Take all of these on the table right here. The most popular ones, we're gon na, do a weigh in price check. We'Re gon na do some flights. Some noise testing and overall best out of all these in the bunch we're gon na, take a look at the eating of this whoop, the reptile 149, the HD RC Veyron, as well as the eye flight, green hornet and the bumble bee, as well as the diatone Taken and the flywheel chasers they're all in the table, so let's go ahead and get started with the first out of the bunch. So we'll start off with a nicest one out of the bunch that is a diatone take in. If you money is no object. This is the one to get up to 400 for the DJI version, but they do have a 4s and 6s option available and around a three to five minute flight time on the 4s 1300, as well as a hundred and fifty eight millimeter wheelbase, now we're gon Na start out with the noise test on this one – and I have the dialogue up top – that is the sound level recorded in Final Cut Pro and we use an in studio analyzer for that let's get the take Han weight 318 grams without the battery 481 grams. With a 4s 1300 let's, get it up in the air guys and take it out for a spin one of the things that I did like about this one in my original review.

This was one of the few that would handle the best power loop out of all of them. It seemed to be the most solid, probably one of the most durable it has aircraft aluminum camera mount in the very front. It has really nice foam bumpers. All the way around and a nice thick carbon frame, it is one of the heavier ones in the bunch, but I feel like it has a really solid feel when you buy this one and you open up the box it's a really nice experience, it's almost like Getting yourself an iPad but let's talk about flight characteristic flight characteristic on this one, like I said before, it will do mild freestyle so that's better than the rest of these in the group. A lot of them have tumble and washout. Whenever you try to do a flip or anything with a high mounted 360 camera on them, or even a go for a GoPro on the front, we'll throw it off. But what I like the most about this one as well as being able to to get in there and get close in proximity with this quad, was no problem. It has a really nice track if you're gon na do some cinematic filming and that's. What most of these are for use it in stability mode, and you can come home with some stuff like this, because right now, I'm flying in stability, mode and I'm kind of flying it like a big outdoor, woop it's.

What these guys are and they're meant to go in straight lines and sort of really easy, flowy type of maneuver. So you don't want to get real crazy with the maneuvers, because they will kind of freak out the flight, controller and tumble, but really nice. True straight lines, and look at that, I can change my angle with the the inste 361 R. It has key framing inside the phone. I could change this camera view at any time, just by adding a dragging my finger on the screen and then making a keyframe it's, really really cool software way better than the GoPro software. I ended up that I've used before that I used for years and since I got the insta 360 camera guys, I have two of the one ours now and I haven't touched my GoPro since I've been using these Dolan's 360 cameras they're just awesome, but I'm happy With the footage that these bring home, I think there's a lot of possibility for any of these. It just depends on how much you want to spend, and this one happens to be the more expensive of the bunch. But again, in my opinion, probably the nicest flyer and the nicest quality out of all of them now it's time for the eye flight, Green Hornet. This is also a crowd favorite. It comes in around 179 to 208 for the 6s version. Four 6s options is kind of nice and up to a five minute flight time, three minutes if you're really kind of cranking on the throttle – and it has a hundred and forty two millimeter wheelbase and a cat X, cos two cameras on this one, not my favorite.

So you're getting a little bit cheaper, quad out of this one. But again we probably replace that camera. The noise test seemed to do good for the Green Hornet and the 73 average or decibel max on the punch out. Not bad and the weigh in went extremely well 263 grams for s 1300. Getting up to 429 grams. You got ta be over 500 grams, most likely with most action cameras out there, but let's go ahead and talk about the flight characteristic of the Green Hornet. Now, the first time I spooled this one up and started flying it, I definitely felt the way difference versus something like the diatone take in it's it's, a lot lighter feeling in the air, and it still seems to perform decent with my 360 camera. On top. I have it a little bit elevated so that changes the CG. I also have it sitting up front, so it makes it even harder for the flight controller to be able to handle things, and that was just a slightest bit of jello here, as you go higher and higher that's, where you start to see your jello on some Of these drones really down low when you're flying an acro and you're just kind of moving fast, you can't really see it quite as easily, but up top is where you can see that jello and it did some flips and rolls it did not power loop. It did a washout on the power loop.

