I have never unboxed it before so this is the first time im unboxing mavic 3 sani. This is the pro version. This is like not a normal version, so stay with me till the end of this video, and we will see what we can get from this box and what is inside from outside. You can see all these things, but lets see find out inside and more further do lets unbox. It. Okay im very excited for this, because this is like my dream drone, and this thing is incredibly so my hands are a bit shaking its not easy to unbox. It but lets see wow goodness me. Look at this guys. This plastic is very, very like strong and steady its not that easy to take it out, but lets see oh wow, so from the outside of the box. You can see this is the box, and you can find this and from down of the box, you can find what you will find inside in the box. All these things you guys can see here are in this camera as well. So lets open it one by one and dont, be harvey. I will open it slowly slowly and show you each and everything. So this is also my first time and maybe your first time as well, so we can find it together. Okay, wow look at this. So inside you can find this qr code from dji, mavic, 3 senior dji fly ape video tutorials and the user manuals, and this is what you can find, oh my goodness so in the box, theres! Nothing! More goodness me look at this! Oh my god! This is precious like.

I think this is the most beautiful packing i have ever seen and i have ever unboxed it look at this wow goodness wow wow, okay, lets open it before wow wow Applause. Can you hear the sound wow amazing sound? This plastic is good. Well, wow smells so good and look at this guys. This is the actual bake youre gon na get when you unbox it and its pretty heavy. When i get this from the shop, i was surprised like what a drone camera can be that heavy, but i think this is also because of the bag. So first lets talk about the bag. The bag is, i think, pretty beautiful the side. You can have these two strips open this one and from this side you can open this one, and this is the back. So i have seen the many unbox videos, so they said this bag can be changed into your backpack, so lets unbox the backpack first – and this is true, look at this. This is your backpack. I think i i like the bake quality, its pretty good in solid fabric, its not like the old dji bags – and here is the my main wow. This is the main aircraft guys look at this wow. Can this be a drone? Look in this camera? Oh, my goodness, this thing is beast so from the side look, this is the one side. This is the front. This is the another side, and this is the back side.

So this is the actual thing, but here how to reopen wow. This is amazing. Look at this, so this is basically magnet youre gon na open this and youre gon na. Have your drone first look like this. Imagine look at this wow dual camera. I really like the smell when i buy something fresh, because it gives me really nice feelings later today we will just discuss what we can get from this box. We will not uh talk about the other things well here. What is in this box lets see okay user manuals as usual. If somebody have never tried, he can read it here. I think this is the battery charging hub. Okay, you can get this one battery charging hub Music. This is the usbc cable, very great, cable, like wow, i have never seen a cable this guy in a cable look at this. Look in this camera as well: wow, amazing, cable, okay, here, nd, filter box. Let me open it and show you okay, nd filter, so actually with sony version, they give you two nd filter boxes, so you can see. Look at this look at this. This is another one with the independent box, more beautiful. This look at this wow. Okay and some other fresh propellers spare fresh, beautiful propellers one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and one other is seven. Eight and usb and usbc usb to usb. Okay were gon na, keep it here and the next what we can get from here wow.

This is this is honestly the thing what i was waiting for, because i have never seen this thing before like i have seen it, but i have never used it. This is the smart controller guys this thing cost a lot of money. This is like 12. 1300. Us dollar: this is the smart controller before we they had like some controllers, but that was not pro version, so they cannot work it work actually with this one. Look at this guys wow, and these are the batteries, so the batteries are really big, because this drone can last 46 minutes like this. Is you fly one time and it will be forever in the air like 46 minutes, you can get tired flying 46 minutes. So this one battery can long can last 46 minutes, so i think it worth it and the battery is pretty heavy, but i think this is great for having three batteries so thats. Why i choose the combo size and shiny version because it can last more so this is the same another battery, and here is the charger. Look at this charger, a very small charger and wow. I like this thing. Yes, because this you can just pull it out, because when you fix in the back sometimes theres a lot of problem, if its not you cannot pull in or push it back. So this is a great charger. I think its very beautiful and thats. It guys pretty much so this is the back from inside.

Look if you want to see this is the back and you can see inside think its, not my first, but for this kind of pro version is my first unboxing video im, not sure you would like it or not, but please uh give a big thumbs up To this video, because in the future i want to try to make many tech review, videos and unboxing videos, so it will help me a lot and please give me your review down below and because what do you think about these drones? I dont know you guys have used it before the drones are not, but this is a really great technology. So this was like my third drone of dji, but this was the most expensive. This uh, this drone, like cost 33 000 rmb. So you can imagine how expensive is this in us dollar? I dont know we can because we bought in chinese um. So this is like a very, very great technology in the drone. So in next day tomorrow i will fly it and i hope i will share with you some great footage, and i will also share with you my my another drones i have so we can compare both of them, which one is good and why? What is the better quality in this so stay with me till the next video and im sure you will support me and your like and subscription means to me a lot.