Also, i got a lot of stuff. I realized that i need to bring back to new york and they’re pretty fragile, so i figured i’d just drive, also it’s crawfish season. So on the way i’m gon na pass through new orleans get some cajun creole food. Then maybe spend a couple days in atlanta place. I really never explored before, but yeah on the road. Again they look like like almost peaks and valleys, see that almost hills in the distance hope we don’t have another dorothy situation on our hands. Music. First, stop lafayette! Louisiana – and i do want to say these are some very louisiana, looking trees just placed by water today, tommy’s going to be a little bit so, while we’re waiting for the food just a huge shout out to raycon earbuds for sponsoring this video, i showed you guys In one of my previous videos, my previous pair of earbuds were more than two times the price of this. The case was bulky and i would drop them all the time because it didn’t have the little magnetic thing that attaches it to the case and these ones. Look at this never falls out. Also, my years are shaped really weirdly. So a lot of times earbuds just kind of fall out when i’m moving around, but these i wear these every day when i’m working out when i’m running fits perfectly, and i like the compact case, i love the color blue.

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That goes with it. I got a crawfish itofe. This is one of the most popular dishes in cajun and creole cooking, and they give me on the side some jalapeno grits, and then i got some some garlic, bread that’s. Always nice and this when you’re in louisiana, you got ta, eat some gator, so fried gator and some ice cream to go with my uh bread pudding. I tried this last time. I was in new orleans. This dish is basically crawfish tails, it’s cooked in gravy, with rice sitting on top of it that is so good little tender pieces of crawfish. I missed all that great cajun seasoning and i think this actually would go really well with the fried gator which pretty much tastes like chicken. If you wouldn’t tell me that’s gator, i would tell you it’s chicken nuggets. Oh yeah, jalapeno grits is something you must get. If you’re around here, i love how the flavor intensifies, as you chew, i’m, trying to speed through these dishes, because i got this ice cream. That’S gon na be melting soon that i need to put over my bread pudding. Otherwise, i will never forgive myself. I love how tender the crawfish is also. I would highly recommend the fry gator that in the crawfish i don’t know which one’s more tender i mean gators give off a pretty tough image, but in reality, at least in this case, soft and tender got ta. Get to my bread pudding before this ice cream melts.

First of all, this is a giant piece of bread pudding. They definitely do not skimp on portions in the south, hello! Look at that scoop of ice cream. This is definitely the biggest piece of bread, pudding i’ve. Ever had in my life and it’s, one of the best again bread pudding is not something i eat all the time, but lord. This is good. You taste the sweet cinnamon, just dancing in perfect harmony with that vanilla ice cream and for me, bread pudding is all about the texture it can’t be too soft. For me, i wanted to have some chew. Another thing 100 delivers. The crush is nice because the texture is a little different, and when i open this, you know i saw how big it was i’m, like yo, this doesn’t taste good. This is going to be really hard to go down, but just the most perfect texture with crush on the top and the bottom just giving off a slightly different bit of texture and that vanilla ice cream just elevates something that’s already so incredibly scrumptiously good. So even new levels of yum, i can’t believe i’m. Almost done with this has been sitting here, pretty much enjoying every bite of this and you look down. It’S almost gone time flies when you’re having fun seat belt feels a little tight already, which might not be a great thing because uh down the street from here, i don’t know if it still exists, but the last popeyes buffet all you can eat popeye’s buffet used To be there before, you know the whole cove situation forced at the shutdown, so i tried calling them.

I couldn’t get anyone on the phone, so i’m, actually gon na drive down the street. I can see it right now to that popeyes and see if the last popeye’s buffet is still alive and well there. It is it’s mike chen reporting live from lafayette louisiana. The last popeyes buffet is still not yet open. They said it’s not completely done it’s, not completely shut down, so hopefully one day this thing will open back up. Thank you. So this is the chicken right Music there’s too much. I want right now all right. So this is the place i hear you got. Ta stop at when you’re in lafayette. So right behind me is billy’s bodine. If you don’t know what a buddhism is, basically a stuffed sausage, so i got a billy’s building. I don’t know what’s in here it looks like something green, maybe it’s the holy trinity. I hope, and then i got the crawfish building. Let me just uh yeah. I just want to be sanitary about this. Look at this beautifully, stuffed sauce. You can see. The little bits of crayfish in here is so freaking good. It tastes like a jambalaya stuffed. Instead of pork casing, it tastes all that great cajun spices in here, and this thing is burning my tongue right now, inside delicious sauce covered rice and again you can see the bits of crawfish all wrapped in such a snappy tasting. Put that on your must. Try list wow, my mouth is on fire.

