Welcome back to another video and today im going to open a new drone which i bought from amazon, so lets go. Lets open! This drone guys lets unpack. Let me just open it Music. So yeah lets unpackage this bad boy and just rip this its so satisfying boys open the drawer lets go. Oh look, something mysterious was hiding inside this box, yo dji mini sc after a long time. Finally, weve got the drone lets open this bad boy. Oh dji mini see, you see its only 249 gram bro. How do you open this? Okay, there you go. Oh satisfying, im, nothing yo wheres! Should it open? Oh bruh, this tape is stuck there. You go okay, now its time for opening okay, now its time to open the box. Oh look at this so satisfying. Oh lets get this out of the box. Dji mini sc. Lets see this thing now: Music, Music, Music! So guys look! There are more things inside this box: theres the remote controller and whats this. What is this oh and theres, some extra wings? Are they good theres, some extra propellers and then also this charger and and theres some book, like a small guidebook? Oh look! How many thats cool so now we just empty the box now its time to unwrap the controller. Oh look at this bad boy. Looking brand new, looking nice man im so excited lets see the back. Oh, this looks nice but the front door.

It looks like a speaker, man, sheesh bro. How do you open this? Is this stuff? Okay? Oh now i see this is actually mad. You know. Oh yes, lets open it. Oh look at this. Okay lets open this look accidentally open the other part. Okay whats. In there thats the battery lets open this. Oh, yes, this looks nice. There you go. This is the final opening. Oh, this looks nice Music, Music guys.