I am going to unbox a drone and i will show how the drone works and i will operate the pro and i will say some advantage and disadvantage of the drone, and i will say many things about the drone lets get started: Music Music. The drone did not came with this box, but we kept the drone in this box Music. This is the camera Music. This is the place where you insert the battery. I will show you the battery Music. This is the remote for the drone Music. We can keep our phone in this place. Music. This is the user manual Music. If you want to insert the sd card, i will show you where to insert you can insert the sd card here. This is the battery. They gave a spare battery Music. It will show red light when it is charging. You can insert the battery in this Music. This is propeller and they give us transparent, propeller Music. If you want to write this drone in your phone, there is a app called snapped in era. You need to download it. This is how it will look like when you get into the app Music it will work after you connect the drone with your phone using wi, fi Music, so huh, Music, Music, Music, Music. This is the view from the camera in the drone Music Music. This drone remote have epic features you can use to control. The drone and design of the remote is also good, and there are many options if you have any doubt and how to control the drone.

You can use the user manual and you can keep the phone in this place now, im going to say some more information about the drone. This drone is called snap in the model. Number is s5c bk. This drone is made in china. The drone is less weight. It is about to 150 to 250 gram for full charge of the battery in drone. It takes 30 minutes and it will work for 10 minutes because it take more power to fly the road. Now i am going to say some advantage and disadvantage of the drone. The advantage is, the drone is easy to control. The drone have many advanced features. For example, we can set the attitude for the drone and we can control the drone using our phone and there are many things and theres not much disadvantage. The one disadvantage is the camera quality is not that great, but it is good for business. Music, Music, Music, oh Music! Hmm, if you ask me if the drone is worth why i will say yes, this is a good drone for beginners and the model is s5c. Ck no bk a few moments later and now the drone work one hour later loud, two hours later and i will say many things about the drone for three hours later 72 hours later. I hope you like this video thank you for watching.