I love it it’s not just like burning it’s, just so happy because there’s so much seasoning and spices in there – and this is the billy building. I don’t know what’s in here seriously. You passed by lafayette, you don’t get one of these it’s like you’ve, never been here. I love you so much. I think it has some liver in here strands of meat. I definitely taste some celery, so maybe the holy trinity is in here one of the best things i’ve had in louisiana. Oh, so this is the crack coin. You can see how red it is on the outside. They do not mess around when it comes to spices. Here in louisiana sorry, i wasn’t going to get this the lady behind the counter. She basically was like just try one try one try one. I try one. I have to order a bag right away, but check this out. This is a building ball. I think this is chicken but it’s a baseball sized piece of what looks like crackling but i’m sure there’s stuff inside. Oh, my god, inside there’s rice, there’s, celery, they’re pieces of ground meat. All stuffed inside this crispy delicious, fried outer shell. How could i have not known something like this existed? You can see her nice blend of fatty and lean with the holy trinity makes this whole thing angelic. Last thing i got, this is a pepper, jack cheese, egg roll beyond his ultra crispy outer shell, stuffed with cheese and meat as cheesy fatty crunchy and every single bite i’m.

Taking of any one of these food items just makes me want to kick myself for not having this last time. I was here. This is a cannot miss food item if you’re in this part of the country, if you’re going to new orleans, take the two and a half hour drive over here it’s worth it had to go, get another two bags of crackling and what’s different about crackling than Just fried pork, rinds or something is that crackling also has bit of the fat bit of the meat with it, which means much more flavor. Oh, my god, you got ta, get the chicken once covered in chilies and got a lot of that fat in here too. I got a half pound bag, i don’t think it’s enough Music Music good morning. Ah, this is the only place open right now. I thought a lot more food places would actually be open this early. Ah, this city is definitely more of a nice city. I always look forward to starting my day off with some of this hot stuff, yeah you’re, a hot stuff for some reason way. Doughier than i remembered a little harder swallow still not bad. Today is my main food day in new orleans leaving early tomorrow morning. I got my day planned out. You know as soon as restaurants actually open we’re gon na start off with some crawfish, because it’s crawfish season super excited about that that’s. In about four hours, then definitely some grilled oysters i’m, going to a po boy place.

I heard is amazing and 100 going back for butter, shrimp, that’s one of my favorite things to eat here, but i’m thinking right now just eat this and maybe go back and sleep some more because nothing was really open. Till around 11. i’ve been looking forward to a big plate of crawfish. Soon, as i got it there’s a number of people around new orleans who invited me to a real backyard, authentic crawfish boil – and i really really want to go. But given the current situation, probably still not good to be around a group of people so uh here, i am that’s uh cider seafood haven’t been here before, but heard good things. This is my appetizer it’s called a volcano. This thing is pretty crazy. It’S upside down, taco shell covered in here crab meat, cheese, sesame seeds, some kind of dressing and then on the bottom. You have these beautiful slices of seared tuna i’m thinking just break this down and kind of make a little combination platter. Out of this wow. Oh my gosh, this crab meat in here as well inside the volcano that must have been a sacrifice. You know before he erupted: oh there’s, shrimp as well. This is like the most elaborate seafood, salad, that’s, pretty good charlotte. I mean it’s mainly just crab and tuna and shrimp, so a big emphasis on the seafood part of the seafood shallot, which i got no problems with tuna’s good shrimp is nice and plump you’re? Definitely getting a lot of seafood with a salad.

My crawfish is ready, of course you get your crawfish boiled by the pound, so right now, it’s 4.99, a pound and to eat this pretty simple twist. The tail comes right off suck the head. Oh that’s, delicious twist, the tail the nasty stuff comes out. They can pretty much just suck the meat out that’s, so good, anytime i’m here never have a bad crawfish session. I was actually gon na eat. Uh crawfish in lafayette, just didn’t have enough time, but these, oh, my goodness, oh this is a good one. Look at it, i always content flavor wise. The head is the best part really where all the flavors reside. You see that right in there that yellow stuff that’s the miso – oh yeah, that’s good this place right here. The crawfish is spicy. After about 10 of them i’m starting to feel my tongue burn, and it comes with a great burst of citrus flavor, because they added all these orange peels when they’re boiling the crawfish and i didn’t really used to like eating crawfish. I think the first time i really enjoyed it was my last time here in new orleans, because folks here are serious about their spices and they’re serious about the heat i don’t even think you get to choose like a non spicy version of this it’s, always just Going to be spicy, the other thing i love about this is that i’m eating, like a five pound plate right now, don’t be intimidated by this, because these crawfish, you know, it’s not that much meat, but after eating a big plate like this, you do feel a Sense of accomplishment great scent from the garlic look at this look at this it’s.

