I took it up to ‘6 feet and just made it through heres, a short vid of the blue sky above the fog and thats all its going to be just up fog and then down, but turns out theres a fogging ufo in there im going to play The unedited version first, its a little black dot, but it is not a plane all right, so you can see it going by there right yeah its going with the clouds okay, so here it is again and i will zoom in its got a shape to it. Look at that little feet, maybe antennas. I got it. You know what it is yep, what is it its not moving? I dont think its moving it isnt moving. Could it be the very top of like a cell tower? No because theres no structure under it? I thought that as well, but theres, nothing because it would fade it wouldnt be just a block it. Would it wouldnt be that hard? There would be like tower shape under it. Yeah youre right its just kind of sitting there on the cloud yeah, so uh your thoughts in the in the chat. What do you think i mean it? You cant identify it, so it is the ufo. What are they calling ufos now they changed it to. I. I cant remember but uh a weather balloon. Someone said: hey thats possible. I dont think its another drone. No and its not a helicopter uh a duck sitting on the fog.

Well, we cleared it up its a duck sitting on the fog uh like an eagle like you know. Sometimes you see these videos where birds are riding the thermals, not flapping, and then your car is moving in a certain way and it looks like theyre still. You know, like a plane, looks like its just sitting there. If you drive by right, i dont think its that either its a helicopter, you go back and look at the time. If its a helicopter, you can go back and look at the faa stuff. True true yeah, if he could go back and shoot the same, exact same spot on an unfoggy day, maybe that would shed some light on it. Yeah here ill ill play. It ill play it again, a booger on the lens. No, no, i dont think its a booger on the lens because it pixelates a little bit. It looks like. Maybe there is some matrixing going on or ill ill play it one more time for you, one more time: uh a pigeon before it got jerked. No, a reindeer could be yeah, see thats the thing its so stationary, its sitting very still its nice to have a little bit of a mystery in it. I dont think well ever know, but it uh. I think we need to follow up on this video. A follow up from the pilot, oh yeah, yeah. Let us know what you think. It is dan Laughter all right.

The call goes out to dan dan. What is it dan uh? What else are people saying a floating turd? No, its, not a floating turd. That could be, i mean i mean aliens, are pretty clever. They could disguise their ship as a floating turd, because who would who would they would give a second thought? Oh thats, just one of those floating turrets, honey, uh, a plastic, maybe a plastic shopping bag. I think maybe drone is the best possible. Somebody else had the idea to go above the fog that day yeah they were just hovering remote id. Will that tell you when theres another drone near you or just other aircraft, i think just other aircraft. These are all good questions unless theyre transmitting adsb anyway wow. Ah that was uh.