Its from our friends over at yolonzi and the product is called the mt 34, which stands for mobile tripod, and the 34 refers to the length of the shaft, because this unit can expand out much like a selfie stick where you can actually hold it. To give. You a wider perspective to capture you in the center of the shot and all the beautiful landscape behind you in that same shot. Now theyve done a couple of clever things with this product that i like an awful lot and theyve solved a few problems that ive got with some of the other tripods that im using today. Now this isnt a fully big stand up tripod, like youd, find with a monopod that had feet that spread out in the bottom. It only extends up 34 inches, but for most of my filming situations, thats plenty of height. If im setting up on a desk, i can loosen up the collar, i can extend it up to whatever height i need. I can use the ball head on the top of it to point the camera at me, and i can record everything i need to record. If im out in the field, maybe i need a little bit longer length, i can extend it out again to 34 inches. I can put the camera on the end of it and i can hold it out there and record everything. I need capturing all of the beautiful scenery behind me, but whats really interesting about what theyve done with this product is number one.

Its got a its all plastic, except for the ball head, which is metal, but its got a really nice grip on the bottom. So when youre holding on to this its comfortable but youre not going to lose it its not going to slip through your fingers, but theyve also thought to build in little slits in each of the feet. So you can use a wrist, strap with it and believe me, if youre using this over water in a boat or youve, got it out the window of a car, you want to make sure youve got a wrist, strap on it, because if you drop it, you Dont want this thing to go, flying so having those slots on the bottom, make it really easy to do that they built in a locking collar here. So if you want to extend it, you loosen the locking collar just like this, and then you can extend the shaft out as far as you need to thats a fully extended shaft and again that puts the camera about 34 36 inches away from you, which i Think is plenty far away to give you that beautiful perspective. Now there are longer selfie sticks out there, but youll find that if youve got a heavy camera hanging off the back of it, it gets kind of tough after a while to keep that going so 34 inches is about that perfect goldilocks zone between too long and Too short theyve also built in, like i mentioned, a metal uh ball head on the top of it here, which has a slit in the front, so you can actually bring this down, so it faces vertically and ill.

Show you in a minute how that foam clamp works, but thats really important if youre doing any kind of like instagram posts and stuff, where you need a vertical video, you can actually flip the camera, like that. Put it all the way down youre going to capture that perfect video? The other thing i like a lot about it is this locking collar is nice, because, when i extend it, ive had other tripods like this in the field where, if it didnt have the locking collar, it was just the friction holding it open. If you set it up, sometimes especially if its windy that vibration, that tall small vibration in the camera would have that shaft start to close on itself, so youve got a video where youre looking at me here and all of a sudden, its going down youre just Getting my nose, the top of my heads gone so having a locking collar on. There means its gon na stay right where you put it and i love the ball head. Theyve done a great job, with a locking ball head, thats really easy to use and its gon na stay in position as well all right so now, the top part i mentioned before its got the quarter inch on there to attach a action camera like this. You just put it on top theres a little knob inside there, where you can tighten that up. You tighten that up and the camera is ready to go and you can adjust it to whatever position you need.

You can spin it around in this case, if im doing a vlog, maybe ive extended the handle a little bit further out, maybe ill. Have it all the way out what the heck lets put it all the way out and then ill adjust the ball head to face me a little bit better than that, like that, and there you go now, ive got this beautiful selfie stick where i can use It out in the field – and i can do my videos and point the stuff behind me if im flying a drone, whatever it happens to be. If i loosen up that shaft, i can lower it if i have to and if im working on my desk and i want to record a video here, i can stand it up as a tripod point. The camera at me there and ive got a beautiful, stable tripod on the desk, so i can talk like this im recording a video and im showing a product. Whatever it happens, to be im good to go. I can use it again with the insta 360, with the osmo action with the dslr anything you need to use. You can clamp it on there now work. Its really interesting is, if i want to use my phone again, normally ive got to bring an adapter with me, but what yolonzis done is it built in this sort of pivoting part where it pivots down like that, and this flips up and youve got a phone Clamp right there so to use my phone.

I basically just clip that in just like this, i can spin it around till it faces me and im ready to record and im good to go. I can set it up like that, and i can record to my hearts content the other cool thing they did was they built in a cold shoe on the top. So with this unit let me set it up a little bit. I can use a microphone, so i can use a wireless mic or i can use a wired mic on top. I just snap it into the cold shoe plug it into my camera and im good to go, and the beauty of that is that its all contained in one, even if im doing selfies like im doing a vlog or something i can spin this thing down to Face me just like this, and the microphone follows the camera, so i can actually talk and the microphones gon na pick up my audio and everythings good to go. The other thing thats really nice, is that, unlike a lot of the selfie sticks out there that rely on whatever youre putting in the cold shoe to have a threaded, uh top part to it, where you actually hold it into the cold shoe inside this cold shoe. They built in a little bit. Let me step that up a little bit inside this cold shoe they built in a little tab right there thats just enough friction. So when i slide this thing in, i dont have to worry about tightening this down, like you do on a lot of the cold shoes out there that little bit of friction right.

There will hold the microphone in that cold shoe and i can record from there. So everything being equal, you know its a very inexpensive table tripod compared to some of the ones im using now again, ive got the manfrotto over here. This is a wonderful, wonderful tripod, but theres no way to extend it up. Theres no way to really add a phone to it or film clamp to it without having to clamp. I mean i like it a lot because its easy to use you push the button. You can get whatever angle you need on it, but it doesnt give me a lot of distance away from my arm. It only gets my arms length away having a tripod like this gives me the ability to extend it as i need to, if im doing, vlogging its perfect for setting it up on a picnic bench, and i can step back from it, and i can record my Videos with the dslr on it im not carrying a big tripod out in the field with me and again, when youre done for the day, just take your phone out of it. You can close it up like this. You can close it down like this and then youre good to go lock it up close the collar, throw it back in your bag and everythings set and its again its lightweight, but its really durable. It built it to be heavy duty, so that was pretty much all i had for today.

Now, if you have any questions about this again, ive tested a lot of these. I find this one to be a really good value for the money and thats the one that im using. In fact, i like it so much – and i do this often when i test a product that i fall in love with. I know other people are going to ask me: where did i get it? So we have the drone valley website. Ive listed it on there. If you want to pick it up from us, i have plenty of them in stock we ship every day we ship for free, and i promise you well get it to you faster than amazon will so ive got links below that will take you to the website To order it ive got a link below where you can buy it on amazon from us as well. If you want and we stand behind everything we sell, so if you buy something from us, you have any questions any problems. Whatever it happens to be down the road just get in contact with us and well sort it out for you and thats pretty much all i have for today. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video again, the mt 34, its my go to tripod. For that sort of medium sized tripod out in the field – and i just love it – i think its a great product.