Basically, chili oil, like natural chili oil, formed from the crawfish. Also you get a sense that this is really not a touristy place. Everyone that’s sitting down right now. It looks like they’re just going on a lunch break. I said this last time i was hearing out double down: cajun country louisiana best most unique, most flavorful native local food you’ll find in the country. This is the kind of stuff you won’t get anywhere else. I mean you can go to a crawfish boil in new york and whatever your crawfish is frozen, it costs like 12 dollars a pound. This stuff goes from a fishing bowl to the restaurant every single day and then it’s on your table. 4.99. Oh, this is so cool they just sent me out. This is the totem pole. Look at this soft shell crab in between a couple fried eggplant pieces i’m, not exactly sure how to even begin to eat. This shine crab cake sitting on top of a soft shell crab and take a little break from my crawfish and eat. A totem pole 100 come and get this. This is bomb, as the kids will say nowadays. Mmm super crunchy soft shell crab. This is your first crunch. The second subtle crunch is from the eggplant and just put this all together. This is ridiculously good, i’m, so glad they brought us over, because this is not something i ordered and i would have missed out on telling you guys how good this is.

So you might have missed out, but no none of us will miss out. Oh, this is so good there’s, a layer of cheesy creamy sauce on the bottom too. Oh my gosh i’m, like totally negating my crawfish right now, whole ginormous self, shell crap, look at all that great tamale. So this is all my plate of crawfish. It looks like now and see i do feel a sense of accomplishment. Alright, thanks thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I feel like. I did something useful today. My hands are a little raw tongue’s on fire, but that’s a good feeling, yeah feeling good. So it matters it’s just surreal to eat that much crawfish and get your check, which is only 20 something dollars, oh by the way, if you’re gon na do this next time get something like a pancho. I got crawfish guts all over me, although that smells pretty good Music, but after a huge seafood breakfast and five pounds of crawfish, i know what everyone’s thinking there’s, really only one thing to do. After all that go get a pool boy. Okay, can i get one? Six inch shrimp or one six inch roast beef. This way i get best of both worlds. I’Ve been hearing good things about this place for so long whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. This is a six inch either. This place is awesome. Where subway’s been lying to me, my whole life. This is two six inch subs.

What these are extremely big and heavy and hefty and it’s just making me so happy right now, so i got the two most popular po boys. The first is the fried shrimp. I feel, like i’m rolling out like a red carpet right now, la da da there. It is fully loaded, fried shrimp po boy, definitely not a six inch it’s way bigger than that. Oh, my gosh look at this loaded with fried shrimp tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise pickles as well. Oh, my goodness. Oh my goodness, please do yourselves a favor when you’re in new orleans come and try this words won’t. Do this justice. I will try. First of all, this thing is loaded with fried shrimp you’re, not just tasting a batter. Look, how big and plump and juicy the shrimp is shrimp itself is so juicy. It seasoned perfectly. Crunchy outer shell, just accented by the sweet tomato, the sour crunchy pickles and this bread – oh my god, there’s bread, please come and try this one bite. I can feel my heart start to raise and that’s, not just because i’m eating, fried food, there’s, really emotions here. I’Ve had a lot of roast beef sandwiches in my life, i’m sure you’ve had a lot of roast beef sandwiches in your life. Have you seen roast beef, this freaking juicy before? Okay, so the bread is just loaded. I mean they needed a forklift to lift all this meat onto this bread. This is gon na, be a messy one.

Hang on a second sorry, i need a i bit into it. I chewed it. I took multiple bites. I still can’t believe how tender that beef fish – this is the most fall apart, melts in your mouth tender cuts of beef, maybe to ever make an appearance inside a roast beef sandwich, it’s a bite. You never want to end gravy soaked into this delicious chewy. Loaf of bread, i had a piece of my mouth and just because of gravity the rest of it just fell into the wrapper, but this is one of my favorite cities to visit, not just because of the food because of the haunted houses too. You know, like everywhere, take a little break with some avogadro it’s cool a little place. They got like six different flavors of avocado, one of the most popular desserts in new orleans or nola. Every time i say nola to someone, people always ask me what’s nola. Ah, banana foster is one of the most popular desserts in new orleans and this is an avogadro. So i started loving avogadro when i was hosting this ice cream show for complex, and i did this episode with um jada. That was like dream come true and she told me italians will eat this like every single day in the afternoon. As a pick me up, so i started doing that i’m, not a big coffee person, but coffee with ice cream that i like Music. So these, hopefully, are the mayonnaise i’ve been looking for.

