This is the mini drone. It has altitude hold one key return. One key take off landing headless mode, speed, switch 360, flip emergency stop and throw and go. I got mine in blue. My favorite color lets. Take a look at what you get when you open the box, nice little plastic covering for the drone and the remote. This is the drone on off switch. All propellers are all covered. Its a nice little led up front remote has the take off land button which, if you hold it down, will also be emergency. Stop heres the headless mode button heres the return back button, heres left and right trim, heres forward back trim on off switch right button. Does nothing it takes a screw to get into the back to put in the batteries. They take a belief triple as included uh theres, one screwdriver, but i ended up with two drones, so i have two of what came with it so heres the little screwdrivers to get in the back. It also came with its so hard to see but heres extra propellers and extra little tiny screws. These are so hard to see, but little extra tiny screws that will go into the propellers to help them stay in and then heres the extra propellers there. So very cool little setup, thats everything that comes in the box, heres the user manual, your typical operations very good to know, uh everything thats in here theres two different modes for it to take off in theres your one button mode, which is right up here, uh, But then theres also a procedure.

I do in a separate video that shows how to take it off from the ground um slowly, so yeah thats the snapton h823 each mini drone love it. It also came with two little usb chargers. Basically, when you plug it in a light, comes on it flashes, while its charging and then the light completely turns off when theyre done. It also came with these three little micro uh. I think believe these are lipo batteries little little tiny batteries, but it comes with three and two chargers pretty awesome. This is my quick review of the snapton snaptane snapton h823h mini drone hate 23h. I call it this little. Drone is awesome. I love it so heres the video that shows how to operate it. There is a button up here you can hit and it will automatically go into the air the first time i did that it wound up straight in my hair. It flew into my hair and got stuck. It goes up pretty fast in the air when you hit that button, but theres a different way that ill show you to get it to go up very slowly off the ground, its the alternate lifting method off the ground. So anyway, here we go. These are the batteries that come with it slip it in here check my very careful tweezers. I use for modeling, usually carefully im gon na push it right in there good to go now ill turn it on.

I should probably lift those on a little light. There see it goes to the on position. We got our flashing light, so here we go to the operation, so ill show how to operate it and then well. Take a quick flight test around the neighborhood. So the first thing you want to do when you first turn it on is to go up on the left. Stick then down on the left. Stick then, down to the left on both sticks that calibrates it now we go down and away on both sticks to get the propellers going now. Im gon na go up on the left, stick to raise it and as soon as i let go its in hover mode now, all im gon na do is go right on the stick and its going to turn right so im using the left. Stick to turn left and right to go forward and backward and move left and right im going to use the right stick: Music. We have about a five minute battery life flight time on these batteries, its not very long but its a lot of fun. I got this one off amazon from a place called joypro. One of the batteries of the three that they had sent was defective and they immediately sent out a brand new drone with three new batteries that work perfectly. I was very impressed with that service and i love the drone. As you can see, it flies very well so now lets take it for a spin around the house, Music, so Music very easy to fly.

I love this drone Music itll start to beep at me. When the batteries get low and then ill show how it lands itself when its ready to or when its done flying, i guess i should say so again forward backward left right on the right stick and then on the left. Stick im going to spin left and right and go up and down theres up theres down, so there it is flying nicely now lets go. Do some tricks in the kitchen, which is my main fly area so check this out? If you click down Music on the right stick, because these sticks click down similar to how like xbox controllers or playstation controllers click down on the sticks. If you click the right stick and then move the stick in a direction, it will actually do a little flip check this out. This is so cool and get it to the right altitude. Get it just chilling, and here we go. Click left, click right, theres click, back, theres, click forward, Music. That is so awesome. What i love about it is. It keeps altitude once i take my hands completely off the controller, and generally it will go forward a little bit on its own, which i like, because then i dont have to touch anything. I can just steer it left and right. There are trim buttons in case you turn it on. It starts to go wonky in a crazy direction like right now.

Mine wants to go backwards and i want it to kind of go forward, so im fighting it so to trim it these two little buttons here, trim for forward backward, and these two here trim for left and right. So if its going too much left to right like right now its going left, you can always hit it a little bit to the right and once its hovering in place, youre pretty much good to go. Youre ready to fly theres a couple. Other cool features on the remote its got a little button right here, which i seldom use thats supposed to return it back to me when its getting low on batteries so ill hit that button itll just come back whenever i want it to its like a little Emergency measure and then theres a button over here, thats headless mode, which, if i hit that it basically gives me control of the chopper, regardless of which way its pointed so spinning, left and right, but not necessarily going forward backward anymore. The way it was and its beeping to let me know now if i want to turn it off ill hit that button. It turns off and now im back to spin, left and right and then just forward, and then, if i just spin left and right while im going forward, itll just go left and right accordingly, cool little feature headless mode, they call it and it just goes in Whatever direction, regardless of which way its facing right now, it just goes forward in the in the way that its facing you can tell, by the little led light on it pretty soon its going to beep here and then its going to land itself.

And i like you to see that, because its a very cool feature, i dont have to do anything. I go hands off on the remote. It just lands itself. So yeah impressed with the drone impressed with joy pro very well worth it. It was only around thirty dollars. I got a case for it for 15, also on amazon that fit the drone and the remote perfectly and had a nice little velcro pocket that you could stash goodies in like extra batteries chargers and manuals all in all totally in love with my christmas. Drone flies like a champ and once you get used to the controls, you can kind of get it to you all kind of crazy stuff. So here it is about to everythings beeping the lights. Now beeping the controller is beeping everythings beeping to let me know, im left im gon na die so now im just gon na keep it center watch what it does. It just lands itself without me doing anything just gon na try to keep it in the middle of the kitchen, just gon na drop on its own.