The diatone take hand was the only one that could power the trees in the parking lot right here, but again, these are not really made for freestyle. They are pretty much for cinema style filming, but I have to say that I, like the power system on here, the motors they're, really smooth. It is a very predictable quad, and this is one of the reasons why I think these quads are so popular is because the foam bumpers number one number two: they they fly great they're, like a big Navy. Ship I've talked about this characteristic before. If you fly a 5 inch race quad and you go to a Center whoop to try to fly sand, what it's a completely different feeling – and me I'm – always punching you on the throttle, and I want to really go fast. If I ride a motorcycle that's, what I want to do, if I'm on a dirt bike, I want to just punch it and this one. It makes me slow down and enjoy the ride, which is nice, and now I have a friend who is flying. His Radian and one of my favorite things to do is follow an RC airplane or sail plane, it's, just the most enjoyable thing, and this plane slows way down so I'm able to keep up with him in this flight, which is nice but again, the the one Are I'm gon na show you guys this? This footage right here is from the singular lens, and this is not the 360 lens, and I compared it to my GoPro lens.

The GoPro Hero is right here, and this is the difference between that singular lens. On the 360 camera, that is, a modular snap on lens, which is really nice and I feel like the GoPro Hero, has a little more problems with the light and dark adjustment. So you'll get like a super noticeable light and dark transition. As you turn away from the Sun or into the Sun, and the insta 360 is not quite as noticeable as the GoPro Hero and you can't change up some settings in your hero to make it better. But again I like the colors a little bit more on the insta 360 and the greenhorn is still doing a really really good. A reliable, solid, durable and predictable quad flies really really nice and I came home with some really sweet footage with this one and again I had zero problems with the Green Hornet. I didn't have any parts brake or anything snap on it and really nice. In close proximity flyer, if you want to get down low to the ground and slow way down, you can go some pretty amazing places and right here, we're using some hyper flow stabilization on here as well. So it almost looks like we're, we have a mechanical gimbal in here, even though this camera is hard mounted to the quad and the fun thing about a Center whoop. Is you can push through grass? No problem? You can sort of push through branches at times, I've bounced off branches since whatever now it's time for the eye flight bumblebee 298 to 445, the DJI version 4 and 6s options available up to around 4 minute flight time.

This one has a little bigger motors, as you notice on here and 142 millimeter wheelbase with the bigger motors. This one was a little bit noisier. The decibel analyzer is average around 74 to 85 max on the punch out on the eye flight bumblebee. Also one of the crowd favorites out there let's check out the weight 284 grams and the 4s 1300 that's gon na get us up to 446 grams now for some flying with the bumblebee – and this is out at the tree farm I have my insta 361 – are On there, with a dual 360 lens and what a fantastic day this was to fly, this is it's such a nice day to fly and again I'm able to adjust the keyframes and spin the camera around. Where I want, but look what kind of proximity you're able to get with the bumble bee it's, a really precise flying center, whoo, really really nice. My only pet peeve about the bumblebee is that, with the larger motors I do have more power, but at the same time I eat the battery up quicker and that up high shot looks great. You can see mount hood up in the distance there that's around 11000 feet. I'Ll, give you a little bird's eye view the drone itself and if you're gon na mount a 360 camera on there guys go ahead and mount it right directly Center on the quad that's. My best experience for, if you want to just flip the camera back around and show people what the quad looks like it's a really awesome view people really enjoy.

Seeing that and the higher up you get it. The less distortion on your quad you'll see this camera. Could be just a little bit higher to show us more of the quad, but again can really see the ghost branches on here. The camera on here is nice, you're, paying a little more money but you're able to get away with stuff like this, and look at that. I just grabbed that tree branch and you could see that perspective from 360 camera that I totally had it and I was able to pounce out and that's the beauty of these sort of soft bumpers on here. You can get away with the craziest things and still fly back home without damage, which is great, so my rating for the bumblebee was fairly high. Only some points for the larger motors out of the bunch in the shortest flight time, but very nice components now we're going to take a look at the HD LRC Veyron. So for the 6s option on that it is the cheaper one of the bunch and one of the lighter ones around a four to five minute flight time on this little guy and 136 millimeter wheelbase, one of the smaller wheel bases. It also has the cat X Ratelle camera on here, which is one of my faves. Now for the noise test with the Veyron, I felt like the Veyron, it was a little bit quieter: 73 average 284 knots on that punch out and the weight.

