Here you just slice the tape off okay. So apparently this comes. Oh, this comes with the 64 gig micro sd i’m, just gon na put that to the side. Um okay hold on i’m, just gon na slowly untangle this um okay. So this is the dji mini 2 uh and it’s. Actually, the fly more combo, which is if, in my opinion, which is the one that you should buy slowly remove the plastic packaging. Okay. Here we go i’m, just gon na put that to the side and now, for the big reveal just gon na put it to here and first things. First, that i noticed is that the bag is different from uh, the dji mavic mini, or the first gen mavic mini right now, as mentioned from earlier it’s, now called the dji mini 2. they’ve. They removed the mavic name and what’s. Nice is that this is a shoulder bag compared to the older one, which was, you have to um hand, carry it and i’m just gon na open the zipper, and, as you can see here, this is how it’s placed um i’m just gon na take out the Drone here and the other thing that uh, that i noticed immediately was that it now comes with like um this tool here, uh, which will kind of like keep your propellers in place. I’Ll just take a look at that later. Let’S see oh and another thing like a major upgrade. Is this remote? If you compare it um comparison later on let’s see what else is in here uh we have the accessories.

Okay, this is the charger. It comes with two batteries. I guess the third one is already inside the drone: it comes with a usbc to micro, usb, cable and usbc to usbc there’s, also a usb a to usbc, cable and, last but not least, the charger or the charging, brick um, okay, so um. I actually forgot that there’s three uh propellers that comes with it um. It was actually inside the zipper on the shoulder bag. I do apologize for that, so moving on i’ve already discussed these um accessories and um. So this is the battery, and let me see here it looks like it’s been redesigned uh compared to the uh older one um. You still have to plug in like this and then you’re good to go. You charge it if i’m, not mistaken, okay via usbc, and then i guess you can also make this as a power bank, because you actually have um an out port. So you can actually turn this into a power bank, which is a neat feature. I think this is new for the mavic mini just put that to the side um so as mentioned earlier as well. This guy here that holds the propellers, this wasn’t in the previous uh mini um. This is a good addition, so that you don’t, like ruin your propellers, while they’re inside the bag or well in them, while they’re being kept uh. So let’s see here i’m, just gon na remove the sticker for the camera so that we can see uh what camera is this inside? Okay hold on okay and i’m, just gon na remove some tape here so it’s on a three axis, gimbal, so that’s.

Why your pictures are stabilized when they’re on flight right now, you can see it even moving, so let me just throw off the stickers there. Um i’m, not sure if you see this, but on the camera sensor there’s now a 4k um like mark there, so that’s another one of the upgrades or let’s say it’s a big upgrade compared to the old um mini uh. This one now records up to 4k and compared to the mini one uh, the mini one was around four like it um the video or the bit rate. It was uh. Recording video with was 40 mbps right now. This one should be at 100, so it’s, a big upgrade let’s. Take a like a closer look at it later once we uh once we do the comparison i’m, just going gon na remove the sticker here for the other propeller and once that’s done um. Okay, as mentioned the battery, the other batteries here is already inside the drone and i’m just gon na unfold, the arms. So you can see how it looks like once it’s like assembled, so here it is, and now we’ll move on to the remote. So one thing i noticed about the remote this one looks like the remote for the mavic air Music that’s, because the mini 2 doesn’t use enhanced wi fi anymore for remote. It now uses ocusync 2 or 2.0 it’s a dji’s proprietary signal, um or radio frequency or something i’m, not too sure, but anyways.

This in turn would theoretically give the drone, or you can control the drone up to 10 kilometers away up from four kilometers away on the mini watching. Okay, so back to the remote, as i was saying, um you can get the uh joysticks from the bottom. You can just like reach for it and then you screw it in so once you screw it in now. The joysticks are ready to go, and you can put your phone here to pull this up um by default or yeah by default. Dji puts the lightning cable. The usb, if i’m not mistaken, this is usbc yeah. This is usbc to lightning um. They usually cater for iphone users, and this is the controls uh, because this is a new remote i’m, not as familiar with the remote, if i’m not mistaken. This is how you record the video. This is how you can like uh change, the angle of the camera. This is uh auto land, and then you can toggle between like if you want normal sport and cine, and you can charge it via usbc here as well and that’s pretty much it okay, as mentioned earlier as well um. The first thing you notice you’ll notice, is that the um bags are different. This one is, like a hand, carry bag. This one is a shoulder bag. Personally, i prefer this and, while we’re at it, let’s open the mini one here, if you can just and we’re gon na, do our comparisons i’m, just gon na move over the um bags up to the sides and let’s see here.

Okay, it looks like they have. The same charging brick – and this is the drone um. This is the charger, and this is the um new one. Okay looks to be the same. It looks to be the same yeah i don’t see anything that’s really different, but it looks like the shape of the battery is um different i’m, not sure if you can see that just put that to the side again, there’s lots of cables here, but one thing To make note of is the remote i’m just gon na put this to the side, so the remote for the mini one and uh many two is different. One of the big differences are between the two are the remote. This one uses enhanced wi fi and this one uses occasion 2.0. So with enhanced wi fi, like all beginner drones, you only get like theoretically, four kilometer range this one. Theoretically, you would get 10 kilometers of range. One thing that’s. Another advantage is because it’s not using the basic wi fi network, you won’t, get as much interference between other or let’s, say in wi, fi, congested uh places like let’s, say, downtown toronto or maybe like some industrial place, uh, because this is proprietary um. So with that let’s move on to the uh drone itself, so this is the mini one, and this is the mini two one thing: that’s uh, like visually. You can see that the propellers on the mini two have an orange tip.

This one has like a silver tip, and let me just unfold this one here and this one doesn’t have 4k. This one does and let me see, i think they are the same size, but i think i’ve read somewhere that i think this one has a slightly bigger sensor and i’m just gon na check the build quality. This is for the mini one i’m gon na see here. Okay, i can see that this feels more solid here, there’s a bit of a flex. This one is like rock solid, so that’s an improvement. Uh let’s see here it looks the same um. There are lights here and i think oh okay there’s also a light here. I think that’s customizable uh what else so far looks other than that it looks the same okay and they’re, both 249 grams, so they’re ultra light. So in that means in canada, you don’t need a license or you don’t need to take a test to um to pilot this or these drones, and let me see here, okay, let me check the battery here: oops, okay, this is the battery it’s there’s. Already one inside i’m also gon na check the other one here, it’s a bit hard: okay, okay, yeah! It is a different design. So your old batteries from your mini one won’t work on the mini two. Let me see if they’re on the same or if they have the same milliamp hours. Okay, so apparently the capacity for this is for the mini.

2 is 2500 25 or sorry, 22 50 milliamp hours, and this one is 2400. So it’s like an increase of like 100 milliamp hours – i guess that’s it for this unboxing and quick comparison between dji mini 2 and the mini one. If you guys have any questions comment down below and if you liked this video, please give a thumbs up, and if you want more videos like this, please subscribe and click on the notification bell and i’ll see you guys next time keep safe have a great day.