I just want to say first of all, these are flaky and the middle is emptied out and they shoved pralines in there powdered sugar, of course. On top, i predict get ready for some crunch wow, mind blowingly, good it’s, so flaky on the outside. It tastes like a little crispy croissant on the outside inside it’s, just warm and flaky and sweet with this deliciously buttery like a praline cream. Do yourselves a favor? Come here and get these things, it just tastes like a warm, loving hug, so incredibly light and again that cello crunch listen, listen, listen! I just taste like a gentle lullaby, hmm three easily down, and i wish i has one more – cannot leave new orleans without some grilled oysters and barbecue shrimp. This is the most outrageous plate of grilled oysters i’ve ever seen. There is something just fundamentally unholy war, extremely heavenly about this garlic, parsley, cheese, bubbling on these fresh oysters and look at this crazy, looking garlic, bread – and this is my barbecue shrimp – you guys do this differently than most other people usually get barbecue shrimp. Is you got a cider baguette? This thing? Is they dug a hole in the baguette and they put the shrimp in good god? Oh my god, it’s like making out with the flames. When you take a bite, i can’t believe i’ve never been to this place before a little lemon juice as well juicy plump oysters grilled to absolute freaking perfection as cheesy as garlicky.

I found a pearl there, it is. Can i can i pay off this meal with this that’s? 100? Oh yeah, at least a hundred thousand dollar i’m done with this little youtube thing this off this dip, the baguette into that grape butter? Yes wow! These are delicious grilled oysters, just be careful when you bite, because you get a pearl yourself, they can retire. Like me, barbecue shrimp, again, never had it like this before sauce everything inside this bread bolt. Oh man, i don’t even know what i’d like more to shrimp with the sauce. This thing is so rich and buttery, but at the same time, it’s not overly anything, so you just like continue to want more of it is amazing. This is a great place. I feel like this time in new orleans, been to like a lot of new places. I’Ve never been before at least one of them just shines so much just outstanding places. I went to this time great food and a million dollar pearl not a bad day in new orleans i’m gon na pass this down to my kid all. Right get ready for the mike chang ghost tour of new orleans abbreviated edition, because i’m not walking up much. So the first place i’m going to is called the andrew jackson. Hotel, which is down the street over yonder i’ve, actually been thinking. Whether i should have done this ghost tour, because my check for the oyster place came out to be exactly 48 dollars and 48 cents.

Now, if you’re chinese uh, you know why that’s bad in chinese is subbasaba or sebasta’s about war die, die so yeah. That was my check and now i’m, going on a ghost tour. I don’t make the best decisions in life. That is the infamous hotel of andrew jackson. You know what, though, like there’s a bunch of hotels on this road, one looking more haunted than the next i’m sure all these ghosts love every one of these places like seriously. Look at this 905 royal hotel. Even the sign, looks haunted, but this is it the andrew jackson hotel. So originally it was built in the 18th century, and that was when, like yellow fever were sweeping through new orleans, a lot of people were dying, so they needed a boarding school for all the kids who were left without parents. Of course, yellow fever means something completely different nowadays anyway, so this place was originally a boarding school and apparently a fire swept through new orleans in the 1890s and this place burned down and some of the kids died in the fire and the ghosts of those kids Are said to hunt the hotel to this day, especially in room 208 like one guy woke up his tv was on, he swore he turned it off before he went to bed and when he got up and looked over at the tv, a boy was sitting there Watching the television i don’t know how a boy from like you know the 1800s know how to operate a remote i’m.

Not i don’t know but that’s what happened when he screamed. Of course, the boy disappeared. There’S also sounds of giggling um. I think somebody got pushed out of their bed and, besides the ghost of the boys there’s, also a ghost of an innkeeper there’s, the ghost of apparently andrew jackson as well, but even just looking at this. You know something going on in there. So i’ve been standing out here for like 10 minutes or so i’ve been waiting for uh, maybe someone to come out of the hotel, so i could perhaps get a personal interview of if they felt any chills or experiences in there. But no one has come out at least no one that i could see so i’m gon na head out to the next location, Music. The next place we’re going to oh right here, i was walking underneath it without even realizing. This is the infamous laurie mansion. This is not only one of the most haunted buildings in new orleans it’s, one of the most haunted buildings in the country. So story goes. There was this woman called delphine lalorie, and she was basically tormenting and killing her servants in the house, torturing them to death. Until eventually people found out because one of one of the people she was torturing, escaped and jumped off the balcony. Attracting attention and the police went in, but she somehow escaped and was never seen again and to this day, people who lived in there.

They hear footsteps. They hear screams, moans nicolas cage on the ones so that just kind of added to the curse but yeah there. It is this kind of exudes creepiness all right anyway. That concludes the mike chen ghost tour of new orleans. The only addition see in this video i was able to put food and scary story in at the same time, anyway, the wind’s picking up the clouds gathering. It should be raining soon. So i’m gon na go back to my hotel, hit the gym and uh leaving for atlanta tomorrow morning. Hope you all enjoyed this food tour of cajun country as much as i loved eating it, as always i’ll place a winter listen down below for you. Thank you.