Actually, today, okay still now, i havent streamed so im doing a review, a review about dji mini 2., its a drone. Actually, i already have a previous drone, so its a manual drone. So i like this dji mini 2, so i have purchased it from mumbai, so itll be coming by korea. It actually has arrived today uh. I guess i have to go and take it from like uh. Please bizarre not so uh while going there because its uh, it came by a courier, so we have to check maybe sometime it comes with a fraud, so well be doing with a review. Well go to the courier to pb and all pb actually means please bazaar. If you dont know yet so well, go till there and well check the drone is its a correct product that we got or not, and while coming back well, do a review on it and ill. Try to fly the drone and see how the drone is so guys. Okay lets go so guys. Actually, on my, i have came back home so on my way, so they didnt allow us to take a video, and there was some minister and all so its like a warning and also we didnt do a video and all of while going to take the product. So i checked the product, so at that time i couldnt take a video, but the product was okay, so ill show you that uh it came here.

Its 249 gram gram, yeah gram, baby thats, uh yeah, so i will show you guys the this one, the my drone, so this drone was uh. Like i told you guys, i have take it from like from mumbai. So if you guys need anything its a sk electronics, these guys, actually they have everything you have dji and uh. Mi mi is just like my drone, like uh battery and all accessories. They have everything i have bought from them. Uh previous it was. I took from them was uh, i might drone battery. Let me show you guys my previous drone, so guys the this is my drone actually. So this was my old battery. These two batteries are damaged, so i bought from them from sk, sk, electronics, uh battery. This is the battery it costs around like uh previous. It cost me like 12 000, and this is a gimbal which uh you can connect that uh. Sorry, this camera on this uh gimbal. You can use it as a vlog so far with this one. So my drone is still good im still using it, because i still have this battery still its still working see lights still full battery. This is the remote and all so lets check out our new drone. So really really really really really really really really really really. Really really really really really really Music, so guys uh. This is the drone. This is the rc remote control battery charger uh.

There are two batteries here now, one two and three is in the drone, and this one i dont know yeah whats this actually, okay. I will check we have the type b cable. This is type b and type c, and this is the charger okay – and i like this, drone, its very small, compare as to compare with my biggest drone yeah, okay, so Music, so guys there, you have it okay. This is the drone, its very cute yeah. I really like this drone: okay uh. This is the rc remote control and yeah. I have seen there was one cable, so yeah you can connect it with your iphone, and these are the manual manual mode guide. Yeah, two way: charging okay charging. What else this one? Here for you, okay, yes for me what else these are the guidelines? Okay, okay! Well, see that on later, actually about this drone, i havent learned anything compared to my previous drone. So, okay, okay, i guess theres no battery yeah. Maybe you need to charge. You know if, okay, okay, we if we need to insert the memory card from here, okay lets uh charge. First, so guys uh, yeah ive seen so its still charging so and even now, if we, if we done charging and also we couldnt, fly because its only nighttime yeah so by tomorrow and all uh actually uh see up how to set up in all settings. Then. Well, show a review and well check the video like how is the quality and how did the video look like? There are many settings in dji mini 2, because uh dji mini 2 is more advanced than the mi drone.

So i guess this zone is going to hit us.