I hope you guys all staying safe and doing good today, i’ll be doing an unboxing and that unboxing will be the dji mini 2 it’s. The drone. Okay, that i want uh from uh club travels, uh um grand rapido won the grand prize and for drone. So i have it now. Thank you clava for sending me the drone anyway, guys uh shout out to all of you guys uh to everyone, my white whitey friends, and to all the teams, all right guys, uh shout out to all of you and uh right guys. I’M, using also my insta 360 and all right anyway, let’s uh cut the long short okay, let’s cut the longer one, all right guys. So here it is award dji and mini 2 Applause. It’S a fly more combo like it’s a fly more combo yeah. Here. Look at that. Look at that plastic and this one is the ultra light and uh fold the ball: okay, it’s less than less than 249 grams, and it has like a 31 minutes max flight time. So uh right, it is like a 10 10 kilometers sink. Okay. 2.2 hd video transmission right and it’s also like an 8.5 to 10.5 uh ms level 5 wind recess resistance right and it’s. A 3 axis gimbal camera 4k video guys this one captures like a 4k video and also a panorama, quick shots and one tap videos all together with the extra three batteries guys the three batteries, and also some extra like propellers and so on.

The charger and also with the remote control so it’s a combo so guys join me gon na open this one let’s have the seesaw. Ah we have the scissor here: i’m gon na open it now i’m gon na open it start opening. It guys have a close look: Music it’s with the bag it’s all here inside wow dji fresh from the farm first from the market, guys fresh from the market here’s the catalog okay gon na open it slowly. Oh there i thought i thought it’s windy, guys it’s windy, so ah this. Firstly, this is the the remote. Is the remote guys, that’s the remote? I will place it there, the remote right there and please look this. Is it guys this? Is it fancy? You got the propellers here wow, you have the camera here got a case of that camera and, of course, guys it’s really brand new, and it just came out. This is the latest of the yeah, the dji mini 2. All right, please use the propeller holder to protect the propellers uh when storing yeah, so we got to use it okay, this is it fancy it’s number two there and what goes inside the bag we got the. Ah. This is uh like the accessories. These are the accessories of that one guys. So you have this. This is the cords. I got the cords guys. These are the cords. Also, this is the the battery charger we’re gon na open it in a minute guys.

I will open it one by one. This is the plug guys also from dji another chord. Yes, another chord usb chord guys and with the it’s already like a type c and that’s it that’s it that’s it that’s. It continue our uh unboxing here guys so that’s the back here for my dji bag, and this is the thing now guys. This is the thing, and this is the remote we’ll open, the remotes gently wow fresh from the farm that’s, the that’s, the remote guys. This is the main thing anyway, guys it’s my first time to have a drone so and also we’ll open this uh batteries here, it’s a battery hub, okay, it’s already so excited guys. Haven’T experienced this one and we’ll open this one fresh from the farm. All right guys so, as i said alright, this is a dji now guys. So this is the product Music ready to fly it’s ready to fly guys my dji mini. Thank you. Clava will travel the battery case here yeah. It has already one battery up here: okay, let’s, try guys remote here this also the knobs guys are. These are the knobs Music Applause and i will kind of touch my telephone here so that’s it guys uh. Everything is here. Everything is in pack propellers here. The three uh access guys this is the three access uh gimbal camera, guys uh 4k video also here and yes, the propellers and takes a panorama, shots guys, it’s like a 249.

It stays here like 249 grams, so just very light and handy hold the bowl. So we’re gon na try this one guys Music, all right guys, so that is the unboxing today uh. Thank you guys for joining me guys and then i’ll be uh, showing you again next time the the flight of this right i’m going to test how to test this one, the dji mini 2 uh drone and thank you to club travel. Thank you. So much club will travel, so maybe clever will trouble. Will disqualify me on the next uh the next draw, because i might win again for it. I said that okay anyway guys so this is it that’s it and uh. Thank you all guys for joining me. Runway channel here and uh, if you haven’t, subscribed my channel guys, please subscribe uh like and share and, of course, comment down below and guys. I want you to see the description down. Yeah watch that i’ve put some description on my channel, okay, so, okay.