Take a look, alright lets open it up. Lets start with the drone itself and lets just get this packaging off. So dji have kind of helped us a little bit here. They do have these easy pulls but Music right so straight away. We see that the drone looks very different than earlier models. This third version is also coming with a brand new controller, which looks amazing, with the screen built in uh very similar to the the new uh premium models that they have and tap here and then were going to open the lid. So lets do this Music. We go. I love these bags Applause there we go okay. So when theyre saying mini, i mean theyre, not wrong, thats the palm by hand and its not uh, not much bigger than that so lets uh lets get the rest of it out before we take this too far, so weve also got in the box. Weve got this new controller, so lets take that out. All right and thumb sticks in the back as normal, but this is very close to the you know. The mavic 3 sign that we just reviewed not too long ago. It came with a pro rc controller, which was really amazing. You know weve come a long way since the days of having to clip your phone into the controller. There are still some models on the market that offer that, but what that does is just have a very different weight distribution with your phone at the top much better.

I feel to have the screen at the bottom and be able to control the drone. Weve got some nice buttons at the top here, the controls, i think, theres a zoom, and this is panning the the camera a couple of buttons at the back um heatsink. There was an interesting host and a microsd so usbc there and micro under there and another usbc there so overall uh first impressions, very good of that controller, um camera and start recording, obviously, and some wi fi stuff there. So all right, um im keen to get into this because its interesting theyve separated out the fly more combat this time. So actually we dont need the stanley knife just peel here and magic happens. All right so oh looks like a nice case. Yeah thats cool yeah, one of the things about the mavic 3 sign that i really loved was you know the case that it came in and obviously something as small as the mini uh. You know, really the focus is transportability or portability on it. So having something you can throw the drone into uh and now its protected as you travel is, is a really solid idea. So, unsurprisingly, weve got some spare rotors there, which is good and usb a to usbc and then usbc to usbc. For some reason, cool um props – i mean obviously not in produce so next in here we have – you know theres going to be some batteries going on in here.

I expect, ah so triple charger. Thats the fly more bit, so you get some extra battery life out of that and there must be one already mounted in the drone and there is so if we look on here its got this ultra light 249 grams, so it says charge to activate the intelligent Flight battery before use for the first time, okay good to know, lets move those out of the way so the battery on this is kind of built into the body. If you like so lets fold those down slide these out and okay, so thats, how were removing the battery pinch on there remove the battery and then dock on here, which is cool and without that battery man? That is super light. That is very impressive, but even with still i mean youre talking about a tiny amount of weight compared to some of the bigger drones. If we take the camera cover off and the protective remove before use thing, this reveals the new gimbal that weve got going on here with the mini three pros. So one of the cool new things is this: that we can actually shoot vertical. So, im going to very fondly refer to this as the tick tock drone, if youre shooting tick, tock videos – and you want to get some great outside aerial shots. This is going to be your friend like nothing else. So definitely can try that out. Weve got in terms of cameras and sensors, so weve got these two major ones: uh front facing uh, underneath weve got some protection, so obviously, if youre lowering to the ground its going to be able to sense that there is no rear protection on this.

So, while the uh actually so it could be wrong here, so these actually have a rear facing one as well. So that could be very cool. I mean its not at the back, so you might be limited in some respects, but really what were going with these cameras and sensors is the ability to protect the drone. So you know you avoid crashes cool all right. Well, that is the new drone. I am super keen to pair it up and check it out, but this has basically been a quick unboxing and first impressions of what were seeing with the new hardware – and i got ta say, looks good, looks very good im very happy. They included a great controller with it and uh yeah thats it thats the unboxing guys and now is on to the full review.