2021 yeah. I havent done any reviews on drones lately, and this is going to be my first and the reason were doing this. One is because i advise my wife not to fly the drone with the grandson out in the garden and guess what he doesnt know, how to control it. Hes only five and all he knows is up and down and off it went somewhere in someones garden. That were never going to see it again, so shes had to go out and buy another one. So this is, it cost just under 20 pounds its not too expensive. A quick look around the box comes in various colors, as you can see red blue golden and thats about for a six year old, hes five, but it should be fine indoors as long as he doesnt take it out. So a little bit of instructions there and several looks its a controller. I have no idea because she chose this – not me so its probably one of those hover things. You know you stick around under there and it will go up yeah im guessing made in china. Its quite light doesnt feel, like anything very expensive. You know just cheap plastic material thats. What i was expecting anyway comes with a usb charger. Looking at that looks all right. Actually, it doesnt look too short again. It doesnt feel like its very expensive. Neither it just feels you know cheap, but then i wasnt expecting it to be.

You know high quality, not for 20 pound thats, not too bad its about four or five hundred mil long im not going to measure it up, but i say its about 4 500 mil. I guess let me know in the comments whether you want me to measure it up or whats that its a thank you card, activate lifetime, warranty really thats what it says: its got: q code on it, uh whats this a quick operation guy there you go press On off button for two seconds got an on off button: is it charger theres a charger or charging port? Ah there you go on off. There says on off, see that ah theres a little tiny button there yeah it does work. So i, if i hold it in for two seconds, see what happens. Oh now, what turn it off got, ta press it make it fly or you can change colors on it, look blue and green, but i will read the instructions to see if i can turn it off. Yeah. Okay, i will read the instructions just to make sure you know. I know what im doing before i uh play about it im guessing its designed for indoors. Like i said, i didnt know that the wife ordered it. She chose everything. I had no no input whatsoever on this drone, but if its something you might be interested in for your grandchild or children, you might want to carry on watching right.

I havent charged you up because i found out how to make it work and its its quite funny really its going to make. You laugh right, ready for this right, so youve got to turn it upside down. Yeah turn it on so green light. You get green light, flip it over and then just chuck it in the air ready, watch, Music, thats really good, but ill move the camera back. So you can get a proper view of it right, theres, a few things i want to go through first and one of them being ive already had to play about it. Yes, i have been playing about it and its very good. Even my grandsons had to go out of it and the year he thought was brilliant made him laugh. The other thing is, the lighting comes up with a green light, and that is normal mode, and then you can change it to the blue light, which is a faster mode. I havent noticed much of a difference. There is a little bit of a difference, but not that much, but quite like it. On the green battery. Life is about five to eight minutes and thats. It takes about, or it says, takes about 40 minutes to charge up and that can vary depending on how much you drain the battery at when youre playing battery. Obviously, and apparently you can use it outdoors because theres a picture of it being used outdoors and it does say in the instructions – do not use it in windy conditions.

So something to bear in mind if you want to use it outside, make sure its quite calm and make sure youre not in a restricted place, because you might lose it ive only been using it indoors and its quite easy to do so with that lets get On with it and start up so turn it upside down, get the lights on once once its green, its ready to go, hold it in your hand and chuck in there and thats it Music come back. Come back! Oh Music! Get out under there come on come out Laughter. Oh another thing is when it gets a little bit confused, it shuts itself down which is good and if you catch it in midair, like that turn, it upside down, turns it straight off. So something to bear in mind: it will okay in case youre wondering how to stop it. Thats, how you do it! You can control the height by putting your hand underneath Music, see that get off the ceiling Laughter. Come here, told you its good fun. Music. Come back come back. Music apparently has some trouble with certain colors like black. It doesnt recognize black very well, and i think it was another color, but i cant remember what it was Music. You cant see it. Can you? Oh here it comes Music. I like it, but what it is i know youve got no control of it. As such. You know you can put your hand under there.

You can put your hand underneath to lift it up and things like that, but its just the toys, its just a bit of fun and its quite safe, because you know youve got all this cover to protect your fingers. So is it worth 20 pound? Let me know in the comments what you think i think its worth 20 pounds weve had a lot of fun with it Music yeah. So let me know in the comments what you think i think, its a good little bit of fun, its a great little toy and yeah. It is basically just a toy its a little gadget in it. So with that, let me know in the comments what you think, whatever you think is worth buying, having a bit of fun with it. Dont expect it to be fantastic, because you know its okay, its designed to be a bit of fun. That is it so with that, if you like this video, give me a thumbs up.