This is where they get everybody else: 248 grams, one of the lightest, 3 inches and whoops on the planet and 413 grams with the 4s 1300 and man did. I have a lot of fun with this quad I did have some damage. I have some damage to report in this flight test. I hit the kill, switch on my transmitter and went straight down upside down, hit the camera on the ground and when it did it flex, the top frame and it snapped that top frame. The top frame is only 2 millimeters thick, so to be able to get there slider than everybody else is out there. They didn't do a 3 millimeter top plate. They did a 2 millimeter top plate which cost them a little bit of a durability factor here. So if you're not top mounting your camera, if you're putting it on a TPU mount in the front, it comes along with it. You can put your GoPro of and not have to worry about, snapping the frame it's much less likely if you're gon na snap, the frame, if you're running a GoPro in the front. But I see a little bit more vibration in this particular video than some of the other ones and I'm, not 100 sure why it could be that we have an issue with the top part of the frame being cracked. It could be adding more jello to this video, but again very nice, stable and amazing proximity.

Fire means you really get in there, and this is all analog guys and when I dip down in between these steel post right here, pretty much completely lose any type of analog video feed for a moment there and the best thing to do is punch out, go Straight up get your hair log video back to your goggles as quick as you can, when you go blind but very smooth – and this is this – is one to consider if you're on a budget consider this one. This one is more fragile, though again you can see up in the front of the quad right there, it's missing, also one of the PLA inserts inside the duct that also broke out during the crash. So if you have a really hard crash, you're gon na lose those PLA inserts they're gon na break. Hopefully HD LRC will share those with the community and you guys can print a new one and pop it in there, but I'm still flying it without it. It didn't stop me from being able to fly it so it's, not the end of the day for the Veyron, but probably one of the better deals out there for a three inch Center whoop. In my opinion, the Veyron got a pretty high mark on the channel. Now, it's time for my friend fly woo chasers 269 and the foreign 6s version. You have a DJI version up around four hundred dollars, but you do have around a five minute max flight time on here: 138 millimeter wheelbase, when this one's a little bit now the noise test on this one.

It did pretty good, but we do have 73 to 80 to max average decibel rating on here, 82 being the max where we did a punch out on the 4s 1300. You can hear that here in a second there's. The punch out now let's put this one on the scale 321 grams. This one feels really solid by the way in your hands. It'S. A very well made quad 488 grams with the 4s 1300. Now, with a go pro that's going to get us up to 5.99 and most of these three inch sinner whips will get you over 500 grams, with a GoPro on there and that's the GoPro Hero 7. So now we're going to take off out of my backpack and the cool thing about this. One was that, unfortunately, I couldn't get the camera on the top, but this gave us a different perspective and a couple of you guys have been asking me to mount the 360 camera on the bottom of the quad. Some guys saying it would get better CG and I just think it's a really cool perspective kind of different there. You can move the camera around again at any angle, you want, you know 360 degree view on the bottom keyframe. It change the camera angle and that's. What I'm doing in all these videos, you guys watch with the 360 video I'm, actually changing the camera angle and making keyframes in the app. When I am finished, making a video I open up the app.

I look at the video and I can use my finger move the camera around in the 360 space and then click on the timeline in it and it adds a keyframe and it'll hold that keyframe and T is spinning again and make another keyframe it's really cool. So there is a keyframe example where I did a 180 pan. All the way around you can see Mount Hood out there again and the fly would chasers. It is not a freestyle quad, but I felt like this one got really really really really good video and the DJI version that I have, if you haven't flown DJI, yet invest in it, because it's it's absolutely worth the money it's kind of like buying a new Laptop or buying yourself a nice tablet, once you spend the money, you kind of forget that you spent it and you just enjoy the experience of owning it. But again, if you're on a budget, just get the analog version, it's a little bit cheaper, but check out this proximity man, we are getting in there with the flywheel chaser, really really nice and part of that is DJI, because I can go places with DJI that I can't go with analog because number one I can see more and look at this. I can even skirt through these metal poles and those metal poles with analog are almost impossible to see. I would never take a diagonal direction through those poles with analog.

