i’m really excited about this drone.

I think that dji makes some great quality products and um yeah. I will uh see also if i can post some of the footage, if i’m able to on social media so keep an eye on that as well uh, so that does it for this particular unboxing. I will be hosting another live unboxing immediately after this i’m. Actually going to stop the stream here and then come back on with a different product which is called happy, um and i’ll. Tell you all about that. So i hope that you enjoyed this. If you did make sure to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel so that you can see more videos like this and make sure to hit the bell uh icon to be notified when i go live and do more videos like this uh. So, anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this, and i look forward to seeing you, if not in a couple minutes in my next unboxing very soon on the next video take care.