Do i have pals at fortnight? Of course i do. Do you think its time to i dont know, try a new game, maybe a game on a pc instead of this 20 inch imac over here uh, you know i dont really play too many games. This is just more casual casual. Do you think theres anything casual about working at unbox therapy? Do you know the type of gaming equipment we have here? Keyboards gaming, mice, gaming, pcs with rgb and monitors that are bigger than 20 inches? I just play for casual. You know. Let me configure a setup for you that just fits in a little bit better here, given the type of equipment we have access to rtx you ever heard of rtx yeah ive heard of it you ever heard of 240 hertz. No, this is fine. I mean the keyboard its a not a lot of key travel there. No, but its fine, the mouse it doesnt have dedicated, left and right button. Your hand is in pain right now. Well, its light yeah, your your aim is terrible right now. No, this is fine. I mean whats this this. What is this uh thats thats mine, dont? We dont talk about that Music Music. This is the samsung odyssey mio g9. This is a 49 inch. Gaming monitor ultra wide quantum matrix technology. Quantum mini led how many quantums you got. I got. None 1000r curved screen. Do you understand immersion, sir Music? Not yet, sir? This is the odyssey neo ultra wide, obviously, and a tremendously aggressive curve.

This is going to be perfect for willy dos gaming experience. Music. Look at the immersion, as you sit sort of in this cockpit over 5000 pixels across up to 240 hertz. These are the possibilities with windows based gaming, Music. Of course, we have our mechanical keyboard of choice and a gaming mouse to go with it, Music, its almost as nice to look at from the back as it is from the front Music theyve gone with this stormtrooper look black and white contrast. Obviously, you can also see the rgb that theyve worked in and its not just like a simple strip, but if you look at it closely, it almost seems to go on infinitely in there. It looks like a void on the inside its a nice implementation. You probably also noticed a headset hanging on the back theres this little gaming, headset or headphone hanger, and it locks up out of the way when its not in use, and you simply pull down on it and it flicks out. And then you can stick your headset right there conveniently keep things tidy, something that a lot of large monitors. Dont have is adjustability. This one very smoothly moves from a low position to a high position. It can also surprisingly pivot reasonably well and it has some tilt also so big monitor, but some flexibility on there theyve thought about cable management. You may have a number of inputs going into the monitor, so the monitor does have a hub, so your peripherals can plug directly into it.

The way that this cable management works is through this back channel this piece, pops off and again its really smooth to do, and then youre able to run your various cables through this section, which of course includes your keyboard mouse. Whatever you want to plug directly into the monitor, as far as inputs and outputs are concerned, we have two usb a ports over here. Of course, we also have the usb cable going back to the pc in order to operate. The hub here is an 8k capable displayport cable plugged into the display port, and this was included in the package. As i mentioned, you have one two more hdmis and then youve also got an analog audio port for your wired headset. If you use one over on this other side here, we have our connection for power and theres no external power, brick, so everything is built in so all youll have coming out of the monitor is simply a typical power, cable and then youve also got this plate Here and this just clips onto the back to cover up your cable management once youve got everything installed now, of course, with this new model, you also have the advantages of mini led now were all aware of the pros and cons with mini led for myself. Personally, i think the trade offs are worth it ive, seen it in tv tech, ive, seen it on tablets now seeing it in ultra wide format.

I think most people are going to be able to appreciate some of those advantages with mini led now. I think we can probably agree that, if youre into gaming, if gaming is a part of your life, then this particular implementation is far superior to the one that willy dude was trying to pull off earlier in this video, we have 49 inches of gaming pleasure as Opposed to his what was he using 21.5 or something like that? We have rtx graphics, we have a mechanical keyboard, we have a gaming mouse uh. I think hes going to be pleasantly surprised. Music, i mean 49 inches, you got to admit its making. Some kind of difference for you, you know what i can get used to this. This has got to be a better place to game. I mean the immersion, the comfort level 240 hertz, i think, im getting a lot more kills. Youve got flexibility with the ultra wide. You can split the screens, do the game streaming, get the obs the gaming on one side and now that youre on the pc side, you have the latest titles way more selection, all the peripherals. No, this is great. You see these are the benefits of working at unboxed therapy. We have access to all the greatest stuff man. You were so right. They call that a 1000 r screen, its literally curving around you yellow, shot displayport is pretty good, quick, shout out to drake for the 300 subs.

I appreciate that dude you just passed. 30 million followers youre the number one most popular game streamer in the world. Music.