I would be picking this quad up in the field, but again isn't that cool, how the camera doesn't move, but you can see the quad moving around like it's like some kind of mechanical gimbal, and that is the beauty of stabilization on the 1r camera and this Camera is around four hundred and seventy five dollars, but in my opinion, it's it's worth every single penny. The GoPro Max is maybe a little more expensive than that, but also weighs 30 grams more and, in my opinion, as well. The the software on the insta 360 is way better. It exports quicker. The key framing is super simple. I could have a third grader making keyframes and exporting videos out of that software, but really getting in there with the flywheel chasers man, so very impressive. Flying from this quad again, I think this one's worth every penny. The only pet peeve about this one is that it's hard to work on 143, one of my crowd favorites as well reptile cloud 149, 4s, only five to six minute flight time on this little guy and a hundred and forty nine millimeter wheelbase, and I got to Tell you the noise test on this one. This is one of the quieter quads of the bunch. This had around a 68 decibel average and the punch out was a little noisier but 84 max that's a pretty much what the rest of them have, but 68 average is really really smooth sounding it.

Doesn'T have a real high kV motor on here and let's. Get away in 232 grams, one of the lightest quads again of a bunch of 4s 1300 '9 grams. Now this is fun to me, because this quad is so much cheaper than the rest of them. Yes, it does have plastic ducts. You don't have the foam bumpers up. You know if you're on a budget, get this one and make yourself some foam bumpers. People are doing that. It is something that I have seen out there in the community. You can formulate your own foam bumpers and, if you break these plastic ducts, they're, probably a couple of dollars to replace they're, not super expensive. And the good news is guys that I did smack this one down a few times and it hasn't broken any of the ducts. Yet I can't say that would be true for a concrete crash, but a concrete crash might even break some of the other ones in the bunch, and I have to say that the the generic camera that's on here this does not have any type of CAD X. Camera or run cam, it doesn't have a really high end camera on there, but the camera looks good. It is an analogue camera. It runs on 5.8 and it's very acceptable and so much so that I'm able to navigate the tree farm down there, which is really awesome. I felt like this quad could do everything that all of the other quads could do for almost half the price so that's.

Why this one got out? You go back and watch the review on the cloud 149 on my channel, and I think I might have even given this one two thumbs up, because of just how cheap it was and how fun it was to fly. The motors are really smooth. It sounds great in the air when this one takes off even with the insta 360 one, our camera on there it's really really smooth sounding it. Doesn'T have a lot of funny flight characteristics to it. The flight controller is actually tuned really. Well – and this is the stock generic tune – that I'm flying today, no problems again, this one's, not a freestyle quad. I couldn't power lib. This one it'd have washout, but this one has some extreme precision and control flying down even close to these little mini Christmas trees. Kind of getting in there not bad at all, now I'm really gon na get in there, and this is the coolest thing about Cinna whoo that is really nice, and that any of these would be something that you could take and do a fly through for a Real estate type of video, if you flew through a house with an insta 360 one, our camera on there and did some 360 video for a client, they would be pretty impressed with this type of video through a really nice house, because you again, you can change The camera angle, at any time, it's mind boggling, and now I really wanted to see if I could get away with some sort of uncharted proximity flying – and I haven't really flown through this section before, but I was able to navigate it quite well and I'm, not Even sure which way to go here, but you can see this is a lot of fun because again I'm bringing home video like I've, never brought home before I mean that's, just cool just really cool again playing around with those key frames.

It'S. Just my favorite new thing to do it's kind of giving me a new perspective on flying and kind of a new passion for for videography. Look at that again for the price of this one bringing home this kind of video in comparison to the your 400 sinner whoops. This one can do anything a 400 Center whip can do. You can put any type of camera on here. You want you, don't have to spend 475 on a 360 camera. You can put a GoPro on here. You can put a run cam on here. You could put a GoPro session, it does come with a go pro style mount and this one had some of the longer flight time, and the reason that is is because we have some lower kV motors. They didn't go super high kV. This is not a race, quad and it's benefiting from that, so this one's, probably one of my most favorites, because you guys know I like cheap stuff, especially if I can get away with spending less and come home with some really great footage and a quad that's. Enjoyable to fly so this one, this one's absolutely every bit worth every penny that you want to spend on. Oh yeah it's, one of my favorites this one. I love it it's it's great, so the eachine Viswa is also in this bunch. 249, 3 or 4 s options and 2.5 inch props. It has around a six minute flight time or longer flight times, even though it's smaller 130 millimeter wheelbase.

This is the one to buy. If you want quietest, one that will carry on GoPro or a piece it's, comparable 67 decibel average up to 74 here for the touch out way quieter than syllables. So if you're, the guy that flies in a lot of parts, get this one. If you don't want to bother people it's, also, the one that's gon na be under 250 grams check that out 215 grams thumbs up guys now, I'm gon na show you some of my original footage that I took with this one, and this is just flying around The neighborhood because everybody's on lockdown right now, so I couldn't go anywhere but again, we're rocking that 360 camera on there and I'm able to change keyframes, and I was amazed that this little guy would get six minutes flight time. 2.5 inch props quieter under 250 grams. When you add a camera on there, it's going to be it's going to be more than 250 grams, of course, but you can fly it without the camera on there and record from your DJI goggles, and this one does have cat X, the akattak system there. This is a DJI digital fpv system, the smaller one and in this video I'm, also using the new DJI controller, and I also tested the penetration of the DJI controller, with the cat X, Vista versus like an X M, plus a standard XM plus, and I fail Saved in the same spot, where I flew through with the Vista, the mechanics Vista, so that's, good news, the cat X Vista has better penetration than your standard, your standard XM plus for Terrenas receivers, really nice and that's.

A fact I have I have video of both. I have to show you guys that sometime on the channel, but I was really too happy to find out that I was able to push this one behind a whole group of trees way out in that tree field that the XM plus couldn't do. But again, this one is bringing home just as good of video production and in quality and probably less jello than some of the other ones. Some of the other ones had really noticeable jello and this one's fairly smooth my one pet peeve about this. One might be that the prop guards that come along with it are plastic prop guards, but they're also probably about a dollar apiece, maybe 50 cents, apiece they're, really really cheap, cheap plastic stuff eating parts are really really cheap. You had to buy a new frame, it might be, like 5 bucks, very, very cheap. There goes my neighbor checking out the drone, but this one can also go places that the other ones couldn't it's, got a lot smaller profile and this one's more. Like a neighborhood flyer, I wouldn't fly my 3 inch Center whoops in my neighborhood, just because they're so noisy and up and down the sidewalk, no one's on the sidewalks right now so it's a nice time to fly and now back out to the tree farm. For some quick battery out here, I didn't have a lot of batteries out here this day, but I wanted to share a little bit of the footage with you and show you how narrow of a spot I can get with this quad and it's it's pretty fast Out in this field, I'm impressed with how fast this little guy is and again getting in there nice and close in and being able to get out so let's go ahead now and let's summarize what you guys just saw and let's break this down from the bottom.

To the top of the Echelon 4 3 interested in whoops now I have to say that each one of these again brings different characteristics, quality levels, and you should have a better idea of what those quality levels are versus some of the cheaper stuff out there, and Then the advantage of buying something cheaper is that it's cheaper to replace the parts you here to work on. If you did have a total annihilation of the quad, it wouldn't be as big a loss as something that costs you four hundred and fifty dollars. If you're not on a budget by all means, buy the best one in the pile, it might be that the diatone taken it's it's, one of my favorites, it looks beautiful it's got great design. It also has a DJI option available in four and six s. So very beautiful quad to look at nothing on here broke. I am missing a bolt on the very front but that's, because I was working on it and didn't put the ball back on the Green Hornet, in my opinion, is probably the best economy by as far as mid range goes and one of the best fliers as Well – and I have to say that the I Flight bumblebee did not disappoint me great power but shorter flight time, so that might be one caveat there for the bumblebee. Now the fly wheel, chasers this one was extremely good. Comes home with great video has DJI options for and 6s, and this one is a little bit hard to work on because it has probably like thirty screws on the top of the frame just a little harder to work on one of my favorites also it's.

Only a 2.5 inch, but this whoop it it will carry any type of sport. Camera out there and under 250 for DJI is not bad and the best of the bunch. As far as the economy goes, is the cloud 149 crowd favorite four guys on a budget, and it will do anything any of these other sinner whoops will do so. An extremely good buy, really awesome. So there you have it guys.